Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Is this d’Arnaud’s year, finally?

Is this the make or break season Travis has been leading up to? Do the Mets finally have the player that they traded Toronto for. You know the guy that was the main player of the trade that Syndergaard was the throw in on? Or is the Mets Raccoon the heir apparent?

“D’Arnaud is ready to quiet the critics, saying he unlocked the key to his swing last September and refined that swing this offseason. He has a new lease on his baseball life with new manager Mickey Callaway and plans to make the most of it this season.

That’s one reason why he came early to camp.

“Mickey and I are on the same wavelength, we’re going to ride the same wave,’’ d’Arnaud told The Post on Monday at First Data Field.

D’Arnaud said he “absolutely’’ has a chip on his shoulder.

“I feel like I always have something to prove,’’ he said. “There’s always doubters. I just want to prove people wrong. And this year I’m really excited.’’”

Read the whole article about how keeping his eye on the ball is what fixed his swing, here.

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