Monday, February 5, 2018

Mickey Callaway Has a Plan

Looks like Negan Callaway has a plan to keep the Mets Pitchers healthy. Six man rotation? Does that actually work? Trying to keep the pitchers active during pre season work outs to not let them get “tight” while in between work out stations. That sounds good.

Here from the NY Post

““I want to get on and off the field. You can’t have standing around; that leads to injuries.’’

Bench coach Gary DiSarcina will organize the camp. All the coaches will be here by Tuesday.

Directly outside of the Mets clubhouse is a bullpen area with six mounds. On the other side of the complex are 10 mounds. The two areas are known as the six-pack and the 10-pack.

In the past, pitchers often worked together on the six-pack, six at a time throwing to catchers. On occasion they would be on the 10-pack, 10 pitchers throwing.

Callaway said he is going to change that. For better quality control, he wants no more than four pitchers throwing at once, so that six-pack will become a four-pack, a slight adjustment that makes a world of sense.”
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