Thursday, August 22, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/22/19

Showdown at Shea Stadium

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium

JD DAVIS with his Inner Ric Flair

The Mets warn Parking and Traffic is going to suck this weekend at Citifield.

Thank you for purchasing tickets to this weekend's game(s) at Citi Field. Below you will find details as we host the Atlanta Braves. As a reminder, the new Citi Field Bag Policy is in effect. For a complete list of permitted bags please visit

Due to the events surrounding the US Open, we strongly encourage you to take public transportation or Uber and arrive early to Citi Field to avoid traffic in the ballpark vicinity and LaGuardia Airport. 

More twitter comments about having Mets ticket plans.

MJ and Nancy usually bring a good number of folks to to Citi Field via groups. The Mets love those group sales. Now they don't even want to bring these groups because of the ticket plans. The security staff were jerky to MJ and Nancy. MJ and Nancy have a 1/2 season plan plus T7L plan. Not only that they would go to games during the week when they don't have plan seats. Now, you burned me( I have a 1/2 season plan and T7L plan too) and MJ and Nancy. The three of us love going to games and all three of us will keep going to games but it looks like you lost some planholders.

I am just going to let this speak for itself. MLB has deals with Stubhub so you know they are making some money there too...

I don't agree with the last line because of the fact we all know the Mets get money from central fund and you are still supporting them no matter what/

And this one too. 

Yep the Mets are staffing some folks who shouldn't be working there. Then there are the diamonds out there in the ballpark that don't get enough recognition. 85/15 % in favor of not renewing.

Mets keep winning, jerseys keep getting ripped off.

From the NY POST
Pete Alonso, with some help from shortstop Amed Rosario, ripped off J.D. Davis’ jersey following the Mets’ thrilling 4-3 walk-off win over the Indians on Wednesday night.
“You hit a walk-off, your shirt’s coming off,” Alonso said after the thrilling win.
“Let the kids play, right,” manager Mickey Callaway told reporters afterward in reference to an MLB advertising campaign.
Davis met the same fate as Michael Conforto, whose bare chest was out for all to see following another amazin’ home win earlier this month.
Read more here.

This has got to be pissing of the Amazin Memorabilia folks who could be making lots of money off these jerseys.I wonder how the Mets feel about. This is better then that stupid crown thing they were doing. If this is the fun thing that they are going to to do, cool. Just don't do it when it's a historic jersey that should get put in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/21/19

Comment about not renewing Mets ticket plan.

That is a comment from my post about not renewing my ticket plan. This is exactly what I am talking about. Why should we buy ticket plans with this kind of ticket promoting going on? You can tell the Mets don’t care about the planholders that they already have. They have your money. They care about the guy standing next to you. I love being at the games, I really do. I just don’t like some of the stuff that goes on at the stadium. There are a lot of staff members that need attitude adjustments because they are just miserable acting people

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What is the @Mets Twitter Account doing?

@Mets what are you doing? Who wrote this? I can't think anyone would think this is a good tweet. Best fans in baseball? Come on this dude is a tool. Mets fans aren't like this. I am trying to figure out who the hell wrote this tweet out because I know it can't be any of the Social Media team that's been there. Was it an intern? Had to be an intern right? An intern that doesn't get what being a METS fan is. That has to be it. Did @mets higher someone from Philly to be their intern? The intern must think Mets fans are @$$holes or something.

 I know anyone who has been with the Mets organization doesn't think this is the way Mets fans act. This was a crappy move by the fan. Don't antagonize the players. Don't interfere with the play on the field. Don't be a jack ass. Also who ever devised that tweet about real Mets fans, I hope you wake up and realize what kind of fans you really have. Fans that are loyal to a fault and love their team. This should be a fun time watching this team right now. You have now made me right two negative posts in one day.

Now if the Mets deleted that tweet here is the screengrab.

Let's see what the fans have to say about this on twitter....

Hmm... so positive.

That's a possibility.


Not bad advice.

I agree with all three of these tweets.

This kid has no idea he is about to get tossed. I am shocked that's not a Chinese Knock off jersey he's wearing.

Yes J- Mac. Which intern?

Ex Mets reportedly involved in money laundering scheme

Wow. Stuff with Ex Mets and legal trouble. I can’t believe it when former players get caught doing illegal things. It really is crazy.

From the NY Post.

Read more here.

Mets Game Notes 8/20/19

I don't think I am going to renew my @Mets tickets next season. Mets, tell me why I should.

I have had my plan since 2009 when Citi Field opened. I have kept upgrading where I have sat and the amount of games I have gone to. This season I just lost the fervor for the ballpark itself. When I am there and in my seats I love watching the games. I have two seats in 102 and I also have two seats with the7line in the Big Apple Reserve. This season though I have just felt beaten down by the organization. There are some great folks that work at the ballpark but the bad staff is starting to outweigh the good.

The food concessions are slow as hell. No matter which one you go to now. They are just slow. Mama's of Corona on the field level is probably the fastest one still but every other place is just so slow. Is it the training? Is it the staffing? Is it the crowd not knowing how to order? Am I missing something there?

The security now. The backpack thing should have been done either before or after the season. It really hasn't made the lines move quicker at all. Also, if this is a safety concern about folks being on lines and being a soft target for possible bad folks out there. I guess they should just give out bobble head vouchers then to get them inside the park. Those bobblehead lines are ridiculous and why isn't that a safety concern? I have to say a lot of the security staff over the years have been nice. Recently they have been very jerky. Again, is it training? Is it the people they are hiring? What happened to the  "Metal Detectors are now mandatory"? 

I also had an issue a few weeks ago when I wanted to leave the game early on a bobblehead day. I had an issue at home and I had to leave before the 1st pitch. The gate staff wouldn't let me leave at first then told me to go see the supervisor. The supervisor in the Rotunda wanted to take my picture before I left like I was a criminal. "Because it was a promotion day" and they wanted my pic so I couldn't get another bobblehead by coming back in. Lucky for me I ran into one of the higher up good folks that works for the Mets that I know and he told me that there was no way they can not let me leave or have to take my pic on the way out. He would be one of the reasons why I would keep my plan. Both he and my rep are phenomenal. Stuff like this is what has soured me on having a plan.

Two seats but one item. Meh.

Amazing Met Perks

There is a really good shot of getting locked out of one that you want to do.

This is a cool perk for folks. But you have to renew early.

Don't try to go down to see this perk. You common folk aren't allowed to go down there if you aren't sitting in that section before a game. You need to reach out to your rep to do this Oh...That's right you can see the "replica" one in the Season Ticket Holder lounge.

Make sure you have the Citi card, because otherwise you don't get this perk. Shouldn't this be separated out of the perks?

Two seats $50 credit for both seats.

The biggest sticking point now is the Amazin' Pass and the various promotions that the Mets offer throughout the year now. Why should I pay almost $3500 for seats when the benefits don't outweigh the negatives. I can buy tickets off of Stubhub instead if I wanted and get those promotional tickets instead.

One of my biggest issues now is from going to other ballparks and seeing how friendly and helpful folks are around the country compared to Citi Field. When you go to Citi Field it sometimes feels like you aren't wanted there. Maybe the money I save on these tickets I can travel to some other ballparks to watch the Mets play in addition to al the traveling I do with the T7LA? I am going to keep my T7LA plan that I have for sure but Mets you have really pushed me away from wanting to renew.

As usual I know folks over at the Mets read my blog. Feel free to email me at so I can give you your fair shot to rebut what I have said. 

Mets 40% off tickets for this homestand.

It’s cool that they are doing this for fans. Uncool for planholders. One of the reasons I might not renew next year.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Sitting with @The7Line- GiraffeNeckMarc

Original Met Al Jackson passed away.

Citi Field Food: Emmy Squared.

You are at Citi Field and looking for a great burger and pizza? It’s Shake Shack right? Wrong. Go to Emmy Squared for  the Big LeMatt burger which is a grown up version of a Big Mac. If you don’t want to go to the ballpark to try this, you can always hit one of their locations outside of the stadium. There is one on Grand Ave off the BQE service road in Williamsburg.

I love when Yankees fans say that their team never had a Mascot.

So many Yankees fans get blown away by this.

David Wright stopped by JHS 189 in Flushing

Mets Shop wants you to buy backpacks(just don’t bring them to the ballpark)

Just remember you can buy these but don’t try to bring them to Citi Field because they aren’t allowed.

Alonso Breaks the NL Rookie Home Run Record

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/18/19

Kansas City Trip: Met Native New Yorker/KC Royals HOFer Dennis Leonard.

When we were sitting in the Dugout Suites the other night in KC, there was a jersey hung up on the wall. It was Dennis Leonard’s. Next to us in the other dugout suite guess who happened to be there doing an appearance? That’s right Dennis Leonard. He wandered over to our suite to hang for a bit too.

Here’s some info from Wikipedia about Dennis.

Born in Brooklyn, Leonard attended Oceanside High School on Long Island, then played college baseball for and graduated from Iona College. In 1975, his first full year with the Royals, he achieved a 15-7 record.
Leonard later recorded three 20-win seasons, to become the only pitcher in Royals history to do it.[1]Besides, he started nine post-season games for the Royals between 1976 and 1981, ending with a record of 3-5, including a 1-1 record in the 1980 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies.[2]
From 1975 to 1981, Leonard won 130 games, the most by any right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball.
Towards the end of his career, Leonard missed most of the remaining seasons due to knee injuries. His final season was in 1986, where he ended up with an 8-13 record.[3] Besides his rookie season of 1974, this was the only time he had a losing record. At the end of the 1986 season he retired as a player.
Leonard finished his career leading the Royals all-time list in complete games (103) and shutouts (23) and he was second in wins (144). He also held the club's single-season bests in starts (40), complete games (21) and innings pitched (294.2) and strikeouts (244).
Dennis was really cool to talk to. He was associated very happy to see some NYers and was impressed about how well Mets fans travel. He also had some great stories, talked to us about the Royals team in 1985 and was just fun to talk to. Never know who you are going to run into on these trips.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mets 8/17/19 Game Notes.

Kansas City trip so far- Dugout Suite.

Got to do something pretty cool last night at in KC that even though the Mets lost in an ugly fashion, I still had a good time. Kaufman Stadium has dugout suites. Yes you read that right. Dugout seats. You felt like you were in the dugout with the players. It was a very unique view of a Mets loss, I mean game. And a view That I never thought I’d get to see during a game.