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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Real Hair Noah Syndergaard Bobblehead on eBay

I have this up on eBay. I’m starting to sell off some of my collection due to the size of it now. No emotional connection to this so I put it up.
Bid or buy it now here.

Mets Steak Knives

My Mother-In-Law bought these for me as a present for Christmas.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Friday, December 28, 2018

@QBConvention Official Schedule for 1/19/19

Hey Folks,

Here is the official schedule for Saturday 1/19/19's QBC.

*schedule and lineup subject to change

Game Used Baseball - Zack Wheeler to Curtis Granderson

This is kind of cool because Granderson is a part of it.


    This game used baseball was thrown by Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler to Blue Jays outfielder Curtis Granderson for a double in the 5th inning during the May 16, 2018 game at Citi Field. Do not miss the opportunity to own this unique piece of Mets memorabilia. The New York Mets donate net proceeds from the sale of Amazin' Memorabilia items to the Mets Foundation. For more information about the Mets Foundation and/or Amazin' Memorabilia, please visit The availability of items varies, but for questions about this piece or different numbers, players, colors, or sizes please contact Amazin' Memorabilia, The Official Source for New York Mets Game Used and Autographed Memorabilia, by emailing or by calling 718-559-3144. An MLB Authentication Program tamperproof hologram is affixed to each piece of Amazin' Memorabilia. The New York Mets do not provide certificates of authenticity for items. Printed documentation verifying the authenticity of your item can be obtained by visiting
Auction is here.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ed Kranepool Card might be cool to get signed at @QBConvention.

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@QBConvention is totally sold out. There aren't any more tickets.Please stop asking.

First of all I want to thank ll of you who have bought tickets to the SOLD OUT QBC 2019, we really appreciate it. For all you folks that have had interest in the QBC and tried to buy tickets and got shut out, we told you to buy your tickets early because from the first day we went up for sale with them on Black Friday they moved quick. Saying that, thank you for wanting to buy tickets. We wish we had a bigger venue to accommodate more folks but it's can't happen with QBC 2019 and thank you for understanding that.

Now for all you folks that keep DM'ing, emailing, texting, and commenting on FB. WE DON'T HAVE ANYMORE TICKETS!!! THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NONE LEFT. PLEASE STOP ASKING! Check twitter and FB and see if anyone might have an extra or can't go.

We have had a guy tell us he's going to tell his friends to boycott us in the future because he kept getting shut out of tickets. Tickets were on sale for a whole month. I don't know how you kept getting shut out for a month. "I reeeeeeaaallllllyyyy want to go to your event, so I am going to tell my friends to boycott future QBCs". That guy is probably thinking if a few of his friends don't go he might have a shot of buying tickets.

Another guy wants us to move it to Sunday because it's his only day off. Come on man....

Yet another guy told us that he just heard about QBC but it was sold out already when he went to Eventbrite to buy tickets. He then said that he saw the single admission/single auto ticket was sold out and only the single admission/two auto tickets were left and he was hoping that single admission/single auto tickets would be released again before the event. So what was it? Did you get to eventbrite and everything was sold out or were there only single admission/two auto tickets left?

Folks. I am really trying to not to be a jack ass about this. Dan and I bust our asses putting this together every year. For most of the leg work it is just the two of us doing all the work. As we get closer we get 2-3 more folks who jump in to help us with some more of the work. The day of the event there is about 25 folks who volunteer and help us out. We knock this all out in a day. Set up/doing the event/breaking down. We get to Katch at 7am set up until doors open at 10:30am then are in constant motion until 7:30 pm. That's 12 1/2 hrs. Figure another 2 hrs to break down everything, that's a 14 1/2 hr day. 14 1/2 hour non stop day. I also work 80 hr weeks at work. So that will turn into almost a 100 hour work week for me. I need Sunday to just be in a  coma all day to recover for work Monday. That is why we can't move the event to Sunday or do a two day event. I honestly don't think I would survive that weekend. We do this as a passion project. We aren't professional event organizers. We do this because we feel there is a need/want for an event like this for our fellow Mets fans.

Thanks for understanding guys.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Merry Christmas!!! Hope many folks got their QBC tickets in their stockings.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Gotham Season 5(Final Season) Trailer

Was lucky to work on this since season three. The cast and crew really put their hearts and souls into this. It was a really awesome job to e a part of.

Merry Christmas Eve!


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Might be something cool to get signed at @QBConvention





Saturday, December 22, 2018

@QBConvention is officially SOLD OUT!!!

Ladies and Gentleman. Children of all ages. Allow me to make this big time announcement. As I told you al that this was going to happen. The Queens Baseball Convention has officially SOLD OUT!!!

Thank you to everyone who had bought tickets and keep supporting this great venture. Dan and I keep doing this for the other Mets fans so we can all have a fun event to go to in the winter time when there is no baseball.

Again guys, thank you so much and we will have an awesome time as usual. I also want to thank in advance  all our volunteers who help us it the day of. If it wasn’t for their help, we wouldn’t be able to pull this off .

Friday, December 21, 2018

I saw Aquaman last night

And I enjoyed a lot of it. Was it a perfect movie. Nope. Did it do a good job making a C-List superhero feel fun? Yep. Did it seem like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor Ragnarok influenced some of the look and sound of the film? Yep. Did I hate that? Nope.

There was a decent story and it felt like it was four or five different movies in on. There was a pirate movie, horror movie, adventure movie, romance movie, and a war movie. This worked out great because this was just as if it was a story arc in the comics. I’m also trying to be as vague as possible with my thoughts without giving away any spoilers.

I am glad that DC/WB has finally figured out that folks really don’t want all their comic book superheroes all grim dark and Batman like. You know what movies that works for? Batman movies.
It’s an enjoyable flick much better then Sony’s Venom.

@QBConvention is four tickets away from a sellout

Hey guys. we keep telling you we were going to sell out. We are at the precipice of this happening. There are only four tickets left. That means we should be sold out by sometime today. If you were looking forward to going to QBC 2019, this is probably going to be your last chance in doing so. Also if you need a last minute Christmas gift this might be the thing to grab.

Look what we got going on here...State of the Mets Panel, Uni Panel, Meet the Mets (Execs) Panel, Baseball Night NY and She Anything Podcast Panels, Mr Met, Seagull(s) from The Brooklyn Cyclones, Vendors, games, food, drinks, and fun. DON'T MISS OUT

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mike Piazza's wife hated his soccer team buy.

This made me laugh.You all know I can't stand soccer. I am not going to knock anyone one who enjoys it because to each their own but when I saw that Mrs. Piazza wasn't a fan of buying into "Pittsburgh" it made me laugh.

From the NY Post

“Who the f–k ever heard of Reggio Emilia?” said Alicia Piazza, 46. “It’s not Venice. It’s not Rome. My girlfriend said, and you can quote this — and this really depressed me. She said, ‘Honey, you bought into Pittsburgh.’ Like, it wasn’t the New York Yankees. It wasn’t the Mets. It wasn’t the Dodgers. You bought Pittsburgh!”
Of course, Piazza’s idea of resurrecting Reggiana didn’t work out. Piazza hoped to reshape the club and raise it from Italy’s third division to Serie A, in which it last competed in 1997. However, numerous financial missteps that are detailed in the piece showed how Reggiana wound up failing and declaring bankruptcy in July.
“It was f–king hell,” Alicia told the website of the June 2016 purchase over wine and cheese.
Read more here.

@MrMet is coming to @QBConvention 2019

In a move sure to annoy Noah Syndergaard, Mr Met is returning to the QBC. He has been joining us since the inception of our joyous January joining of Mets fans. Welcome back buddy!

Also the Brooklyn Cyclones will be sending over either one or both of their wonderful seagulls to come hang with us also. Mascots !!!!

get your tickets at

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

@metspolice to moderate Meet the Mets(Execs) Panel At @QBConvention 2019.

So the guy that the Mets intern number 5 won’t send Press Releases to, is hosting the Meet the Mets(Execs) Panel At QBC 2019. Shannon Shark aka @metspolice of is our choice to moderate this panel(he was our last choice).

 In the past the Mets have sent some great executives to do be asked  questions that we as fans have had before. Whether it be a concessions question, social media, or ticketing, the Mets execs let the fans know what goes into making and enforcing the policies that they have.

This is a great panel to check out especially if you have a question that’s isn’t about the on field product and you need it addressed.

@QBConvention News: 25 Tickets left and @metspolice "Announcement"

I keep telling you guys to buy your tickets for QBC 2019 and not to wait. We sold 10 tickets yesterday and our inventory is now down to 25, TWENTY-FIVE, veinticinco tickets. In theory if we have a sales day like we did yesterday we could be a sellout by Friday. I don't want to have to be getting emails asking if there is any other tickets that are available after we sell out. I do feel bad that folks want to come but can't now because of ZERO inventory.

We have Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool doing panels and signings. SNY is bring the Shea Anything Podcast and Baseball Night New York(Doug Williams, Andy Martino, Sal Licata, and Todd Zeile). We will have The State of the Mets Panel, vendors, mascots, games, great food and friends.

Now so he will stop whining. Shannon Shark of one of the original founders of the QBC) wants us to make sure we tell you that he is doing two panels at QBC 2019. One is TBA but the other is the Uni(jersey) Panel. Since Shannon has a lot of thoughts on Mets jerseys over the years we thought he might be one of the right guys to do the panel this year. Also because our other six choices for hosts said they couldn't do it.

Here is the press release we did for it on Dec 4th..

Ladies and Gentlemen. Children of all ages. Allow me to make this announcement
to you all.
The fan favorite Uni Panel is returning to the Queens Baseball Convention In 2019.
This time it will be hosted by none other then that curmudgeon from Metspolice,
 Shannon Shark.
This panel will include Todd Radom (, Russ Gompers (Stitches),
Uber Collector Jessie Burke, and possible on more guest(waiting on confirmation).
This year the guys will be talking about “promotional” Jerseys, throwbacks, one offs, etc.
This is going to be a fun Panel and probably educational too.
Don’t forget to grab your tickets at 
Grab your tickets now guys....

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gotham Fans, Bid to have coffee with Chris Chalk (@chalkchris)

Bid to win the chance to chat with Chris Chalk about his life and career over a cup of coffee in NYC!
Chris Chalk is an actor and director. He is particularly known for his roles as journalist Gary Cooper in The Newsroom, Marine Tom Walker in Homeland, and murderer Jody Adair in Justified. He has also been in multiple Law & Order episodes, the 2013 film 12 Years a Slave, and the 2010 Broadway play Fences. He appears in Gotham as a young Lucius Fox. Chris will also appear in the upcoming TV mini-series Central Park Five.
Rules &
  • Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned. 
  • Blackout dates may apply. 
  • Travel and accommodations are not included. 
  • We expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must.
  • To be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date, based on the donor's availability.

If you are a fan of Gotham and always wanted to meet one of the cast, Chris is one of the ones you should meet. He has a great head on his shoulders, knows the film business and has some great stories. Trust me on this...

The7Line Warehouse is open too the public Saturday

by The 7 Line December 18, 2018 0 Comments

We haven't had a warehouse sale in a bit, so this Saturday we'll be opening our doors for a couple hours to help you grab some last minute Christmas gifts.

You can still shop online, but after Wednesday there's no promise your package will arrive in time.

EVERY WAREHOUSE SHOPPER ON SATURDAY WILL BE GIVEN A FREE SHIRSEY! We have a couple hundred leftover in sizes S-XL from our Black Friday promotion, so come on down and grab one.



ANY OTHER PERKS? Yes! We'll be selling select New Era snapback caps at just $10 a pop.

@QBConvention Ticket Update 12/18/18

Hey Guys. Just wanted you all to know that we have under 35 tickets left for the QBC. You knoww the drill by now. Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo and Ed Kranepool are all coming to the QBC to sign and do autograph panels. There will be other panels, mascots, vendors and more..

Get your tickets before they sell out.

Another sign of changing Mets culture,

This is what I was talking about the culture the other day. The Mets are starting to get it Bullpen Cart, having fun with the signing of Familia... I like it.

Monday, December 17, 2018



FLUSHING, N.Y., December 17, 2018 – The New York Mets today announced that the club has signed outfielder Rajai Davis to a minor league contract and invited him to major league spring training.

Davis, 38, has played in parts of 13 seasons in the major leagues with seven different organizations. He spent the 2018 season with the Cleveland Indians and finished batting .224 (44-196) with 33 runs, six doubles, one triple, a home run, six RBI and 21 steals in 101 games.

The right-handed hitter owns a career .262/.311/.379 slash line with 224 doubles, 43 triples, 61 home runs, 379 RBI and 415 steals. He trails only José Reyes and Ichiro Suzuki among active players in career stolen bases.

Mets trying to sell you on $99 ticket package option, but it’s sold out?

Might be time to update that promo/graphic.
Click here to see if you can find any $99 tickets.
Thanks DHAP for pointing this out.

Is there a culture change happening at Citi Field?

The Mets customer service is responding quicker to issues presented by fans on twitter. Jeff Wilpon has been popping up more in “public” and not just hiding behind his curtain up in the Emerald City.
The GM is making moves with signings and trades. Even though not everyone is sold on the Cano/Diaz trade, at least they are trying to do something that they haven’t done in years. Make the team and organization better.

I’ve become known by Mets fans as one of the guys that has the Mets ears when it comes to fan customer service. And so far this is the first off season where I haven’t gotten a lot of complaints about the ticketing or the way employees of the Mets have treated fans. That’s a positive that folks won’t see written in the papers but just in blogs like mine.

Then Chief Brodie has come in making moves. It’s weird seeing moves being made. I think I’ve been conditioned by the Mets over the last almost decade that they will usually just do one  “big” move and that’s it. Hey we signed so and so. We made a big move, huuuuuggggeee. And now we got a reliever that’s been hurt for 2 yrs on a bargain. It’s a win win for us. Low cost and if he does well woohoo!

Hopefully this change of culture continues and the Mets can kee morphing into an elite organization and a contender year after year for a while.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Mets agree to a deal with Wilson Ramos

Free-agent catcher Wilson Ramos came to terms on a two-year, $19 million contract with the Mets on Sunday, a source told Daniel Alvarez Montes of El Extrabase was the first to break the news. The club has not confirmed.
The deal is pending a physical.

Ramos' signing likely means the end of the Mets' pursuit of Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto after New York was previously considered the favorite to acquire him. Rosenthal said the Mets met with Yasmani Grandal, the other top free-agent catcher on the market, last week, but found the asking price too steep and didn't want to surrender the Draft pick it would take to sign him. The club was also reluctant to create holes elsewhere on the roster by trading for Realmuto.
This is a great move. Well I can't really tell if this is a great move on the field yet but it is  great deal on paper and awesome to see the Mets are trying to be a real ballclub. This is going to be great topic for The State of the Mets panel on Jan 19th 2019 at QBC 2019.

Grab your tickets at . Under forty left!!! grab your tickets now!!!!

@QBConvention 2018 Throwback: Todd Hundley Panel

Here's a throw back to the Todd Hundley panel in case you missed it..

Don't miss out on the Ed Kranepool, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Keith Hernandez panels and signings at QBC 2019.

Get you tickets at