Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Todd Frazier... NY Met

I don’t know about you folks but I am happy that Todd Frazier is a NY Met. Well, pending physical at least. I just think he is a good fit. We all see the “Wrighting” on the wall with the captain and know even if he comes back, he’s a part time/bench player at most. The Mets needed a solid third baseman with pop and maybe he can work on his batting average a bit. A two year deal is perfect for him at this part of his career and I think the Mets lineup along with the starting pitching of healthy, will be a playoff contender.

Is this the move that the boycotters/protesters will be okay with? Are they coming back to the ballpark? Are the Mets still cheap? I’m just curious guys. Not throwing digs or daggers, just want to know if this is enough for the field. Is it? Or, is there more to be done?

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