Thursday, August 22, 2019

Mets Game Notes 8/22/19

Showdown at Shea Stadium

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium

JD DAVIS with his Inner Ric Flair

The Mets warn Parking and Traffic is going to suck this weekend at Citifield.

Thank you for purchasing tickets to this weekend's game(s) at Citi Field. Below you will find details as we host the Atlanta Braves. As a reminder, the new Citi Field Bag Policy is in effect. For a complete list of permitted bags please visit

Due to the events surrounding the US Open, we strongly encourage you to take public transportation or Uber and arrive early to Citi Field to avoid traffic in the ballpark vicinity and LaGuardia Airport. 

More twitter comments about having Mets ticket plans.

MJ and Nancy usually bring a good number of folks to to Citi Field via groups. The Mets love those group sales. Now they don't even want to bring these groups because of the ticket plans. The security staff were jerky to MJ and Nancy. MJ and Nancy have a 1/2 season plan plus T7L plan. Not only that they would go to games during the week when they don't have plan seats. Now, you burned me( I have a 1/2 season plan and T7L plan too) and MJ and Nancy. The three of us love going to games and all three of us will keep going to games but it looks like you lost some planholders.

I am just going to let this speak for itself. MLB has deals with Stubhub so you know they are making some money there too...

I don't agree with the last line because of the fact we all know the Mets get money from central fund and you are still supporting them no matter what/

And this one too. 

Yep the Mets are staffing some folks who shouldn't be working there. Then there are the diamonds out there in the ballpark that don't get enough recognition. 85/15 % in favor of not renewing.