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Mets Game Notes 8/31/19

Friday, August 30, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/30/19

This is the type of reason why the Mets didn’t want Wally Backman as their manager.

I liked Wally when I met him at the second QBC that he was our first at. Wally was also very nice to me when I drove him to the airport. I can’t speak of his innocence or his guilt in this but there seem there is a pattern with his behavior. We don’t know the whole story but geez.

From the NY Post

Former Mets second baseman Wally Backman was arrested Friday morning for allegedly shoving his girlfriend into a wall and stopping her from calling cops, officials said.
Backman, who was part of the 1986 World Series champion Mets, was charged with harassment and criminal mischief for the scuffle at the woman’s Riverhead home around 7:40 a.m., police said.
The woman claimed Backman pushed her into a wall and twisted her hand, court officials confirmed. He also allegedly tried to prevent the woman from calling the police by grabbing her cellphone.

Read more  Here.

I hope if any of this is true Wally gets some help he that he might need.

Mets not giving up on Lowrie being in Queens,everyone else has.

Mets not giving up on seeing Jed Lowrie this season

I want to know who this Lowrie is that they speak of...

From the NY POST.
Lowrie is still trying to get to Queens, even if it has taken him longer than anyone could’ve anticipated, as the Mets’ postseason play hopes fade amid a six-game home losing streak. Thursday night, the 35-year-old Lowrie took a big step in his latest comeback attempt, playing back-to-back games for the first time since he began his latest rehabilitation assignment on Aug. 20 with Single-A Port St. Lucie.
“He’s healthy, he’s feeling good at this point,” manager Mickey Callaway said before the Mets were swept by the Cubs, 4-1, at Citi Field to fall five games out of the second wild-card spot. “His at-bats have been competitive. He feels like he’s in a good spot, where he should be at this point in his rehab.”
Read more here. 

He's been out all year. Who care's of he comes back this season? He's not a difference maker. What do you do if he comes back? Release Frazier?

The New York Hurling Classic at Citi Field

The New York Hurling Classic

Saturday, November 16, 2019
Citi Field
12:30PM Start Time - Subject to Change
Rain or Shine

Hurling, "Ireland's Ancient Warrior Sport" debuts at Citi Field on Saturday, November 16th! Widely believed to be the world's oldest field game, Hurling combines agility, strength and intensity - earning it the reputation as the "fastest game on grass" among its loyal and passionate followers. This popular Irish sport will come to Queens with a 4 team tournament in which Limerick will defend its title against three counties: Kilkenny, Tipperary and Wexford. 

The New York Hurling Classic will feature the very best and most competitive hurling rivals from Ireland. In addition to the hurling tournament, the event will feature a lively Irish festival complete with music and dancing. 

Buy tix here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/28/19

Not renewing my half season Mets ticket plan update.

I had a talk with some folks in the Mets Organization yesterday about the experiences  that myself and others have had at Citi Field recently with going to games. I also through about all the different ticket promotion/discount problems too. You can read about those experiences here, here, and here.

The Mets person I was talking to, told me that they were very disappointed in what has been going on with the way the staff I have complained about and acted towards myself and other fans. Even though the season is in the last few months(barring a playoff run) they are going to address it with the staff. I know the people who I was talking with will do what they say and deal with the problems with the staffing. The ticketing is something that needs to be looked at and would take a longer time to figure out.

That being said, I got this text message from my buddy Dave who has Dave's Mets Dugout over on facebook.

David G:

So Me and Bradley are walking in via no bag line at main entrance. Get through security guard was a real prick. After we scanned tickets I saw a Supervisor there and mentioned to him how it’s wrong to get greeted by a Jerk like that when entering the park. Guy was like he’s not under my control but I am with you. He insisted on buying us a beer in delta club. I’m like that’s ok. He well I want to do something for you guys. I said it’s all good it’s just wrong how they treat fans and desire ticket holders. 
We ended up taking him up on his offer because he insisted. It’s just no way to test fans. I do not get why rose guys have to be jerks to us and not be friendly?

This the problem. The security staff has been very jerky lately and on the day I talk to the peeps at the Mets this example pops up last night. Rome wasn't built in a day and I know this is going to take a few games to get fixed as Security you are some of the first faces fans see. You can do your job without being jerks.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/27/19

Citi Field Tours

I kinda want to take the tour to see if it got any better and compare it to other ballpark tours.


  • Jackie Robinson Rotunda
  • View of our Productions Control Room
  • Club Spaces
  • Press Box
  • Suite Visit
  • Warning Track on Field
  • Dugout 
  • Bullpens
  • Mets Clubhouse
  • Press Conference Room 
  • Mets Hall of Fame & Museum
  • And more!


These tours are given Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning at 11:00AM. 
Tours will last approximately one hour. 
Tours depart from the Jackie Robinson Rotunda (left side, closest to the Ticket Office) and are conducted rain or shine. 
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, as tours leave promptly at 11:00AM.
Tour availability is updated regularly, so please check back for additional dates and times.
Walkups allowed for non-game day public tours.
All tour stops and locations are subject to availability depending on the activities occurring within the ballpark and/or due to weather.
No refunds or exchanges for late arriving patrons or no shows.


Adults - $20 
Children (12 and under) - $15

Chill in the air, so I picked up this cool Mets Hoodie

I don’t know why, but I really like this sweatshirt so I bought it off

Monday, August 26, 2019

Major League Baseball missed the boat with Players Weekend Jerseys

This year was the anniversary of the MLB “League Wide” version of the the Turn Ahead the Clock promotion. Yeah the were panned at the time, but I think this would have been a pretty cool thing to do. Instead if the boring Spy vs Spy uniforms, they could have done an updated fun version of these jerseys with nicknames on the back. Google Turn ahead the Clock and get back to me.

What date should the @QBConvention be on 2020? Vote here.

More @Mets Security Issues.

Looks like the Mets are losing folks more and more. It seems the fan experience is really getting folks to stop wanting to go to games.

Top of the 9th just ended.

Imagine if there needs to be a mass evacuations for some reason and these barricades get in the way.

Is there a need for security at events? There is. Is there a need for Security the way the Mets have it set up? No. Can the Mets do a better job with this? Yes.

@Mets being more fan friendly: Security wearing tactical Vests.

In what appears to be another fan friendly move, some of the Security Guards outside of Citi Field's rotunda are now wearing military inspired Tactical Vests with the Mets NY logo and security written on the back. I guess the Mets want them to cosplay as Cops to help dissuade back pack folks from coming in with them. This is the only team that I have seen in my travels that have done this. What's going on with this?

The Padres with the Rick Roll for the win.

This is awesome.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Mets Game Notes and Roster Moves 8/25/19

Lineup and Roster Moves

ROSTER MOVE: The Mets have recalled RHP Chris Mazza from Syracuse (AAA). Mazza will wear #74. New York optioned RHP Chris Flexen to Syracuse.

Sunday, August 25
Vs. Atlanta

Amed Rosario – SS
Jeff McNeil – 2B
Pete Alonso – 1B
Michael Conforto – RF
J.D. Davis – LF
Todd Frazier – 3B
Juan Lagares – CF
René Rivera – C
Steven Matz – LHP

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/24/19

More bad customer/fan service from the @Mets staff at @Citifield.

Mets are you guys really training the staff to be like this? What is going on with them this year? I am now 90/10% not renewing my ticket plan. How hard is it just to be nice? You can be nice and firm at the same time. It really feels that the personalities being hired for these positions are on a  power trip.

Callaway wears a blank white cap during Press Conference

What do you mean there is a logo on there? These are horrible.

Nice hype video from @mets

@Metspolice says wear the first responders caps on 9/11

I took this whole post from He is 1000000% right in this.

Welcome to essay number 9000 about whey the Mets should WEAR THE CAPS on September 11th.
You can read yesterday’s piece about what happens ewhen you break the rules – you get a letter from Joe Torre if you break the rules (oooo scary).
And now we have this.  A team decided not to wear what they were supposed to.  The Cubs blew off dopey Players Weekend and took the field in blue caps.
Just noticed that Lance Lynn is wearing a black hat while the rest of the defense is wearing a white one -- is that an MLB rule for pitchers due to ball visibility concerns?
Yes. The Cubs wore blue caps today instead, but heard MLB sent a memo to the other teams telling them they had to go with white caps & black on pitcher.
See Jen Jen's other Tweets
So once again, I say WEAR THE CAPS Mets. Come on Thor, you follow me, you don’t care what people think. Get Mr. Polar Bear behind this. Is baseball really going to have a whistling match with you guys over 9/11? I would LOVE to see that fight in the court of public opinion.
What’s going to happen to the Cubs? NOTHING. Some dude on the Cardinals took the field in a red cap. What will happen? Nothing. Maybe a letter from Joe Torre. Oooh scary.
What’s going to happen to the Mets? Torre will send you a letter (maybe), and he will  call and yell at Brodie or Jeff or someone. Who cares?  Actually Jeff getting yelled at it is reason alone to do it.
Mr. Thor, Mr. Polar Bear – you will get a letter from Torre.  Ooooh scary.  You will also be heroes forever. Here’s page 217 of your union’s CBA.


Friday, August 23, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/24/19

Brooklyn Cyclones help the hungry event.

Join Us For Our 3rd Annual Help the Hungry Event
Make Sandwiches with our Staff + Team 

Our 3rd Annual Help the Hungry event presented by BiCal Automall will take place this year on Tuesday, 8/27 from 11:00am-1:00pm in the gallery at MCU Park. Come spend the afternoon with Cyclones Players and Staff and help us reach our goal of making 2,000 sandwiches for the hungry in our community.

Attendance is FREE, but space is LIMITED. Please register below.

If you would like to donate to our charity partner One Sandwich at a Time, you may do so upon check in the day of the event. Hope you can join us for a day of memories, fun and community!

@Mets Rain Shortened Game Ticket Exchage

Good Job Mets.


FLUSHING, N.Y., August 22, 2019 – The New York Mets have announced that as a thank you to our fans, anyone holding a ticket for tonight’s rain delayed game can exchange their tickets marked “Thursday, August 22 – Game 58” for a ticket in an alternate location to any remaining 2019 Monday-Thursday regular season home game through September 26, subject to availability.  Restrictions may apply. 

Exchanges for tickets will be available beginning tomorrow morning at the Citi Field Box Office only. The Citi Field Ticket Windows will open at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

For complete information, please visit

Mets Post Game Notes 8/22/19

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/22/19

Showdown at Shea Stadium

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium

JD DAVIS with his Inner Ric Flair

The Mets warn Parking and Traffic is going to suck this weekend at Citifield.

Thank you for purchasing tickets to this weekend's game(s) at Citi Field. Below you will find details as we host the Atlanta Braves. As a reminder, the new Citi Field Bag Policy is in effect. For a complete list of permitted bags please visit

Due to the events surrounding the US Open, we strongly encourage you to take public transportation or Uber and arrive early to Citi Field to avoid traffic in the ballpark vicinity and LaGuardia Airport. 

More twitter comments about having Mets ticket plans.

MJ and Nancy usually bring a good number of folks to to Citi Field via groups. The Mets love those group sales. Now they don't even want to bring these groups because of the ticket plans. The security staff were jerky to MJ and Nancy. MJ and Nancy have a 1/2 season plan plus T7L plan. Not only that they would go to games during the week when they don't have plan seats. Now, you burned me( I have a 1/2 season plan and T7L plan too) and MJ and Nancy. The three of us love going to games and all three of us will keep going to games but it looks like you lost some planholders.

I am just going to let this speak for itself. MLB has deals with Stubhub so you know they are making some money there too...

I don't agree with the last line because of the fact we all know the Mets get money from central fund and you are still supporting them no matter what/

And this one too. 

Yep the Mets are staffing some folks who shouldn't be working there. Then there are the diamonds out there in the ballpark that don't get enough recognition. 85/15 % in favor of not renewing.