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Monday, August 31, 2020

Mets Game Notes 8/31/2020

RHP Drew Smith has been optioned to the team’s Alternate Training Site.
RHP Hunter Strickland has been selected from the team’s Alternate Training Site.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Mets Game Notes 8/30/2020

VIA Metspolice plus
LHP Steven Matz was placed on the IL with left shoulder discomfort.

RHP Dellin Betances was placed on the IL with right lat tightness.

RHP Drew Smith and RHP Franklyn Kilome have been recalled from the team’s Alternate Training Site.

RHP Ariel Jurado has been recalled as the team’s 29th man.

INF Mark Vientos has been added to the team’s 60-Man Player Pool and assigned to the team’s Alternate Training Site.

Will the same folks who are mad at the Nimmos for donating to Trump be okay with Steve Cohen as Owner?

I am really curious about this. Remember when Brandon 
Nimmo and his wife Chelsea were being branded racist 
for contributing to Donald Trump's campaign? You can
 read here what happened. Even Marcus Stroman tweeted
 about it. Would Marcus be okay playing for Cohen?
 Steve Cohen had donated to Trumps Inauguration Party.
Are the same Mets fans who no longer liked Nimmo, 
going to rootfor the Mets with anowner who donated 
to the party? The Nimmo stuff got crazier and crazier 
because of some likes that Chelsea made on posts on 
twitter. I wonder what is going to happen.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

So that was a crazy night last night with Cohen and the Mets.

 From the NY POST.
Steve Cohen once again has entered into exclusive negotiations to buy the Mets. He always had two advantages in this process: Motivation and money. He grew up a Mets fan and wanted this team. He already had it slip away once.
The fact he won negotiating rights when the Wilpons did not really want to do business with him screams that he was willing to reach deeper into larger coffers than any of the other bidders.
In other words, he couldn’t outbid the Alex Rodriguez group by $1 or a million of them. There had to be real separation to get this done. And big cash wins. The word around the Mets was that Saul Katz wanted the largest offer and that the Wilpons went along with that.
But this has broken down once before already, and with the Wilpons you never expect anything to go easily. The problem, though, is not Mets ownership as much as it is the 29 other owners. Cohen will ultimately need 23 yes votes for approval, and multiple executives in the sport anticipate there will be a few solid nos at the outset. Is that two or four or six? If it gets to eight, Cohen does not get the team.
Read more here.

I have absolutely no confirmation on this but I think the whole fiasco with the Mets walking off the field the other day helped grease the skids. No I am not talking about the Mets walking off the field. I am talking about the video with Brodie ripping Manfred and Jeff, and then the apology to Manfred while throwing Jeff under the bus, then the Wilpons sending out two separate statements misspelling Brodie's first name. Manfred and the other owners probably had enough of the Wilpons screwing stuff up PR wise. I mean wouldn't you be? They took a moment that was classy and was supposed to be about the players and the moment that was supposed to back Dom Smith and Billy Hamilton and what is going on in the country right now with what is happening to Black/African Americans. The Wilpons of course screwed it up and made it about them and the behind the scenes crap and the dopey  "Let's walk off at 7:10 and come back at 8:10" to play. Out of touch. If you don't know what I am talking about you can jump over to Metspolice.

This from what I wrote about last night. Don't ask me how I have attained sources over the years because I don't even know. I think it might be because folks know I will tell he truth and make sure  I don't reveal how I get some of the info I know. I laugh at @PSLtoFlushing aka Joe DeMayo because the other day he said to me,"Dude,  you have connections everywhere." And he wasn't just talking about the Mets. I posted it as a blind item because I didn't know when it was going to break out with the announcing of the sale to Cohen. I also knew days ago that Arod was out because from what i heard he wasn't going to get voted in by the owners, so why even waste the time with that. At 9:05 last night I got the text from someone who told what was going on with the sale. I also got another text from the same people who told me about the AROD thing that it wasn't Cohen that got the nod for the sale but it was going to Blitzer/Harris. That might have been the case before the fiasco yesterday and but in my conspiracy theory brain I think the MLB might have said sell to Cohen because we know he can take on the debt the Wilpons have put the team into and also to stick it to the Wilpons because you know Jeff didn't want him to be the new owner.

I am not a journalist,  not even close. I just try to be a voice for Mets fans and when I hear or see things pass it along to my fellow fans.

Friday, August 28, 2020

What the F*** is going on with the Mets Ownership bids?

I kept getting different stories from another source that told me about Arod yesterday. But I think it's Cohen.

At 9:05 PM East Coast time I get a text from a  buddy of mine and I leave this blind item on twitter. I got this before a lot of folks were reporting it on twitter.

Then the Main Stream Media Caught on so I could then make my Item not so blind.

I texted some folks that I trust the info before hand. I also heard ARod's group was going to be out of the running 
yesterday because of something behind the scenes. The same people who told me that are also telling me it 
might not be Cohen. I do believe  my original source to be accurate because of how they found out. Also
what ever happened to the anonymous bidder?

And then there were four.
Sportico reports four bidders have advanced to the second round of negotiations to buy the New York Mets. Those advancing include billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen, ex-New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and fiancee Jennifer Lopez, and New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ersowners Josh Harris and David Blitzer.According to Sportico, an fourth “unidentified party” also advanced.
Read more here.

Mets Game Notes 8/28/2020

INF Andrés Giménez and OF Jake Marisnick have been reinstated from the IL.
Catcher Patrick Mazeika has been recalled as the team’s 29th man.  
RHP Corey Oswalt has been placed on the  IL, retroactive to August 26, with right biceps tendinitis.
OF Juan Lagares has been designated for assignment. 
INF Brett Baty has been added to the team’s 60-Man Player Pool and assigned to the team’s Alternate Training Site.

Remembering Jackie Robinson

After last night and what a mess the Wilpons made of what was supposed to be one moment to bring 
about a bigger movement message with what is going on in the US right now, it is great to see the 
classiness of Curtis Granderson and other African American players thanking Jackie  Robinson for '
enduring what he did to get them to be able to play the game they love.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Statement from Jeff Wilpon now....

This is one of those days that I remember from 8-10 years ago when the shit hit the fan all the time.

MLB Commissioner Statement

In case you missed what happened tonight at Citi Field

Folks are going to say "Just shut up and play". This is what we need because it sparks conversation. 
Hopefully it sparks non hateful conversation where folks can talk with one and other about what is 
going on in the US. We need to listen to each other to find a proper way to make this country whole again.
 We need to stop digging in our heels and lock into our stances. We need to be able to come to the middle
 and do what the bestthing is to do for everyone. Remember this word. Compassion.

Brodie Van Wagenen Press Release. Very interesting.

Watch this video NOW!!!! Courtesy @nickcocco18 via @Metspolice

Watch this now!!! Brodie telling two other people this doesn't leave the room. Saying certain owners and a commissioner don't get it.


This is all from @Nickcoco18's original tweet.

Listen(Hear) to what Dom Smith has to say.

There is so much craziness going on right now and a lot of it has to be talked about. The way it is talked about is to make it known out in public. There shouldn't be this much death, heartache and disrespect for human life. Compassion seems to have become an antiquated emotion/thought. I have always been taught to respect and care about others by my family and schooling. I have no idea when that kind of thought took a turn and folks just don't care anymore. We need to respect each other. Listen to each other. Hear each other. There is no reason for what has been going on for years not to change. We need to be better people as a whole. Compassion is what we need.
I love the folks who say they aren't going to be Mets fans anymore because of this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Mets Game Notes 8/25/2020

Catcher Ali Sánchez has been recalled as the team’s 29th man from the Alternate Training Site.

INF Andrés Giménez and catcher Tomas Nido have been placed on the IL.

Catcher Patrick Mazeika (#76) and OF Juan Lagares (#87) have been selected from the team’s Alternate Training Site.
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The Mets want you spend money for next season.

Those rascally Mets wanting you to put down money for games  next season when we don’t even know that there will be a next season with fans or the amount of tickets that are allowed to be sold if we are continuing social distancing. As I have stated before I gave up my 1/2 season plan with the Mets this season (man did I pull the trigger at the right time with that) but kept my 7Line Army seats. I didn’t opt in for the refund because I just didn’t want to deal with it plus we got extra credit Yada Yada Yada. I feel for this next commenter on the NY Mets FB page.

Did the Mets ticket rep do this? I can’t say for sure. But some reps have done things like this in the past. All I have to say is I wouldn’t be rushing to buy tickets right now.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Mets Schedule for rest of the week

This is a doozy of  schedule.

From the NY POST

The Mets had their series finale in Miami and the Subway Series with the Yankees postponed. The next round of the Subway Series is this weekend in The Bronx and Sherman reports the teams will play doubleheaders on Friday and Sunday, with a single game on Saturday sandwiched between. The Yankees and Mets will make up the other missed game on Sept. 3. The Mets could also play a doubleheader against the Marlins this week.
The player and coach who tested positive for coronavirus remain in quarantine in Miami.

Read more here.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Steve Cohen old SEC dealings could be a problem acquiring the Mets.

I have been saying this from the onset about Steve Cohen. That he might have trouble with the owners over at MLB with getting the okay to buy the team because of his past with the SEC and other lawsuits that are near his name. I know you folks want the Wilpons gone but who knows if Steve Cohen will get the team.

From the NY POST
He’s got deep pockets, earning more than $1 billion last year (according to Bloomberg, numbers his people don’t dispute) on top of his fortune of around $15 billion. With his obvious love of the Amazins and willingness to spend, maybe “wait ’til next year” could actually be next year.

But there’s a whisper campaign to undermine Cohen’s bid — because Cohen’s name was high on the government’s hit list in its crackdown on insider trading nearly a decade ago.
I write this not as a Cohen hagiographer or hater, mind you. He and his people were less than happy with my coverage of his ­legal contretemps in years past.

That said, insider trading in my view is a largely victimless crime (no one forces the other side of the trade to buy the stock) and Cohen, for all the noise around his activities, was never criminally charged at all.

His old firm SAC Capital paid $1.8 billion in fines and settlements, pleaded guilty to insider trading and was shut down while he faced a two-year suspension from managing outside money on civil charges of failing to supervise people who did.

Meanwhile, of all the millions of trades done by his firm, insider trading alone could never have accounted for his amazing record returns for investors over the years, which is why he’s back in business.
Cohen isn’t a lock to be the Mets’ new owner. He faces competition from that aforementioned celebrity couple of former Yankee Alex Rodriguez and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

J-Rod, with the help of JPMorgan, has cobbled together a strange assortment of investors to form a bidding group that includes various other former sports stars as well as Mike Repole of the Vitaminwater franchise and Vincent Viola, who after a long and distinguished career on Wall Street now owns the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

Read more here.

With Team J-Rod, even with their backers, do they have enough money to run a team after buying it? Look at Jeter in Miami and what is going on down there with their fire sale after he bought the team.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

On eBay: New York Mets 2001 Game Used Bat Boy NY Cubans Jersey Full Uniform Throwback

New York Mets Game Used Bat Boy Jersey
                                      Throwback NY Cubans jersey worn 7/15/2001
                                               Full Uniform - jersey and pants

It's a pretty rare uniform from back in the day. I don't even have it but it is a cool piece for a completist.

If you want to check it out, click here.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Hey @metspolice. This might be the most ridiculous cap ever.

Hey Shannon. I am just going to leave this over here for you.

From Gizmodo.

The pockets can be removed when not needed, but that defeats the purpose of the design and the entire reason you dropped $120 on reimagined cargo shortsyou can wear on your head, right? What other possible reason could there be to spend so much money on a strapback hat? Even if you’re the type of person who’s capable of saying the term “hypebeast” out loud without giggling or immediately feeling the need to apologize for validating the term’s existence, the Cargo Cap is a hard sell.
Read more here.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

@Jonheyman Reports Mets/Marlins Postponed due to Mets Positive Covid 19 tests.

Summer Game Books: Fabulous to Futile in Flushing: The Complete Concise History of the Mets

I haven't read this yet, but this sounds like it is going to be a fun read. Summer Game Books sends me a press release now and then about their new books and this is one I am really excited about reading.

Fabulous to Futile in Flushing: The Complete Concise History of the Mets

The Mets have had one of the most roller-coaster histories of any major league franchise. From loveable losers to miracle champions; the frustrating 1970s followed by the glorious 1980s; surprise challengers to infuriating underachievers; phenomenal prospects to horrendous free agents. The one thing you can always count on with the Mets is—they are never boring!
But with the franchise about to turn 60, it’s hard for even the most diehard of Mets fans to keep track of it all. That’s where Fabulous to Futile in Flushing, by New York journalist David Russell, comes in. Part reference, part narrative, part tip sheet, Fabulous to Futile in Flushing condenses each of the Amazins’ 59 seasons into 5 or 6 pages of all the essentials: off-season deals and planning; a month-by-month recap; the big wins, big losses, and big moments; player stats, hot streaks, and cold streaks; pennant races and postseason recaps, though not that many of those! The text is also full of photos and numerous great quotes from players, management, and media.
More than anything, the annual recaps are full of fun, because with the Mets, well, how else could it be? The story of each season also features entertaining sidebars that make it great to just flip to any time in their history for a good laugh, a frustrated shake of the head, or to declare, “Wow, oh yeah, I forgot about that.”
There are entries on each year’s Opening Day lineup, the Top 5 Moments, team MFaP and MFuP (most fabulous and most futile player), Final Resting Ground (for the many who hung ‘em with the Mets), and He Was a Met? Also included are 7 challenging trivia quizzes (one for each decade) that will send you on a fun journey to the deep recesses of your Mets memories.
So come on and meet the Mets. Step right up and greet the Mets. You’re guaranteed to have the time of your life even just reading about the fabulous and futile Mets.

You can buy them here.

Mets Game Notes for 8/20/2020

Do you buy this 2020 MLB All Star Game Hat?

The ASG that never happened. Would you buy it?

As a long-time supporter of the MLB, you love getting your hands on the latest and greatest gear. Get pumped up and ready for the 2020 All-Star Game with this Logo Clean Up Adjustable Hat from '47. This sweet hat features crisp graphics that will grab the attention of fellow fans and ensure everyone takes note of your impressive MLB style

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Have you ever been to The Bantry Bay Publick House

My buddy is one of the owners over at The Bantry Bay Publick House and I just thought that you guys should know about it if you already didn't. It's over near Silvercup East and it's always a great place to grab food when I work over there. Great staff, great owners, and great food. Want a great treat? Try the Steak Tidbits. They are one of the tastiest appetizers that I have had anywhere. Also, if you know me personally, you know I love burgers. I was blown away the first time I ever had their Steak Burger.  It's phenomenal.

"Steak Burger $16
built with chunks of our marinated flank. choice of cheese"

Go check it out. They are also on Seamless if you want delivery. And click here for their site.

Mets Game Notes 8/19/2020

Learn to make Pat LaFrieda Filet Mignon Steak Sandwiches at home

If you remember years ago supposedly some of us bloggers sold out to the Mets for Steak Sandwiches. Now you can pay to learn how to make those same sandwiches at home. How many folks are actually going to do this? Please tweet me and let me know if you are doing this at @mediagoon.

Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich 

with the New York Mets Chef Jason Eksterowicz and BEAM Suntory 

Thursday, August 20
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST


Cheese-smothered french fries? The iconic hot dog? Those creamy frosties? The list of delicious, indulgent ballpark staples goes on and on… And if you’ve been craving that ballpark menu, then you’ve come to the right place! Join New York Mets Chef Jason Eksterowicz and live out your stadium food fantasies from the comfort of your own home. You’ll cook right alongside Chef Jason, who oversees culinary operations at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets! Known for specializing in modern techniques and creative spins on classic dishes, Chef Jason will teach you how to recreate one of the stadium's signature dishes - the juicy, tender, melt in your mouth Pat LaFrieda’s signature Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich! Paired with a homespun milkshake - and this meal is sure to be a HOME RUN!
*This episode will include a cocktail demonstration featuring Jim Beam.


You will receive a confirmation e-mail and receipt from following your registration. You will receive an additional e-mail within 48 hours of the class, which will include the Zoom link, recipe, ingredients and necessary utensils. Prior to class, we recommend getting organized by preparing your ingredients and gathering your utensils. This will allow you to easily access all necessary ingredients and materials during the demonstration to create alongside the guest chef. Thorough preparations will provide a more enjoyable experience! Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.