Monday, May 20, 2019

State of the Mets Address 5/20/19: Cespedes fractures both ankles

Ever feel like this is the Mets Organization?

I was watching the Mets press conference with Brodie and he just drops the Cespedes injury like it was nothing. Cespedes fractured bit of his ankles which are attached to his surgically fixed heels. This is crazy. Now I still think the extra years of Cespedes the Mets signed to a contract sucked and this makes it even more sure that I was right.

Mickey then got on the mic and said how they were sitting down Cano because he needs a rest and also has to be held accountable on the field to run out hits. (Let's not forget the last time Cano ran in the field he might have give Conforto a concussion.)

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Mets Game Notes 5/20/19

I was thinking about going to the game today until I saw FONT in these notes..

@citifield is allowing clear plastic backpacks

I guess the Mets realized folks like backpacks and are letting the plastic backpacks into the stadium. The other thing that’s going to happen with the locker company that are going to be set  up outside when they go to ah d out plastic bags for the contents of your bag(lockers aren’t big enough to fit a full backpack) with the plastic bag ban that’s coming to NYC...

Weird Mr Met cap

i have no idea what this is...