Friday, September 20, 2019

@readtheapple never did get credit for fixing @CitiField's outfield.

Yes. My buddy Randy Medina fixed the outfield wall's at Citi Field when the dimensions of the ballpark were too wacky for Home Runs. Did he get credit for it? Nope. Did we get "unofficial" confirmation from someone in the organization back then that confirmed they ran with his designs? We sure did.

Here is that full article from the NY TIMES from what feels like eons ago. Click here.

When does Brandon Nimmo get a sitcom?

I mean really, this guy is comedy gold. I can't wait to see what he does next.

THE HELLA MEGA TOUR Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer tickets on sal at 10 am today.

Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer
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Rain or Shine

Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer, three of the biggest acts in rock music, announced they will be heading out on the road together for the first time ever on THE HELLA MEGA TOUR presented by Harley-Davidson. THE HELLA MEGA TOUR will take place at Citi Field on Saturday, August 22.

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Hey @SNYtv aren't we in the 11th season of Citi Field now?

I'm not wrong am I?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ugly 1980esque Mets Cap.

This hat reminds me of the crappy designs and materials in the 1980s. YUCK

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Mets Game Notes 9/18/19

The Amazin’ 1969 New York Mets: A World Championship for the Ages

Purchase event tickets to The Amazin’ 1969 New York Mets: A World Championship for the Ages presented by The Paley Center for Media and New York Post. Enter promo code: NYPOST to unlock tickets only available for Post readers.
Ron Swoboda, New York Mets ('69 Miracle Mets)
Art Shamsky, New York Mets ('69 Miracle Mets)
Mike Vaccaro, New York Post, Sports Columnist
Ed Kranepool, New York Mets ('69 Miracle Mets)
Moderator: Gary Apple: SNY, Announcer 

I don't know all the details but this seems fun...

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mets Send out a survey about last Friday Night’s Game.

Looks like the Mets are trying to figure out what the hell what went on out with Friday Night’s Game. How were folks going to answer this question? This should be fun.

Mets game Notes 9/17/19

$100 Gift Card to Renew my Mets 1/2 season plan?

$100 gift card is not going to help you to get me to re up. Not worth it. But if it is worth it to you guys who are renewing, there ya go.

Last night I was invited check out The Prudential Center and it's staffing/lockers.

Last night I was invited by the NJ Devils to come check out their locker set up and how their security and event staff handle game day. It was a NJ Devils pre season game and there were only about 4,000 folks there. It was also the first NJD game of the pre season/season so, I'll compare this to a soft opening. I asked my buddy @readtheapple(Randy) who is the  Devils fan to come with me since he knows the "Rock" better then I do. I am a Rangers fan so they know they would not get a "Homer" report about the arena.

The Devils have a new no backpack policy like the Mets at Citi Field. This ban was enacted by the NHL league wide and the Devils installed lockers to help out the fans that do come to the arena and brought a backpack. I like the fact that this was done during the pre season and not halfway through  like at Citi Field. I am not a big fan of security theater but if you have to have it done at least it should  be done in a pleasant way. The lockers are right outside Ford Tower near the Martin Brodeur statue. By the way being a Rangers fan this is driving me nuts typing about Brodeur having a statue. Anyway here's what the Locker's look like.

I got there early and this was one of the locker areas set up by the Ford Tower. They reminded me of the lockers you might find at a them park. They have small and large sizes. The prices were $6 for a smaller one and $8 for the larger sized one(debit and credit cards, no cash). The great things about the these lockers is that they actually hold the backpack and it's entire contents so you don't have to unpack its contents  and put them inside a clear bag too take inside the venue like at Citi Field. Yep. That's right in Citi Field the lockers don't fit a lot of backpacks that are full of contents. You have to put the empty backpacks in the lockers while you still drag around your stuff in clear plastic bags. The security member who checked out the inside of the bag before I went to the locker kiosk (very easy to use by the way)welcomed us to The Rock and told us to have a great night. This is what I am talking about. You can do security and be nice to the fans coming into the venue. We walked into the front doors, did the walk through metal detectors and my Apple watch pinged. "Hi sir, do you mind covering your watch and walk through again." I walk through and hear, " Thank you. Enjoy your night." What ever happened to those mandated Metal Detectors at Citi Field? Remember those?  

What's this? Signs to stop people from walking down to their seats during play? The Mets really need these.

Randy and I got turned around at one point while we were walking around a spot at the arena that Randy had never been before. The in game promotions producer saw that we were lost, came over and asked us if we needed help. She didn't have to do this, but with a smile walked us up to the level we needed to be at while pleasantly chatting with us and got us to where we needed to go.

It seemed like every staff member in the arena was pleasant. They were helpful. There were smiles. They seemed happy to help. Even if they hated being there, you couldn't tell. I was watching all the interactions of the ticket reps, the ushers, and just the staff, where you could see that they knew a lot of the "regulars" that go to the games. Some weren't even season ticket holders. On the way out vendors and other Prudential Center staff all said have a good night or get home safe. I walked out of the Ford Tower back to my locker and grabbed my bag after punching in my pin and was out in 15 seconds. I know this was a pre season game but I also went to the Rock two years ago and the staff back then was the same way. Very pleasant to be at the game.

I am not going to throw all the staff at Citi Field under the bus with the comparison to the staff at The Rock. There are some great folks at Citi Field but there are some really miserable folks there that shouldn't be dealing with the public. I have covered it all before but it is really nice to go to a place where you are a paying customer and feel appreciated that you are there. I know the folks at Citi Field that I deal with are trying to sort this out and will probably get it all figured out for next season. Hopefully I can write a post like this next season about Citi Field and how it's staff have improved customer service wise.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mets Game Notes 9/16/19

Devils & Prudential Center Updated Bag Policy

Devils & Prudential Center Updated Bag Policy

Triple-A Baseball, Allegiant Announce Historic On-Field Jersey Partnership

Triple-A Baseball, Allegiant Announce Historic On-Field Jersey Partnership
Allegiant to Display Patch on Front of National Championship Game Jerseys

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – This year’s Triple-ATM National Championship Game will be played on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at AutoZone Park in Memphis, Tennessee, at the home of the Memphis Redbirds. As part of this year’s championship celebration, Triple-A Baseball andAllegiant (NASDAQ: ALGT), the “Official Airline of Minor League Baseball,” have announced a partnership that will make Allegiant the first on-field jersey patch partner in Triple-A National Championship Game history.
Played annually in its current format since 2006, the Triple-A National Championship Game presented by Ephesus Sports Lighting pits the winner of the Pacific Coast LeagueTM against the winner of the International LeagueTM in a one-game, winner-take-all showdown for Triple-A supremacy.

The game will be televised live nationally on FS1 and available for live streaming on the FOX Sports app, as well as to MiLB.TVTM subscribers via and the MiLB First PitchTM mobile app for supported devices.
“We are very happy to have Allegiant on board in this new and innovative way,” PCL President Branch Rickey said. “This partnership with Triple-A Baseball is a great way to showcase our growing product and Allegiant’s growing product, and we are interested in the possibility of this leading to future on-field jersey sponsorships.”

“We’re thrilled to continue to strengthen our relationship with Minor League Baseball by playing a unique role at this year’s Triple-A National Championship Game,” said Scott DeAngelo, Allegiant chief marketing officer. “This partnership enables us to reach communities that we serve across the country, and this special championship game enables us to reach millions of homes via FS1 and MiLB’s streaming platforms.”

Minor League BaseballTM (MiLBTM) announced a multiyear partnership with Allegiant in July 2018. With more than 120 overlapping markets, including Memphis and many other Triple-A cities, the hometown airline of cities across the country became the official airline of America's hometown baseball teams. Triple-A Baseball is the highest classification of Minor League Baseball. As part of its broader partnership with MiLB, Allegiant will serve as a Presenting Partner at the 2019 Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, Calif., and has presented MiLB CommUNITY Month each August since 2018.
Bringing the Triple-A National Championship Game action to the national television audience will be broadcasting legends George Grande and Jim Kaat, who combined have been a part of 12 Triple-A National Championship Game telecasts. Grande, the veteran MLB broadcaster who has served as the play-by-play voice of the New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds, will be in a familiar position working alongside Kaat, the former MLB All-Star pitcher and Emmy-award winning commentator. Grande and Kaat will be joined in the booth by’s Jim Callis, a familiar contributor on MLB Network and a veteran of several Triple-A All-Star Game and National Championship Game telecasts.
First pitch for the 2019 Triple-A National Championship Game is set for 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT from Downtown Memphis.

About Triple-A Baseball
With a history dating back over 130 years, Triple-A Baseball has been in existence longer than the NFL, NBA, or NHL. A total of 30 teams throughout the United States are developing talent for Major League Baseball affiliates while providing affordable, family entertainment for fans of all ages. Triple-A Baseball consists of two leagues at Minor League Baseball's highest classification, the International League which has played consecutively for 136 seasons, and the Pacific Coast League, in its 117th season in 2019. Millions of fans coast-to-coast pack Triple-A Baseball parks annually, with cities spanning the entire United States from Pawtucket, R.I., to Sacramento, Calif.

Joe Torre. Will you shut the hell up already!

This is one of the biggest bullshit statements I have ever heard. I have nothing more to say about
this. This is such an easy decision to make and of course the MLB Blows it.

Mets Security on Sunday 9/15/19- Updated post

I personally didn't have a problem with getting into security walking into the Rotunda Gates. Two minutes to get into the ballpark with security being courteous while wanding. This is a huge turn around from what I have been dealing with when I have come to games in the last few months and from the shit show on Friday night. BUT...But.. Before I heap praise upon these Mets, a fellow fan who Saturday Night had a good experience with security had a really crappy one.

So if I had $100 in single dollar bills in my pocket, I have to remove it when they say take all metal out of pockets. Since Mickey Mouse was in the house last night, maybe he could have taught some of the security guards who don't get it how Disney's security handles 100,000s of folks daily going in and out the various gates at the theme parks that they own.

Mickey Mouse throws out The First Pitch at the Mets Game

Last night on a 7pm start for Sunday Night Baseball had Mickey Mouse throwing out a first pitch.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Mets Game Notes 9/15/19

I went to the Mets game last night. Security edition.

I went to the Mets game last night and was dreading going through security. While I was hanging with friends at the MTA lot listening to their stories about dealing with security issues the whole last week. One of the things I didn't hear about until yesterday was that the security staff opened up cigarette packs and removed the cigarettes by hand without wearing gloves. That's out of control there. I still can't get over that they supposedly tried to pat down a toddler. 

I went to get on line at 6pm. I wanted to give myself an hour to get in just in case. I got inside the stadium in 3 minutes. Yes. 3 minutes. I don't know what was different yesterday vs. Friday night but the security wasn't invasive to me at all. I was shocked. Outright Shocked. 

Let's check out Twitter:

You can't walk in any gate? Since when?

What changed?

Good job Mets with pivoting last night and making it easier to get in. The security staff seemed more cordial and polite to the fans entering the ballpark.
I heard a few different things about Friday night. From the Security Union's contract is ending after this season and also the MLB did a security audit on
Friday night which through the security staff into a tizzy. Anyone hear anything about this? With the way everything looked on Friday night, I really think
that they might not have passed. I am going again tonight and we'll see how it looks tonight. Hopefully last night's trend continues.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Mets Game Notes, Roster Moves, and Line Up 9/14/19

ROSTER NOTE: The Mets selected LHP Donnie Hart from Syracuse (AAA). He will wear #68. The Mets designated RHP Eric Hanhold for assignment.

Saturday, September 14
vs. Los Angeles (NL)

Amed Rosario – SS
J.D. Davis – LF
Jeff McNeil – RF
Pete Alonso – 1B
Wilson Ramos – C
Robinson Canó – 2B
Todd Frazier – 3B
Juan Lagares – CF
Jacob deGrom – RHP

@mets. Besides all the security issues and lines, how do you run out of Free Shirt Friday Shirts.

Hi. We are the New York Mets. We instituted a backpack ban to speed up the lines, make it safer to
attend a Mets game, and to make the ballpark experience more convenient. In what is known as a
LOLMets moment, the Mets have now made it less convenient, slower moving, I don't know about
the safety but I do know that I don't think I feel safe with the lines that are out of control out of the 
front of the ballpark. The Mets are not making this easy on us fans security wise.

My next question is, how do you run out of tee shirts for "all" fans when you know that you have over 40,000
seats in your ballpark. I don't get the thought process. When you guys ordered these shirts were you like, "eh. we'll be out of the hunt. Attendance will be down. We only need 25-35 thousand shirts."

More @mets security gripes.

Remember the Mets banned backpacks to make the experience of getting into the stadium quicker and more convenient.I just see it getting harder and harder to get in. The Mets are in a wildcard hunt and fans should be enjoying going to games and not having to deal with this nonsense. Gothamist has a story about it from May. Read it here.

Comment on FB page

Stacks Edwards Last night , i had to take my hat off, cash out of my pocket and hold it out in front of everyone Then i was constantly wanded over and over lol i mean its a joke i said i fly to California and i get checked less. Then i had to lift up my jersey and show my belt buckle. I asked a security guy i know inside he says hes not sure but they have a problem with people sneaking in liquor, im like whattttt? But hes not sure if the two are combined. Geez at least if they were checking for weapons, but noooo they wanna make sure u dont sneak in booze lol

An email to the Mets from a reader-

Hello Mets,
 My wife and I were very excited to go to tonight's Mets game against the Dodgers. We then saw all the pictures, videos and complaints about the lines getting in last night on the Media Goon Website, Keith Blacknick twitter feed, Mets Police Website and twitter feed. Horrifying. You checked a woman's sunglass case and a pouch where she keeps her birth control pills and tampons? You patted down a toddler? Are you kidding me? You need to rethink this. People were waiting in line for well over an hour? The terrorists have won already.
My wife also had a bad security experience from last Sunday. She is weeks away from 60. What a threat she must be. You made her angry and she never gets angry. Your security guard started to open up her wallet and opened her glasses case. My wife said she was not friendly.  I wrote about it in my game survey. We have decided not to go tonight. The security hassle and lines are not worth it. The Mets better wake up. You are understaffed and some of your security people are unfriendly and overzealous. Maybe that is the type of security you want. Well us customers will vote with our wallets. Instead of the Mets game today we are going to Belmont Park where you can just walk in. No crazy security guards, metal detectors or long lines. 

My wife and I  bought a 20 game Sunday plan for next year. Please change your security methods. Also have more staffing. As my grandfather would say I must have rocks in my head for buying anything from the Mets. If you don't change things we will not attend. I will chalk it up as a life lesson.  

Thanks JS

Mets. This is what I warned you about for months. Security sucks. You lost me as a half season plan holder. I am staying with my 7Line seats only because those are my friends and family. You guys have really made this a crappy experience for all. I am attending today's game. Will be going to tomorrow's game. I can't wait to see this experience today and tomorrow first hand.

Will the Mets issue an apology for the line's to get into last nights game?

The scenario that I have foreseen and was bitching about for a while now has been
 the jerkiness of the MetsSecurity Staff. I have posted about it over and over and over 
again. From them wearing their stupid wannabe tactical vests to the attitudes of the staff 
itself, it has not been good. The Mets banned backpacks in the middle of the year in the 
guise that it was for the fans convenience, safety, and to make the lines move faster. Security is now 
rifling through every pocket in bags, in every pocketbook/wristlet. You have keys? They are going to 
look at those too. They are going to pull your things that you have folded nicely out of your bags and 
then make you rush to jam it back in. They have checked through tampons, birth control pills, and even 
supposedly tried to pat down a toddler.A TODDLER!! Mets what the hell is going on. You have already 
alienated me. I am not renewing my 1/2 season plan.You are on the verge of alienating my good, good 
friend MJ who was the Mets fan of the year a few years ago. Now you have even made diehard  fan NY1
reporter Roger Clark say that he is never coming back to a game. What the F is going on with you guys?
 Is this how you are going to treat fans from now on? Your security staff is making the TSA look like
Disney cast members. Is there going to be an apology to the fans that got there in plenty of time to get 
inside the gates and watch the game by 7:10 pitch? It really might be time for you guys to reevaluate 
your procedures before you have zero fans coming to the ballpark.

Oh and Btw look what Great American Ball Park is doing for folks with backpacks.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Tonight's @Mets security/entry lines at @Citifield. OH BOY(They tried to pat down a toddler?)

You guys might have thought I was nuts talking about security here and why I am not going to renew my tickets. Here is what I have been dreading and expecting to happen. The backpack ban was supposed so bring the line times down for safety. This doesn't look safe to me now. This looks like a potential target.


It sure can seem that way.

I wonder if this might make NY1 news.

No lines? I see pics that prove otherwise Mets.

Mets security has broken Roger Clark now.

Wait. The Mets said that there were no lines.

They tried to pat down a toddler?.

This is a post from yesterday with the over aggressiveness of the security staff. click here.

My Mets security rabbit hole post. Click here.