Sunday, January 26, 2020

@Mets and NYPD parking in Handicap Spots in Lot A during Fan Fest.

I think lot A is supposed to be for workers at Citi Field. The Mets not realizing how many cars 
that were going to end up coming to the Fan Fest(short sighted Mets? Never) decided to throw 
Lot A open to the public at the last minute. The cop cars that were there I guess are stored there
for Citi Field Events and they figured Lot A wasn't going to be used. The mistake was that they 
never should have been put in those spots to begin with. They should have been put in the spots 
next to the disabled parking spots. I was up in the Foxwoods where I saw Valerie( who I never met
before and I just happened to be standing there) lose who cool with the NYPD Sergeant. I get the
frustration how it is to deal with the Mets staff at times. He doesn't have any power to have the 
cars moved because he is there on a paid detail. The folks who should be getting the brunt of it
were the Mets and the local NYPD Precinct who's cars are there. This is the kind of stuff that when 
the Mets do something good, they still make themselves look bad. The Mets need to reevaluate 
where they store the NYPD cars.

Here is another not so happy fan from @Mets Fan Fest

Here is a another "negative" tweet about the Mets Fan Fast

@Mets:Some complaints coming in from #MetsFanFest

Here's an email that I received today.

Hi Keith,
 Was at the Fanfest yesterday for the 4-6 pm session. We arrived early hoping we can get into the team store but they wouldn’t allow us access until we entered the building. They did let us in early but they could’ve let us in immediately considering it was a monsoon outside. They kept us in rain for at least 30 mins, they weren’t helpful at all. There were lots of older people and young children which I pointed out to the supervisor and she lectured me that I should’ve dressed warmer. After finding out I wasn’t a season ticket holder she told me I wouldn’t be allowed in until 4pm with a smirk on her face and walked away from me. Horrible hospitality. 

 Then when we entered the lines to all the fun stuff were very long because there were still people there from the 12pm session and the 2pm session. I also heard tickets for 12pm were available on stub hub. The Mets should’ve put a cap on how many tickets can be sold at 1 time so it doesn’t get sold out to scalpers. I hope next year they make 1 start time for the whole day. Especially since the 12-2 pm session was really an all day event. Also the autograph session was poorly designed. They put the athletes in a corner and lined the people up like cattle in a narrow hallway. They wrapped the line around 3 times instead of using all the space they have in the hallway and have 1 line. It was clearly oversold and poorly managed. We weren’t given any special items really. We were given an empty Fanfest bag. No t shirt, no mug no pen or schedule. NOTHING. With so much to offer they did so little for the fans. 

I hope you can get this to the people who care.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Was the new Spring Training Cap at Mets Fan Fest?

Was the New Mets Spring Training Cap at the Mets Fan Fest?

Hat tip to Jacob Resnick.

@Mets FanFest- First hand account.

Even thought I didn't get credentialed, I bought a ticket from someone on Twitter for $65. I wanted to go there to see a car wreck and I was really shocked that I didn't. The Fan Fest was way more organized than I thought it would be. I might have found out why though and the Mets could dispute me on this if they want, but I heard that they brought someone in from another city to run the Fan Fest. Kudos to them if they did do that. The Mets opened the doors early at 11:30 am because of the rain which I was shocked out. I have to tell you that was a smart idea and very unMetslike. When folks first got into the Jackie Robinson Rotunda it was confusing because you didn't know where to go. Do you go up the escalator to the Delta Club? Do I walk into the Mets Museum? There were no signs telling you who was where and what was going on each section.

I went upstairs and ran into Brodie. He was walking around shaking hands and taking pics with the fans. Which is cool. He also remembered me from the QBC/The Mets Fan advisory board and told me to let the Mets know how they did with this. It seemed it took a while for the mild confusion to dissipate and for fans to figure out what was going on. I was cool that they had "designated" spots for the bigger name players to take photos with fans but the random ones that just popped up near elevators got a little confusing because folks didn't know what lines they were getting on at times.

The Panel room in the Foxwoods clubs seemed very empty during the SNY segment of it. Barely anyone was there for Betances, Hot Stove, and Brandon Nimmo. Some players that didn't have their handlers near them would sign stuff if you asked. 

The self tour I didn't do. It was kind of basic except I did do the batting cages. It seemed like the Mets  had players in every area to mingle with the fans.

All in all it was a good day. Saw some stuff that wasn't a 100 percent 
great but they are on the right track. It did seem like there weren't 
enough announcements to tell folks what was going on. They should 
just make it an all day thing.Every fan in attendance might have had 
a different "fest". Even though folks today told me that they missed 
the Queens Baseball Convention, maybe it's time to have a big blow 
off party at Mulcahy's call this a victory and just do smaller events like
 Lunch with Keith Hernandez. This was my quick though post, I am 
sure I'll have more to say over the next few days.

Congrats to the Mets on a well run event today.