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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cool behind the scenes video from the Mets player videos.

Here is a cool behind the scenes video of those cool new Mets player videos. People always want to know what goes on behind the scenes at film shoots and this is pretty good representation of it.


Binghamton Rumble Ponies will be the Stud Muffins for a game.

Back in the day, there was a naming contest for the Binghamton arm of the Mets farm system. They wanted to to move away from the Mets name and jump on the trend of the "fun" names. So we got the Rumble Ponies. I actually like that they did this but there were a few other names and this was one of them. THE STUD MUFFINS!!!!!

Less than three years since the name-the-team contest, the Rumble Ponies announced they will play a “What Might Have Been” game as the Stud Muffins this season. While the logo features an anthropomorphized muscle-armed muffin (banana-blueberry, maybe?), the name itself relates to carousels. In announcing the finalists in the name-the-team contest in 2016, the erstwhile B-Mets explained the option Stud Muffins like this: “While tipping a cap to the players on the field, the ‘Stud Muffins’ celebrates the collection of carousel horses belonging to Binghamtonians.”
The game will take place Friday, June 14, against the Altoona Curve.

Read more here.

@NotSam vs @MajorWFPod Live Show

I am a collector. I collect a few different genres. One of those genres is wrestling figures and wrestling belts. A great podcast to listen to is The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast hosted by Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. It's been a fun pod where they talk about their figures when they were growing up and their current collections. The pod has had some WWE superstars on the show, as well as the guys from Hasbro who currently have the WWE license. The fellas have been having a twitter/pod feud with Sam Roberts from the Jim and Sam morning show on SiriusXM. You also might know him from the WWE PPV pre shows, The Not Sam Wrestling Podcast, and also formerly of The old Opie and Anthony show.

The live show was at Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC. It was my first time ever in this room and the two podcasts drew a decent crowd for a Wednesday night in February. I don't know how much of this show is going to be aired on their shows so I don't want to ruin too many of the surprises but there were some fun ones. One of the surprises that was pretty sure to show up though was Dylan Postle(Hornswoggle) and I have to say this guy is freaking funny as hell. The quick one liners were sharp and on target. I couldn't believe some of the stuff that came out of his mouth. From the looks of it, neither could any of the guys on stage. There were run ins from Create A Pro wrestling. There were give ways. There was Zombie Claus? Sam Roberts long lost brother was there.And there was a quick cameo from a former WWE Superstar (one that Ryder really marked out over). The crowd marked out over him to. The hint to figure out who this is would be found Around the Stars.

You could see that the fellas were really enjoying being there and interacting with each other and the crowd there were some great lines that killed, KILLED the audience. I ended up hanging out with Joe DeMayo(@PSLtoFlushing) and his buddy Mike during the show and we couldn't stop laughing. Joe and Mike(from their seats) had some great one liners themselves that popped the crowd and the guys on the stage. It was a great interactive event.

For a first time show, Sam, Zack, and Curt did a great job. I know I didn't give this show (Sid) Justice with this write up but I really don't want to give up any of the surprises. It was super enjoyable and if they do another show, you guys should go.

Click here for the Major WF Podcast

Click here for NotSam Wrestling Pod.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

$200 for this Big Apple Mets Clock?

come on folks really? And check out the description. Item in great condition. Sounds awesome! 馃え

Baseball to be official sport in NY State?

From the NY POST

This makes sense with Cooperstown HOF being in NY, but do you really need a Bill to make this official. Aren't there much more pressing matters in NY State that need to have Bills that need to be addressed. If we were living in a State of Utopia, it would be wonderful but we aren't.

State Sen. James Seward, who represents upstate Cooperstown, where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located, is sponsoring a bill to honor the state’s longtime association with baseball.
New York has recognized other “official” things in the past: Garnet is the official gemstone, sea scorpion is the official fossil, bay scallop the official shell, lilac the official bush, striped bass the official saltwater fish, and snapping turtle the official reptile.
New York’s local teams help make a strong case for the bill.
The Yankees in the Bronx are one of the sport’s most storied franchises with 27 championships. 
The Mets in Queens are, well, Amazin.’
Read more here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Minor League Baseball and Peerless-AV Form Multi-Year Partnership Using Technology to Drive Increased Fan Engagement in Ballparks

Minor League Baseball and Peerless-AV Form Multi-Year Partnership Using Technology to Drive Increased Fan Engagement in Ballparks

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. and AURORA, Ill., Feb. 26, 2019 — Minor League BaseballTM (MiLBTM) today announced that Peerless-AV® — a leading manufacturer and provider of audio-visual products — will be the “Official Digital Display Partner of MiLB.” Among the many extensions of the strategic partnership, Peerless-AV will be integrated into MiLB’s existing partnerships with Allegiant Air and ISM Connect to establish it as the exclusive provider of screen technologies for Minor League Baseball.

In July 2018, Minor League Baseball established a partnership with ISM Connect to launch the Allegiant Airline Network, the largest in-venue digitally connected smart screen network in sports and entertainment. Beginning this season, select MiLB clubs will have the opportunity to participate in the digital network, with the technology furnished by Peerless-AV. More than 50 MiLB ballparks are scheduled to feature Peerless-AV technology by Opening Day 2020.
The installation process of Peerless-AV displays is underway for Opening Night 2019, and Minor League Baseball and Peerless-AV are planning further placements during the year. Throughout the partnership term, Peerless-AV technology will be incorporated into numerous locations — such as concourse LCD displays, video boards and ribbon boards — to further boost fan engagement and partnership opportunities for MiLB and its teams. As clubs continue to make enhancements to their state-of-the-art ballparks, Peerless-AV will be a valuable resource throughout the design and installation process.

“Minor League Baseball is committed to driving innovation and enhancing ballpark experiences for our fans. Peerless-AV’s commitment to be at the forefront of digital display technology aligns perfectly with our vision for being a leader in authentic fan engagement,” said David Wright, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer for Minor League Baseball. “This partnership will allow us to continue making deeper and more meaningful connections with our fans and position MiLB as a dynamic leader in sport and entertainment.”
“Creating and implementing high-quality display solutions to enhance the fan experience is a key focus for our team at Peerless-AV,” said Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President for Peerless-AV. “With a shared goal of increasing fan engagement through the use of innovative technology, we are excited to be partnering with Minor League Baseball on this initiative.”

About Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball is the governing body for all professional baseball teams in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic that are affiliated with Major League Baseball® clubs through their farm systems. In 2018, Minor League Baseball attracted nearly 40.5 million fans to its ballparks to see baseball’s future stars and experience affordable family-friendly entertainment that has been a staple of Minor League Baseball since 1901. Visit, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Peerless-AV

Driving Technology Through Innovation
For over 75 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV-AV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, ranging from outdoor displays to complete kiosk solutions, digital signage mounts to wireless systems. Whether a full-scale global deployment or custom project, Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service. In partnership with Peerless-AV, you are trusting an award-winning team of experts who will support your business every step of the way. For more information, visit, and connect with us via social media on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Main Stream Mets Media is just slow

The Main Stream Media is so slow. This whole mindset things was talked about weeks ago. This isn’t new news. I really can’t take the papers and a lot of main stream media sites seriously anymore. The Athletic experiment failed for me. It was a waste of money and I cancelled my subscription to it. How many of you are going to pay $5 for that Mets/Yahoo subscription thing? I have a feeling this is going to be a similar thing. Why am I going to pay for stuff when’s i can get it for free? Anyway, I want new stuff for you guys to start writing stuff that wasn’t written about weeks ago and have fresh thoughts and find stories others haven’t written to death already.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Now they are trying to stop the Belmont

Now politicians want to stop the Belmont Arena from  being built. Anyone else think of this arena doesn’t happen the Islanders out of NY? I’m a Rangers fan and I think this is ridiculous.

I know the Wilpons are involved in the building of this Arena but has anyone calle it the NYC Shea Stadium Arena. If you and Isles fan, you might want to send a letter in support if the Arena.

Game Used d’Arnaud helmet

$500 bucks? Pass. I have a 2016 team signed helmet that I want $2400 for and that has Thor, deGrom, Wright, Matz, Colon, d’Arnaud, and more. Makes no sense.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Cleon Jones speaks about Gil Hodges taking him out of a game

From the NY Post.

“But when he passed the pitcher’s mound I thought he wanted to talk to Buddy [Harrelson at shortstop]. Then he passed Buddy and I was looking in the bullpen. I thought something was happening in the bullpen, he walks out to me and says, ‘Are you all right.’
“I said I’m fine. He said, ‘Do you think you could have held him to a single?’ I said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Gil, look down.’
“When he looked down, his feet were under water and so was mine. It had rained pretty good that day. And we had had a talk in Montreal, a week or so before that. I had a bad ankle. It comes from my old football days and every now and then it would puff up on me.
“We had a talk that day, and he said ‘Do you think you should come out of the lineup? I said as long as I’m swinging the bat good and I am not hurting the ballclub, I want to stay in the lineup.
“I reminded him of that talk in Montreal and he said he forgot about that. He then said, ‘You know what, Jonesy? You shouldn’t even be out here, and I said fine. Let’s go, and we walked back to the dugout.

Read more here.

All you ever hear from the 1969 guys is how great of a guy Gil Hodges was. They all feel like it is ridiculous that he isn't in the MLB HOF.

Heading down to PSL

On my way down to PSL. I’ll take some shots and post anything cool that happens down there. If you guys don’t hear from me, that means I was exhausted and gave up early on the social media front.

Friday, February 22, 2019

A Bergino Baseball Clubhouse Curated Conversation & Book Release Celebration

212-226-7150 • •
A Bergino Baseball Clubhouse Curated Conversation & Book Release Celebration
The Carnegie Club -- a midtown Manhattan cocktail/cigar lounge
Tuesday March 19 @ 7:00 pm
"After the Miracle: The Lasting Brotherhood of the '69 Mets" with Art Shamsky and coauthor Erik Sherman
"My old friend and Miracle Mets teammate Tom Seaver was ailing. The greatest Met of all time, the heart and soul of our '69 championship team, and the Hall of Famer who had a baseball career marked by brilliance and a burning desire for perfection, was now practically homebound."

Art Shamsky had stayed in touch with his former teammates over the years. He hoped to get together with Tom Seaver, but the Hall of Fame pitcher was weak and could not travel. So Shamsky, along with teammates Jerry Koosman, Ron Swoboda, and Bud Harrelson visited Seaver at his California home. Together again, the visit triggered memories of that miracle '69 season, as they reminisced about what happened then -- and where they are today. 

On the 50th Anniversary year of the Miracle Mets, join our intimate Conversation & Book Release Celebration for inside stories of brotherhood and lasting loyalty. 
Ticket required to attend...
Art Shamsky was a Major League baseball player for eight years, starting with the Cincinnati Reds in 1965 and then joining the New York Mets in the winter of 1967. He was an integral part of the World Championship team in 1969. Since his retirement from baseball, he has been involved in various businesses and worked as a sports broadcaster at WNEW-TV in New York City and on ESPN, and as a broadcaster for the NY Mets. He is also the author of The Magnificent Seasons: How the Jets, Mets, and Knicks Made Sports History and Uplifted a City and the Country
Erik Sherman is the author of the critically acclaimed Kings of Queens: Life Beyond Baseball With The ’86 Mets, and is also the coauthor of four highly acclaimed baseball autobiographies: Out At Home (with Glenn Burke), A Pirate For Life (with Steve Blass), the New York Times bestseller Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the ’86 Mets (with Mookie Wilson); and Davey Johnson: My Wild Ride In Baseball And Beyond. Erik is an annual lecturer at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Be part of our intimate event and live podcast at The Carnegie Club -- a midtown Manhattan cocktail/cigar lounge

2012 Los Mets Demo Prototype Los Mets jersey

You guys ever see this before? I bought it a few years ago. I really do like the orange jersey.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Walker Lockett Starts for the Mets on Saturday

Walker Lockett will start the Mets’ Grapefruit League opener on Saturday against the Braves, according to Callaway. Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Zack Wheeler will start the ensuing three exhibition games.
Read more from the NY Post here.

I can only imagine all the puns if Lockett made the Mets. Lockett Down. I have a Lockett around my neck. Okay maybe there isn't a ton of them...

We finally find out what a quality control coach does for the Mets

From the NY Post.

Luis Rojas is the Mets Outfield and Quality Control coach. I pictured Rojas wearing a lab coat, a hair cap and stamping the uniforms and equipment grade A or grade B. This makes more sense to what it is though, even if the quality control should be on the manager or bench coach.
“We have a great analytical team and I am going to be that source that brings in the information to our coaching staff and to our players,” Rojas said Wednesday. “Taking in mind the relationships I have with the guys, maybe knowing them from the start of their careers and throughout their careers.”
Much of Rojas’ work in quality control will occur pregame, presenting the coaches and players with the numbers in an understandable fashion. The position was added by the Mets this winter — many teams have been using quality control coaches over the past several seasons — in an effort by new general manager Brodie Van Wagenen to expand the organization’s analytical reach.
During games, Rojas will be in the dugout, serving largely in his other role as the team’s outfield coach.
Read more here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Yahoo and the Mets partner up

It’s funny that Yahoo and the Mets think that folks are going to pay money for Mets news. I had the  Athletic and it covered more sports then just the Mets and I hated it. Queens Baseball Club eh? With all the other different things the Mets and Yahoo could have to call this new thing they are putting together, they have to call it the Queens Baseball Club or QBC? Sounds familiar. Oh wait, I’m one of the guys who runs the Queens Baseball Convention or QBC. Come on Mets. We know you know about us. You’ve been sending your executives to the QBC for years.
You guys want to sponsor the Queens  Baseball Convention 2020?

It’s another shake my head moment at the Mets.
Here’s is the yahoo/Mets story.

From the NY Post

The burgeoning business will begin in Flushing with the Mets. The name of the product will be the Queens Baseball Club.
It will include three writers covering the team, while planning to give members a behind-the-scenes experience, such as access to batting practices, press conferences and front-office Q&As.
The team and Yahoo have a three-year agreement, according to sources. Yahoo declined to say how much it will pay the Mets. The Mets declined comment entirely.
Read the rest here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

HISTORIC Big Sexy Bartolo Colon Mets Jersey up for sale. This is the one where he tied Pedro Martinez for most Career wins

Up for sale. This Jackie Robinson Day Game Used Road Jersey from the game that Bartolo Colon tied Pedro Martinez for most career wins. Asking $1200
Pretty cool that he did it against Cleveland.
From SNY
Friday in Cleveland, Mets RHP Bartolo Colon won his 219th game, matching Pedro Martinez for second all-time among Dominican-born pitchers. 
He allowed two runs and eight hits and one walk, while striking out five, in 5.1 innings.
"It means a lot," Colon said through an interpreter his team's 6-5 win. "Pedro Martinez, back in my homeland, the Dominican Republic, is a special person, and to do it here in Cleveland is something special for me. First and foremost, I want to thank the Cleveland Indians organization for the opportunity."
Colon, 43, made his big-league debut with the Indians in 1997. Since then, he's thrown 2,993 for eight teams.
"In the first inning, I felt a little nervous," Colon added. "But, then throughout the course of the game, I settled down."
Colon is now 24 wins away from matching Juan Marichal for the most victories by a Dominican-born pitcher.

Email me at if interested...

Oh I also have this too.

Rosin bag from 220th win

Yankees fans calling the Steinbrenners cheap is making my day

Seriously. It's like Mets Twitter took over for the Yankees fans. I love how everyone is losing their minds. BTW does this mean the MLB should take away the Yankees?

Port St Lucie. Is it in the Mets long term future?

The Mets seem to be playing hardball with the people of Port St Lucie. I kind of get it. If you are playing at a stadium not owned by you, why would put money into it? If you are going to be playing there for the next two decades you should be throwing money into it to make it better for your players and fans. Upkeep on stadiums should be done even if it is just the minors. Spring Training has now really become a major "thing" for fans. You have a ton of folks coming down for the first game this weekend so why wouldn't you want to make it into a better ballpark and not wholly rely on taxpayer money?

From the TCPALM
The St. Lucie County Commission is to vote this morning on a $57 million project to renovate First Data Field, spring training home of the New York Mets. Talks between the county and team officials have become contentious — largely over which side pays for what and how much of the original plan can be maintained in the face of escalating construction costs. If the County Commission fails to approve the contract at this morning's meeting, either rejecting it or attempting to delay a vote, the Mets were prepared to revoke their 11th-hour contribution of $2 million toward the project, cancel the contract and begin seek a new Florida spring training location for the 2024 season, TCPalm reported.
Read more here.

Minor League Baseball Reveals Full Schedule of Games and Date of Unveiling Day for 2019 Copa de la Diversi贸n

Minor League Baseball Reveals Full Schedule of Games and Date of Unveiling Day for 2019 Copa de la Diversi贸n
Season-long event series returns more than doubling number of teams and game dates
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Feb. 18, 2019 — Minor League BaseballTM (MiLBTM) today unveiled the 397-game schedule for its second annual Copa de la Diversi贸n® (Fun CupTM) event series, taking place during the 2019 season. Following an incredibly successful 2018 campaign when Copa de la Diversi贸n (“Copa”)-participating teams authentically connected with their Latinx communities, resulting in dramatic increases in attendance, merchandise sales and commercial partnership revenue, this year’s participating teams look to continue that momentum.
The 2019 season will see 72 teams transform their brands to join in Copa’s mission to authentically connect MiLB teams with their diverse communities, and embrace and celebrate the culture and values that resonate most with Latinx fans nationwide.
April 5 marks the first of the nearly 400 Copa-designated games scheduled for 2019, with Columbus officially debuting Copa’s sophomore season at 6:05 p.m. ET. Highlighting the 2019 schedule is the Copa home opener for 2018 Copa champion Mariachis de Nuevo M茅xico (Albuquerque Isotopes), on Saturday, April 6, against fellow Copa participantAbejas de Salt Lake (Salt Lake Bees).
“The growth we’re seeing in team participation for Copa is outstanding,” said Kurt Hunzeker, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Research for Minor League Baseball. “To see this authentic engagement with our Latinx fans in MiLB communities across the country is very exciting. We like to say that you don’t attend a Minor League Baseball game, you feel it. To extend that feeling to a previously underserved fan base is remarkable.”
The Copa 2019 schedule release comes on the heels of announcements made in late 2018. In November, MiLB announced an agreement with ECHO Incorporated making it the “Official Outdoor Power Tool of MiLB” and the “Official Outdoor Power Tool of Copa de la Diversi贸n” (“Herramienta Oficial de la Copa de la Diversi贸n”). Additionally, MiLB announced in December a partnership with the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) to become an “Official Charity of MiLB Copa de la Diversi贸n,” marking the first-ever philanthropic partner tied specifically to MiLB's Latinx fan engagement initiative.
Copa “Unveiling Day,” slated for March 18, will showcase all 72 identities and logos via a coast-to-coast social media campaign as teams reveal their Copa-specific, culturally-relevant on-field identities. Additionally, full merchandise for each Copa team will be made available exclusively at each participating Copa team’s ballpark and on teams’ retail store sites.
Visit for more information on Copa de la Diversi贸n. ###
About Minor League Baseball
Minor League Baseball is the governing body for all professional baseball teams in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic that are affiliated with Major League Baseball® clubs through their farm systems. In 2018, Minor League Baseball attracted nearly 40.5 million fans to its ballparks to see baseball’s future stars and experience affordable family-friendly entertainment that has been a staple of Minor League Baseball since 1901., and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Pitch clock in the MLB?

They need it to pick up the pace in the game.

From the NY Post.

Manfred says:

“We will start getting ready for the possibility that we’re going to use the pitch clock on Opening Day,” Manfred said. “It’ll be a phase-in to get players and umpires used to it. But we’re still hopeful that we’re going to make an agreement with Tony [Clark] and the union on pace-of-play initiatives. Whether it’s by agreement or otherwise, the only prudent course at this point is to be in position to proceed if in fact we have an agreement under our collectively bargained right to do that.”

I think this is a good solid move to speed the game along.

Read more here

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mets players and moves that I forgot about

I forgot about Rajai Davis.

As part of his deal, Davis can opt out at the end of spring training if he isn’t placed on the major league roster. Juan Lagares and Keon Broxton are other right-handed hitters who can play center field, but Broxton might have to earn his spot on the roster. Gregor Blanco is another veteran outfielder in camp on a minor league deal.
“With a big bat like [Yoenis] Cespedes out of the lineup and not knowing when he is going to come back and you have got some young guys, not really knowing their track record,” Davis said. “They have a lot of potential, a lot of talent but a lot of unknowns as far as track record in the big leagues and you just go from there. It’s a lot of opportunity and a great organization.”

I forgot about TJ Rivera.

T.J. Rivera, who played just six games in the minor leagues last season — he suffered a setback in his rehab from Tommy John surgery — will receive a look at third base, second base and first base this spring, according to Callaway. But in a crowded infield, the 30-year-old Rivera might face long odds to break camp with the team.
I forgot about Cespedes. I wish someone listened to me about signing him.

PORT ST. LUCIE — Yoenis Cespedes avoided issuing a guarantee Friday about returning this season but hardly sounded like somebody resigned to sitting out 2019.
“At this moment I do feel like I will return,” the Mets outfielder said at First Data Field, where he has been working out with the team’s strength and conditioning coordinator, Mike Barwis. “It may be three months [of playing], it may be two months, it may be one month, but at this point, the way that I feel, I do think I can return.”
Read more at the NY POST here.

Was this really Alonso's first word?

This seems a little hokey to me... Maybe I am just a crank and don't believe in the "Natural" moment.Who think's he Alonso said ball to his folks as his first word? I do like his I WANT THIS attitude though.

From The NY POST
“I just want to force somebody’s hand,” Alonso said Saturday at First Data Field. “Ever since I was a young kid, ever since I was 3 years old, I dreamt about becoming a major league baseball player. My first word was ‘ball.’ This is something I have been looking forward to my entire life and I just want it to happen.”

The 6-foot-3 Alonso said he shed 12 pounds in the offseason and reported to camp at 240. The biggest question might be whether he can handle the job defensively, after showing improvement at first base last season, albeit not enough to earn a late-season look in the big leagues.
 Read more here.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Mr Met Figure coming out

Looks like REACTION is getting into the MLB licenses. WWE superstar gave me a heads up about this before he instagrammed it. I didn’t want to post before he did. Anyway look how cool that Me Met is. Back in the day when I was a kid that would have worked out nicely with my Star Wars figures. Btw if you are a WWE fan and a wrestling figure collector check out the Major Wrestling Figure podcast Hosted by Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Click here

I really like the videos that @Mets are putting out these days.

This kind of stuff is starting to get me real excited for my trip down to PSL next Saturday.

Tebow and Alonso taking BP video? Sure I'll watch.

Yes, I know I am using Wally Gator for this Callaway post.

Wally Gator is from Hanna Barbara

From the NY POST-

Callaway said there is a “12-foot” alligator that frequents the backyard of the house he is renting during spring training. But that’s hardly the manager’s biggest issue with his digs: He returned home Thursday to find a geyser in the yard because a water pump broke, draining his entire swimming pool.
Maybe the Gator caused the Geyser to shift the water from the pool to another position... Maybe we call this operation McNeil?

Jeff McNeil has appeared steady in early drills, according to Callaway, as he prepares for life in left field.
“He’s got some great instincts out there,” Callaway said. “He is going to do a very good job out there and he’s got a lot of confidence.”
McNeil played the outfield extensively during his college career, but was limited to eight games there during his time in the minor leagues. The expectation is McNeil will start in left field against most right-handed pitchers. 
Read more here.

Does this Mr Met Cap make fun of the Irish?

My cousin @Metspolice had been a staunch opponent of the Mr. O'Met caps in the past. He and my partner in the QBC Dan Twohig both think this cap depicts a character on the same level as Chief Wahoo. I personally think that the leprechaun is a mythical creature and this would be on the same level if someone turned put an elf or a fairy on a cap.  You can read @Metspolice thoughts here.

I came up with a poll on twitter to see who other's think.

Here are some responses.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Mets Loss is a Nets gain

During my time getting to know some Mets folks over the years has been one of the biggest rewards of doing this blog and also back when I wrote At Metspolice. Mark Fine was one of those guys that was a solid person behind the scenes at Citi Field. I want to wish him good luck at his new organization in Brooklyn. Mark was definitely one of the folks who cared about the fans over in Flushing and will care about the fans in Brooklyn. Mark was one of the guys who were really cool with us running the QBC and being very supportive of it. Thanks Mark.

Game used Kevin’s McReynolds helmet?

I don’t remember the last time that I have seen a McReynolds game Used Anything pop up. It’s over on eBay.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

@Mets with a fun behind the scenes shoot with Conforto

I like this kind of stuff. Especially since I work in the film business. It give folks some insight. Also, folks love to see what goes on when filming is happening.