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Saturday, June 27, 2009


IGN Video: Inglourious Basterds Movie Trailer - Trailer 2

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So like Digital TV like um doesn't work you know

Got my converter box. Got my antenna. I know how to hook things up. The best I can do is lock in at 40% on some channels.

Yeah, some.

ABC New York? Forget it. Zero.

The channels that went back to VHF frequencies after June 12th just don't come in. The UHFers sort of do, and I will tell you there's nothing like Telefutura and the 6 subcarriers.

I used to be able to pull in TV all the way from Philly (and NYC), out on my deck. I used to be able to use my Casio Watchman and my battery powered TV during blackouts. Now my old reliable 13 inch TV/DVD player is basically a DVD player.

Whose idea was this anyway? I can only imagine what people who don't understand electronics are going through.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I really can not stand the NHL anymore. I was a major hockey fan growing up. Hockey is my all time favorite sport. But Gary Bettman has really lost me. I can not tand the fact that games are on The VERSUS Channel.Anyone remember it used to be called the Outdoor Life Network? Instead of building up the NHL I think it has stalled and even gone backwards. And now trying to make Sydney Crosby the poster boy of the NHL...Blaahh..Who needs to see a whining diver, who is a cheap shot artist? It just irritates the hell out of me the way the sport is being marketed...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nazi Zombies

I really do not ever want to see this movie ever. I love zombie movies and this clip make me never, ever want to see this. I am actually angry at this clip. A great idea for a movie and from what I can see from this clip, Its a really big fail. I usually would watch a movie in full before I pass judgement , but i can't. Here's the if you dare....

I Want My Analog TV Bailout Money

Dear Government,
I would like compensation for my no-longer-usable portable Casio TV.  As of today it no longer functions as a television.   I don't think it is realistic to carry around a protable gas generator and a converter box to use a 2 inch TV.  I also don't see any RCA's on my Casio.
I would also like compensation for my larger battery powered emergency TV/radio/flashlight.  During the 2003 blackout this helped me stay informed.   I guess I coud use my gas generator for that, but still.
I'd also like to be compensated for the annoyance of having to bring a converter box to my NFL tailgates.  I guess you don't want me to watch the 1 o'clock games.
You bail everyone else out, send me $300.  That should cover it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This movie is so freaking funny...some surprise cameos in it....Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, Ray Park(you have to see his scene), and a surprise cameo from a SCI FI legend. I hate when people review a movie and give away the fun parts of it. All I have to say if your a fan you'll love this movie made of geekdom..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Was Watching Star Trek: Wrath of Khan

With tomorrow being the 27th anniversary of the release of Wrath of Khan I thought I'd revisit the film.
1.  Kirk is a douche.  Walks into inspection and hands uhura his book to carry like she's some dumb broad

2.  Kirk is a self-centered douche.   Peter Preston lays there dying and...

Scotty: he stayed at his post.....
Kirk: yeah whatever can you fix the engines
(Boop) spock here - the engines are working (which will be important later). I guess someone other than scotty fixed them
Kirk: later dudes...I'm outta here
Scotty stands there stunned.

3.  Engines are out. Why does Spock go downstairs?  What happened to the genius who fixed them before?

4.  Why does everyone keep leaving saavik in command.  Sulu and Uhura are both commanders and sitting right there.  When they come back from Regula and walk on the bridge the blonde kid is sitting in center seat

5.  Kirk doesn't trust the blonde kid who is normally at weapons. He has sulu fire phasers the entire movie until the end where chekov asks to take the weapons spot - kicks out blondie and now kirk takes the firing job away from sulu

6.  When you are dying on the other side of the partition please don't just randomly repeat things from our meeting earlier in the week

7.  Kirk is a jerkk and calls Spock "human" at his funeral.  He clearly wanted to be less human.  Thanks jerk.

8.  This movie needs st1 to not exist.  Why would kirk take an admirals job the second time?  Let's be sure to reuse all those expensive shots we made of the enterprise for the first movie.

Springsteen Upsets Fans

I'm hearing from a fair amount of Springsteen fans that they are annoyed that Bruce added shows to the Giants Stadium run.
It seems a lot of people bought tickets for what they thought would be the "last" Giants Stadium concert.
Now, they are "stuck" with a show and have to play the Ticketmaster game again for the new "last" show.
What I've learned from baseball is to sit and wait and just grab some last minute stubhubs.

Monday, June 1, 2009