Thursday, February 25, 2021

@GrafixJoker doing time lapse of his work of @Lindor12BC

 I'm on a Lindor kick today it seems. Joe is doing some great work and is showing the process of how he creates/draws his artwork.

Francisco Lindor channeling Coming2America


This is really short but for some reason this little nod to Coming to America Made me chuckle. I am really liking Lindor's energy.

What is going to happen when the Mets oversell tickets during Covid Restrictions?


As of now NYC/NYS is letting 10 percent occupancy of arenas and stadiums. I want to know what happens when Opening Day roles around and the Mets have to make the "cuts" to fans. If you paid for you seats already, whether in a plan or single tickets, how annoyed are you going to be when the Mets send you an email that you can't come to the game? I want to know how the Mets are going to make the decision of what fans can be in the stadium or not. What about if you have a group that you are bringing in? What about if you are with the7Line Army in CF?

The Mets have been pushing folks to buy ticket plans and group plans for this season. I have gotten four calls this off season from my "new point of contact" from the Mets. I have had four different new points of contact from these calls. I understand that this business and I am glad people at the stadium have jobs but come on.

Full disclosure. I still have my 7Line seats and I just rolled over the money I had as a credit from last season so it was basically only spent money anyway. But I am not going out of my way to get seats to any other games right now while there is no plan available to what the team is going to be allowed to do according to NYC/NYS covid protocols.

I guess there is probably going to be a lottery for folks to get into the stadium. Maybe by the time April rolls around the Mets will be able to have 35-50 percent capacity? I don't know if that will happen or not. I'm just guessing like you probably are too. Will the Mets offer you a refund at the end of the season? Will they just offer credits?  I guess we will find out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

For $40 your cutout could be at Mets Games in PSL

 I’m gonna pass on this again myself. It’s not cool for me but if you like this kinda stuff, have at it.

Celebrate Mets Spring Training with a fan cutout at Clover Park!

One person per cutout. Wear your Mets gear or colors.

Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once installed, cutouts will remain in the stadium for the remainder of Spring Training. We cannot guarantee that cutouts ordered together will be placed next to each other.

Please note, we are unable to create cutouts that include the following;

  • Commercial advertisements, including slogans, websites and phone numbers
  • Social media handles and hashtags
  • Offensive or negative references to any MLB team
  • Names of any MLB players
  • Statements or endorsements of political candidates
  • Third party logos/branding

The Mets reserve the right to refuse any photos. Photos that portray obscene, lewd, explicit, discriminatory, derogatory, violent, offensive, infringing or otherwise inappropriate content are strictly prohibited and will be rejected. See Consent, Assignment, and Release here.

For best practices on submitting your photo, please reference our Photo Submission Guide.

Questions about fan cutouts can be emailed to

All sales are final - no refunds.

*Please note fan cutouts will not be available to claim following the conclusion of the program and we are unable to send individual photos of each cutout.

Monday, February 22, 2021

@Amazin_Stories by @Grafixjoker


I love Joe's work.