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Friday, November 30, 2018

State of the Mets Panel is returning to @QBConvention

So with all this trade stuff going on right now with the Mets, it might be time to announce that Mark Healey from GOTHAM Baseball is back with the State of the Mets panel. He’s bringing with him, Newsday’s Tim Healey, @PSLtoFlushing’s Joe DeMayo, and WFAN fill-in Host Danielle McCartan to talk about what kind of shape the 2019 Mets are going to be in heading into Spring Training. This should be a fun one.

This along with Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool panels/signings, other panels to be announced, vendors, mascots and more.

Grab your tickets today at

@Katchastoria" Wilder vs Fury Saturday night at 8pm

Hit up @katchastoria to make reservations.

This purported Mets trade with Seattle

We as Mets fans for years have been wanting the Mets to make a big deal or signing during the offseason and it looks like they might just be doing that. This is great that they are trying to make a big splash and I am all in for Diaz. I am not a fan about keeping prospect because they are supposed to end up being "good". Screw that. Get the best players you can that you know are a proven commodity.

From the NY POST:

According to sources, the framework of a deal has been reached and a trade between the two teams could become official as soon as Friday. The Mets are prepared to send Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzak to the Mariners with former first-round draft picks Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn and likely Gerson Bautista. Van Wagenen on Thursday began informing Mets players included in the deal to prepare for a possible trade.
Read more here.

The Mets don't need Cano. That is a lot of players if the Mets have to take on that five year $120 million dollars left on Cano's contract. If the Mets are giving that much up, the Mariners better be eating a lot and I mean a lot of that contract.

The Mets need catching and bullpen strength. There are catchers out there. Trade some prospects and eat some contracts for one of them. I am sure Kelenic would be a good trade chip included in a deal for a catcher. I don't want to see the Mets go down a bad path again with on aged player. with a huge ass contract. You want to make a huge splash? Go sign one of the free agent closers. Sign Harper or Machado. I don't care if the Mets trade Syndergaard either if they get a proper return for him. I want this team to succeed. One more thing. Remember Field of Dreams? "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME". That doesn't just pertain to ghosts in a  cornfield baseball field. Mets, you put money into the on field product and the fans will put money into your pockets.

I am sure this will be discussed at QBC 2019. You can get your tickets at  This could be a very energized QBC 
and you don't want to miss out on it.

@QBConvention ticket update.

First, we here at the QBC want thank all of you that have bought tickets already. The ticket inventory has moved the fastest then they have ever sold before. We want to think it is because our fellow fans have the faith in us that we keep trying to put on the best possible Fan Fest that we can. That means  lot to us. We want you guys to know that we appreciate you coming back year after year and telling people you know about the QBC. We also have a great group of volunteers every year that help make this experience special. Without them we wouldn't be able to pull off such a great event every year. They are Mets fans that believe in the QBC and these folks are family.

Now let's get to brass tacks. As I am writing this, there are less than 75 tickets remaining. We have one VIP ticket package left. This is what you get:

Admission- Fast Pass(Skip general admission lines for entry and autographs) FOUR autographs (max of TWO from Keith Hernandez), and two autograph tickets to be used for any other autographs. The included Keith Hernandez card. Added bonus a signed Todd Hundley baseball card.Extra BONUS ITEM- a different  Keith Hernandez baseball card included. 

Great deal here folks.

The Three autograph ticket package is almost sold out too. What you get with this package:

Admission plus Three autographs tickets (max of ONE from Keith Hernandez). BONUS ITEM Keith Hernandez baseball card included.
We have about TEN left of those.

There is also the Two autograph package:

Admission plus TWO autographs (max of ONE from Keith Hernandez. BONUS ITEM Keith Hernandez baseball card included.
This is the package that has the most tickets left but they aren't going to last long. While I was at work yesterday my phone kept pinging telling me about the sales. Usually folks wait until closer to the holidays to buy the tix as gifts. Don't get shut out of the QBC.

Don't forget besides the former player panels and signing, we have other great returning panels plus SNY is sending the SHEA ANYTHING PODCAST and also a Metscentric BASEBALL NIGHT in NY as panels. There will also be great vendors and great food and drinks at our venue Katch Astoria


Thursday, November 29, 2018

@katchastoria has karaoke Friday night 

Bobbleheads aren't legally free giveaways according to Ohio Supreme Court

So giveaways aren't giveaways anymore since they are advertised and are a part of the ticket. This all just got interesting... Thanks to Shannon over at MP for this...

I thought that at least with the Mets that the giveaways were paid for by sponsors and not a part of the ticket pricing...

This looks like it all come from the Reds and sales tax issues...

From NBC Sports

The law in Ohio, as in all states with a sales tax, is that if you’re buying something, you pay tax on it. The exception, as in most states, is that if you’re buying something in order to resell it (i.e. from a wholesaler, distributor or whatever) you don’t pay taxes. Ohio taxation authorities took the position that, since the Reds gave away the bobbleheads, they are the end purchaser, they don’t fall under the resale exception and they thus had to pay taxes on the bobbleheads they bought from the manufacturer. The Reds took the position that they were, technically, re-selling bobbleheads to fans, so they did not have to pay a tax. The fans do, and since ticket prices include taxes, the taxes have been paid.
Given that no money changes hands when you pick up a bobblehead on your way into the ballpark on giveaway day — heck, given that it’s quite literally a “giveaway” — you may wonder how you, as a fan, are being “re-sold” bobbleheads and how, exactly, the Reds won their argument. I could, if I felt inclined, talk about the pro-business, anti-tax nature of the current Ohio Supreme Court and wave my hand at it all being a giveaway to an Ohio company like the Reds, but you don’t want to hear me rant about that. Instead, I’ll just sum up the court’s reasoning.
The court said, based on the testimony of the Reds’ CFO, that they advertise which games will include promotional items in advance so fans purchase their tickets expecting to receive the bobblehead and that the ticket prices reflect the cost of the bobbleheads, passed on to the customer. Why don’t bobblehead day tickets cost more, then? Because, the Reds said (and the court agreed), they smooth out the costs over the course of all 81 home games. The important thing here, the court said, is that the Reds promise fans a bobblehead, the fans buy a ticket expecting to get one, they buy tickets with the cost of the bobbleheads baked in and, bam, that makes it a sale, not a giveaway.
Which also means that, contrary to what teams tell you and what you have come to expect, it’s not first-come-first-serve, on bobbleheads and you’re not out of luck if you show up late and can’t get one. From the court’s opinion:
The tickets themselves do not state or include any guarantee regarding promotional items. However, [The Reds’ CFO] testified that fans who purchase tickets to games at which promotional items are offered “[a]bsolutely” believe that they are purchasing both the promotional item and the right to view the game at the ballpark. He said that fans expect and feel entitled to receive the promotional items, and he explained that it would be a “public relations nightmare” if the Reds reneged on the commitment to distribute them . . .
Read more here


Dead and Company Returning to Citi Field

Shea Stadium Bench Seats

Not a bad thing to have signed by Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool at QBC 2019.
Get your tickets today at

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Guess the @mets didn’t sell as many Holiday Packs as they thought they would.

This offer was supposed to expired in November 26th.
Look at the exclusions and what you “have” to do to buy these plans.
“Offer valid for Field Box, Excelsior Box & Field Reserved seating only, subject to availability. Must purchase a minimum of two (2) Holiday Pack seats and there is a limit of six (6) Holiday Pack seats per account. Limit one (1) $200 Delta Gift Card and hat per account. A per order fee applies. Tickets will be delivered via MLB Ballpark app and gift card/hat will be shipped via UPS with Mr. Met Holiday Box. Valid while supplies last.”
You have to buy two seats... two. If you were a single person who wanted your own pack, you can go F yourself.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

@SNYtv's Baseball Night in NY is coming to @QBConvention 2019

It was a lot of fun watching Sal Licata get destroyed by the fans.

Don't forget about Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool doing panels and signing autographs.

Get your tickets for the QBC at

@katchastoria is having a Single, Mingle, and Mix on December 6th.

2008 game used Shea Stadium Base

Search for this on eBay.
This might be cool to get signed at QBC 19. Get your tickets at

@QBConvention tickets are back to regular pricing.

The Queens Baseball Convention
January 19, 2019

Hey folks,

We are at the point that all the Black(Blue) Friday and Cyber Monday sales are over and now tickets are back up to full price. We sold out two of the sales ticket packages. One was a door buster only package and won't be back until QBC 2020. There will be a limited number of VIP Tickets released at full price(less then 20 of them). We also have the single admission/2 autograph and single admission/3autograph ticket packages available.. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the deals from this weekend and thank you to everyone who is going to purchase a ticket to another kickass QBC event.

Regular Ticket Prices
--Admission for ONE Person and TWO autographs- $75*
Admission plus TWO autographs (max of ONE from Keith Hernandez. BONUS ITEM Keith Hernandez baseball card included.

--Admission for ONE and THREE free autographs- $100*
Admission plus Three autographs tickets (max of ONE from Keith Hernandez). BONUS ITEM Keith Hernandez baseball card included.

--VIP Admission for ONE and Four autographs. Plus Fast Pass to skip autograph General Admission Line- $130*
Admission- Fast Pass(Skip general admission lines for entry and autographs) FOUR autographs (max of TWO from Keith Hernandez), and two autograph tickets to be used for any other autographs. BONUS ITEM Keith Hernandez baseball card included.Added bonus a signed Todd Hundley baseball card.

*plus taxes and fees
Don't miss out on Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool doing panels and signings. 

Grab your tickets at

Monday, November 26, 2018

@mets have a new bench coach.

I forgot that they were even looking for one. That’s how boring this off season has been. So bland.

The host of the @QBConvention's Ed Kranepool Panel will be.....

NY1's very own Roger Clark-

We had Roger at the last QBC and he did a great job with the Meet the Met's Executive panel and we just had to bring him back for another year.

Catch Roger at NY1.

Roger Clark - General Assignment Reporter

By Spectrum News NY1 New York City 
1...2...3...4...Roger Clark is not just the NY1 reporter up for any story, he's an accomplished drummer and lifelong punk rock enthusiast. Born in the Bronx and moving to Staten Island, then Queens when he was young, the current Manhattan resident counts Brooklyn as the only borough he has yet to reside in. If he does move to Brooklyn, the mayor will owe him free New York pizza for life.
Starting at NY1 in 2001, Roger counts his role here as a dream come true. Ever since he was young, he's wanted to be a reporter for his hometown, and now he's doing it! Whether he's dressed as a cannoli on Mulberry Street, or reporting from one of the city's many parades, Roger is always game for a challenge.
When he's not in the office, you can find Roger playing softball for his local league, playing drums in his band, or hanging out with his wife and son. It's a busy life, but Roger wouldn't have it any other way!

@QBConvention Cyber Monday Sale

Last chance to grab tickets to QBC 2019 at sale prices. Two ticket packages have sold out. A third one is about to be gone too. Don't be kicking yourself Tuesday over missing out on getting a discount. There are less then five of the single admission/two autograph tickets packages left. If you miss out on those, then you can still grab the single admission/three autographs at $90. The $90 ones jump back up to normal prices. So don't miss out because you really are going to want to see Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool on their respective panels and having their signings.
Sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm.

There will be more panels, mascots, vendors, food and beverages also. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

@QBConvention are still moving fast

Let me thank everyone who has bought tickets so far at the Blue Weekend pricing. We have sold over half the ticket inventory already and will more then likel sell out before Christmas.
We have less the 10 $70 single admission/two autograph ticket packages left. Grab yours before they sell out.
There are still the $90 single admission/three autograph ticket packages available. After the $70 packages sell out, these will be the only ones available for purchase. The Blue Friday special single admission/one autograph tickets are gone and aren’t coming back.
The special VIP ones are gone too.
You don’t want to miss Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Ed Kranepool who are doing signings and panels. There will be more great panels, vendors, mascots, and food/beverages.
So don’t miss out coming to Katch on Jan 19th 2019 to hang out with other Mets fans, get rid of the winter baseball blues and just have a great day of hanging out.
Grab your tickets at

@QBConvention attendee @keithhernandez enters Rawlings Gold Glove Hall of Fame

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Katch Bivol/Pascal Tonight at @katchastoria 

Mets In Game Host on cameo?

So, this is a thing where you can get a "celeb" to film a video for someone(you). I like to call Emily FauLexa because I could never remember her name after she took over for Alexa. Does she rate as a "celeb"? Who's paying $5 for this? If you are one of the guys who wants to get a video from her you can click here.

@QBConvention is halfway to selling out.

After a slight glitch yesterday, QBC 2019 tickets started flying off the digital shelves. Thank you to everyone for their patience while we dealt with the issues. I don't think eventbrite was ready for all the hits it was getting in such a small window of time. I had to go into the site and do a quick work around that ended up working and saving the day. By 11 pm last night we sold out of half of our inventory and we thank you for that. This is the fastest that we have sold that many tickets ever.  Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and helping this to make it the biggest/best QBC to date.

 We are all sold out on the special $50 Blue Friday Special ticket package. We sold out of the VIP tickets at the Blue Friday ticket prices. As of writing this we have less then TWENTY $70 single admission/two autograph ticket packages left at Blue Friday prices. There are still a fair number of $90 single admission/ three autograph packages left at Blue Friday prices. 

Once all these ticket packages sell out they are SOLD OUT. 

Don't get locked out of QBC 2019. Buy your tickets at You don't want to miss Ed Kranepool, Edgardo Alfonzo, and Keith Hernandez doing panels and signing autographs. You don't want to miss the other cool panels that we will announce at a later date. Vendors? Mascots? We go those too!!! Don't forget about the great food and drinks at KATCH ASTORIA. This should be a great, great time. Don't miss out.

Mets have special Holiday ticket pack.

Folks have been asking them to do a plan that is less than a twenty game plan and it looks like they listened.

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C