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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mets: This is News?

I guess I am getting sucked into mentioning them it. Do we really need video game leagues?

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Game Used: Road Jeff Kent

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TAGGING: The standard Russell tag is sewn on the front left exterior tail area (size 48) with two tags sewn below:  100% POLYESTER,  2" Extra Length.
This jersey is in PERFECT shape showing light use and also appears to be in the same 100% original condition as last worn by Kent on the road during the 1994 season.  This is a one year style worn by the Mets for only the 1994 season and you'll be hard pressed to find a nicer Jeff Kent jersey in this stunning Mets road style.   If you collect perfect Mets gamers, scarce Mets styles with one year anniversary patches or Jeff Kent game worn jerseys, this will make a fine addition to your collection. Bid with confidence. H. Blake Wolf Sports has been offering the finest game worn jerseys to the hobby since 1982. We have a nice assortment of other game worn and issued Astros,  Marlins and MLB jerseys currently listed. Please contact us for International shipping rates ($11.50 is Priority U.S. Domestic Mail. Shipping to Canada via Priority is $34.00, Asia and other International destinations ~$47.00).  Payment is expected within 24 hours of Ebay invoicing.

Monday, October 30, 2017

MLB: What’s up with the Baseballs?

Do you guys think that the baseballs are different this Post Season? Pitchers all season were saying the balls were different then last season. Mumblings throughout baseball this year were about the stitching of the ball being flatter so the pitchers couldn’t get a good grip on the ball.

Now during the playoffs Justin Verlander is saying that the ball is slick and harder- This is from the NY Post.

“I know Mr. Manfred said the balls haven’t changed, but I think there’s enough information out there to say that’s not true,’’ Verlander said. “Whether he has the say-so or not, I don’t know.

“I think the main complaint is that the balls seem a little bit different in the postseason, and even from the postseason to the World Series balls. They’re a little slick. You just deal with it. But I don’t think it’s the case of one pitcher saying, ‘Hey, something is different here.’ I think as a whole everybody is saying, ‘Whoa, something is a little off here.’ ’’

You can read the rest here.

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Mets: Irate Plan Holder Becomes Former Plan Holder

This just in from a now former plan holder of the Mets. This guy loves baseball but has had it with the Mets. He has told me he is going over to Yankees Stadium not to root for the Yankees but to watch the other teams play them. He just wants his baseball.

"I just read Yankee Stadium is 100 percent smoke free. No smoking areas at all and you will get thrown out if you smoke. My wife and I are anti smoking. I have seen enough smoking at citi field to make me not want to attend games there. Behind 107 on the side of 47 shop.

I just read the Yankee stadium has put dividers on all the urinals. Even the Bleachers and Upper Deck (Grandstand) It is disgusting that the Mets have not done this. I know it is in Delta and Excelsior, but I believe that is all. We now know that regular fans are treated like second class citizens at Citi Field.

Between the smoking, bathrooms, Wilpons not spending money, letting Murphy go, the new manager and his coddling of players, and most of all Jeff harassing Leigh Castergine, I have sent an e-mail wanting to buy a 16 game plan in Yankee Stadium in section 110/109. Padded seats, no smoking, urinal dividers. All important things. No Sandy, No Jeff,  No new coddle the players manager. Gil Hodges and Billy Martin are spinning in their graves. They have seats I like but I have asked about buying a parking plan. I did not see how I could do that.  The Mets are penny wise and dollar foolish.  Ask Justin Turner.

When the Yankees call me on Monday I am buying. Goodbye Pittsburgh guys, Jeff and Sandy. It will be easy to root against the harasser Jeff. Bothering a grown woman about a wedding ring is disgusting behavior. It will be easy to not root for a team that has a Wilpon shill Gary Cohen call Daniel Murphy a net negative. Great judge of talent Gary. Shame on you.

Joe Smith "

The boiling point with fans is starting to heat up. Let's take from this not just the examples of the letter but the overall feeling of it. THE METS OWNERS DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FANS. That is what a lot of fans have felt over the years with the Wilpons and I have seen it in varying degrees. It really isn't that hard to try to get fans to feel like you care. Take the QBC for example. We started it because the Mets unlike other MLB Teams don't have a fan fest. We seen that it was lacking for the fans and we are trying our best to give something that should be done by the team. It is the simple things that keep fans folks.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mets: Fantasy Camp Sign Up

Once-in-a-lifetime chance to enter the world of Major League Baseball and play alongside many of your childhood heroes.

You'll take the field in your very own New York Mets uniform, personalized with your name and number. You'll be coached in the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching and baserunning. You'll participate in drills like the big leaguers and take your place in the line-up alongside your Fantasy Camp teammates. You'll enjoy the company of former Mets stars for days filled with baseball and nights filled with fun and camaraderie.

Game Used:Patriotic Binghamton Mets Jersey

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mets: Game Used 2017 On Deck Circle Set

Is there really a market for this?


This game used on deck circle set was used by the Mets during the 2017 season. This set includes the on deck circle bag, pine tar rag, two bat weights, a rosin bag, and bat wax

Mets: Vegas Knights Ushers

The Las Vegas Golden Knights Ushers stop folks from going down to their seats while the puck is in play. That’s their for two reason. Safety with flying pucks and for people not to get interrupted while watching the play. Mets have gotten better with it this year but with all the talk about netting at ball games this season, one way to make people pay attention and to be safer is making sure they don’t walk down to their seats while the ball is in play. Good job Knights and thanks Eddie.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Mets: Food Drive 11/2/17

Thursday, November 2
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Mets Team Store at Citi Field

The Mets are teaming up with Hain Celestial to host a Food Drive benefitting The River Fund NY on Thursday, November 2 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field. The River Fund NY is a hunger-relief organization based in Richmond Hill, Queens. Free parking will be available in Lot G at Citi Field.
Fans donating at least 10 non-perishable items will receive a voucher redeemable for two tickets to a select Mets home game in April or May 2018. Fans will be limited to one (1) ticket voucher. 
All types of canned and packaged goods are welcome, but no glass containers or perishable foods please. The most needed foods are:
  • Milk (powdered, evaporated, boxed)
  • All types of pasta (packaged)
  • Rice
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruit
  • Mac and cheese (packaged)
  • Oatmeal
  • Hot and cold cereal (packaged, family-sized)
  • Boxed Grits
  • Tuna
  • Powdered Mashed Potatoes
We hope to see you all there!

Game Used: 1991 Kevin Elster Jersey

You can find this on eBay.

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Mets: Where Does Kevin Long End Up?

In the new Negan Callaway Era of Mets Baseball where does Kevin Long fit in? I remember I told you guys that one of my friends talked to Kevin Long at Granderson’s fundraiser a few months ago and said he wasn’t coming back to the Mets. Then I was shocked that Long was getting an interview with the Mets to possibly be the next manager for them. Now it appears Long is going to be gone from the Mets again. Does he reunite with the Daniel Murphy down in D.C.? I hope not. Imagine if he tweaked the Met killer anymore? Yikes.

Are the Yankees an option?

“Long is under contract with the Mets until Tuesday, so the Yankees won’t even need to bother seeking permission from their crosstown rivals to speak with him about the opening. The Nationals were intent on starting their search for Dusty Baker’s replacement this week, making permission from the Mets to interview Long necessary.”
- From the NY Post.

I don’t think he ended on good terms with the Yankees a few years ago when he left that organization. So don’t know if that’s an option. But the merry go round of managers and coaches getting let go around the league is opening up spots all over the place.

Basically, I like Kevin Long. I would love for him to be back with the Mets as the hitting coach but not seeing that happening.
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Roots of Fight Have a New Strawberry Collection

Kind of generic, their Mike Tyson stuff looks a lot better. I actually own a Tyson Sweatshirt made by Roots of Fight that I got for $15 bucks at TJ Maxx. Maybe I’ll wait for it to possibly hit there.

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Sportscrate: David Wright Figure

This was supposed to come with an earlier crate but they were “redesigning” the figure. I guess they wanted it to look more like Brian Erni?

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Brooklyn Cyclones: Winners of the Larry MacPhail Award

This is award goes to the organization that has the top promotional events in the MiLB.

“On behalf of the entire Brooklyn Cyclones organization, we would like to thank Minor League Baseball for this prestigious honor,” said Cyclones Vice President Steve Cohen. “Our industry is filled with some of the most innovative and creative minds in the world, so to be singled out from the field of so many worthy nominees is truly humbling.”

The Cyclones’ combination of unique giveaways, theme nights, community programs and television/social media commercials led them to become the first Short Season franchise in history to draw over 200,000 fans for 16 consecutive years and they have led the New York-Penn League in attendance for the last 17 seasons. The Cyclones claimed Minor League Baseball Promotion of the Year honors in 2014 and 2015, and were nominated for a Golden Bobblehead Award (MiLB’s top promotional honor) in three separate categories in 2017. Since 2014, their 14 Golden Bobblehead Award nominations are more than any other team in Minor League Baseball.

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Game Used: Jay Bruce Mets Bat

"Genuine game used jay Bruce bat! I won this in a raffle and I’m not a Mets fan
so I want somebody who will really appreciate it."

On eBay 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Queens Baseball Convention: Sponsorships

Hey Guys. We are starting to assemble the QBC for this year and we want to keep outdoing ourselves every year with our special guests. To do this we reach out for sponsorships and ad space at the QBC. Want to sponsor a Player Panel? How about the Uni Panel? Want to sponsor the signing area? How about the panel room itself? Maybe vendors alley?

We are excited to have the QBC once again at Katch Astoria on Jan 20th 2018 and look forward to seeing you all there.

Contact me at for sponsorship details.

Mets: Pitching Coach Search

The Mets are now looking for Pitching Coaches to replace Dan Warthen. Folks want Frank Viola because he has been instrumental to the success of the Mets pitchers that are on the main roster. The Mets say he isn’t in consideration for the big leagues. I think that’s a good thing. Leave him down in the minors and have him keep coaching the kids and get them ready for the bigs. I also hope the Mets start looking for a hitting coach while they wait to see if Kevin Long gets a managerial job(I don’t think he’s coming back anyway). The NY Post talks about who are on the Mets radar for pitching coaches. I have no idea who it’s going to end up being.

From the NY Post:

A club source indicated Tuesday that interviews to fill the pitching-coach position are likely to begin this week, as the Mets also keep an eye toward hitting coach and bench coach, but may not have a resolution on those jobs until Kevin Long’s status becomes clear.

If the Mets want to make a splash, they could hire one of the last three World Series-winning pitching coaches, as Dave Righetti, Dave Eiland and Chris Bosio all have become available in recent weeks. In addition, the market includes highly respected names in Jim Hickey — who could reunite with Joe Maddon on the Cubs — and Mike Maddux.

Read more here.

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Game Issued: Chris Flexen BP Jersey

Pretty Cool.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mets: Audio From Mickey "Negan" Callaway Presser

Here's Negan....

Game Used: PaUl Seward Spring Training Jersey

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Kevin Long Interviewing With Other Ball Clubs

The Negan Callaway Era begins.

Before the the season ended, I heard that Long wasn’t going to be back with the Mets. I was surprised that the Mets were even interviewing him for the manager job. Did the Mets do this to placate Long and hope to retain him as the hitting coach by showing him that they “value” him?

From the NY Post.

Kevin Long isn’t necessarily finished with the Mets, but he is exploring other options.

An industry source confirmed Monday that Long, who was among the Mets’ managerial candidates — the position that went to Mickey Callaway — has been given permission to speak with the Nationals about their open manager position.

If Long, who has spent the last three seasons as the Mets hitting coach, were to depart for Washington, it would reunite him with Daniel Murphy, whose career began skyrocketing late in the 2015 season under Long’s tutelage.

Read more here.

Long back with Murphy eh? Can you imagine if he tweaked Murphy anymore? The two of them could be the ultimate Mets killers.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Mets: New Manager Mickey "Negan" Callaway

I started watching the Mets Presser introducing Mickey Callaway and all I hear and see is Negan....

Mets Announce Mickey Callaway as New Manager



FLUSHING, N.Y., October 23, 2017 – The New York Mets today announced that they have named Mickey Callaway the 21st manager in team history, agreeing to terms on a three-year contract.

Callaway spent the last five seasons as the pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians in charge of an Indians’ rotation that led the American League in strikeouts in each of the last four seasons (2014-2017), set a major league record for strikeouts (1,614) in 2017 and led the major leagues in ERA in 2017 (3.30) while finishing second in the American League in team ERA in both 2015 and 2016. In addition to being on Terry Francona’s staff the last five years, Callaway played under Mike Scioscia and Buck Showalter. Callaway, 42, becomes the team’s youngest manager since Davey Johnson at 41 in 1984.

“Throughout this diligent process of speaking to a number of candidates for our manager role, Mickey clearly in our eyes rose to the top with his successful coaching track record, winning and energetic attitude as well as strong communication skills with players and staff,” said Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. “We look forward to him guiding us back to the playoffs with a winning culture.”

This season, Cleveland’s rotation boasted two 18-game winners in Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco plus one 17-game winner (Trevor Bauer) as the Indians as a team won 102 games, most in the American League and second-most in the majors behind the Dodgers’ 104 victories. Kluber, an American League Cy Young Award contender this season, won his previous Cy Young award in 2014 in Callaway’s second season as the Indians’ pitching coach.

Last season, the American League Champion Indians boasted a rotation with a 3.84 ERA (617 earned runs/1445.0 innings) during the regular season (second-best in the AL) en route to winning the American League Central. In 15 postseason games last season, Callaway’s staff posted a 2.69 ERA (40 earned runs/134.0 innings).

In his first season as the Indians pitching coach in 2013, the Indians had a 3.82 ERA, nearly a full run lower than the team’s ERA (4.78) from the 2012 season before he was named pitching coach. Since taking over as the Indians pitching coach in 2013, the Indians 3.65 ERA is fourth-best in the majors behind the Dodgers (3.44 ERA), Nationals (3.53 ERA) and Cardinals (3.59 ERA).

Prior to being named the Indians major league pitching coach, Callaway served as Cleveland’s minor league pitching coordinator in 2012. His coaching career in the Indians organization began in 2010 when he was named the pitching coach for the Lake County Captains (A) of the Midwest League. In 2011, Callaway served as the pitching coach at Kinston (A) of the Carolina League.

As a player, Callaway was selected in the seventh round of the 1996 First-Year Player Draft by Tampa Bay. He went on to make his major league debut on June 12, 1999 with Tampa Bay and played in parts of five seasons in the major leagues with Tampa Bay, Anaheim and Texas from 1999-2004. All told, Callaway played 14 seasons professionally from 1996-2009, including three years (2005-2007) in Korea and one (2009) in Taiwan.

Callaway will reside in New York with his wife, Anna and two daughters.

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Mets: Mickey Callaway Introduced

Here is an image of New Mets Skipper Mickey Callaway with his New Jersey.

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Ray Knight Charged with Assault and Battery

I wonder what this was about...

From the Fairfax County PD

Ray Knight Charged with As Franconia Police District – Former Major League Baseball player, manager and TV analyst Charles Ray Knight has been charged with assault and battery after an incident in his home in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. Our officers responded to a fight call in the 7500 block of Ashby Lane around 4 a.m. Sunday, after an argument between Knight and an acquaintance, a 33-year-old man, became physical. Both men had visible injuries. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Knight was also treated at a hospital and then arrested

Read more here
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Fred Wilpon Makes Donation to Andrew Cuomo

Broke Mets making donations to Cuomo-

From the NY Post-
Mets owner Fred Wilpon is picking a good time to get friendly with Gov. Cuomo — by giving him a $65,000 campaign contribution just before Wilpon’s organization began seeking state approval of an arena for the Islanders hockey team at Belmont Race track.

Read more here.

These Wilpons are so broke and making donations to help get the bid for a new arena for the Islanders.

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Game Used: Famila Players Choice Jersey

$1500 bucks? Really???


This listing is for the one of a kind Jeurys Familia "La Fama" New York Mets game used MLB 2017 Players Weekend jersey.  These uniforms were used for one weekend in August by MLB players.  There is only one of each player's jersey in existence.  This is an authentic MLB jersey made by Majestic.  It has all the MLB tags and is authenticated by MLB and comes with the tamper-proof MLB holgoram, which can be cross referenced in the MLB authentication database.

Shipping is $10.99 and will be via USPS Priority Mail.  Insurance may also be purchased for an additional $15.  I will ship within 2 business days of cleared PayPal payment.  

Mets: Mickey Callaway New Manager

WHO? This is someone that came out of nowhere. Not even in the original conversation of possible candidates for Terry Collins old job. I do have to to say that the Mets really did something unexpected for a change.

From Mike Vaccaro of the NY POST
"The Mets earn a lot of derision for a lot of the things they do – fairly earned – so it is important to praise them for this: they did not fall into the oldest trap in the manual of hiring managers. They did not use familiarity as a crutch. They did not give extra credit to pre-existing relationships.
They were willing to be impressed.
And Mickey Callaway impressed them.
And this is the first thing you should know about Mickey Callaway: that’s not only how he got to Flushing, how he got to the Mets as their new field manager, but also how he was ever in position to come here in the first place. The way he clearly wowed Sandy Alderson in his interview? Terry Francona understands."
Read the whole article here.

Well good luck Mickey Callaway. I hope this is the start of a great managerial career with he NY Mets.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


They have a starting bid of $350..I actually have a signed game used Ray Knight jersey from 1985 and these are pretty cool. 


Astros vs Dodgers

Hopefully this is a great series coming up. Would love to see the Astros win because of everything the city of Houston has dealt with regarding hurricane Harvey. I also wouldn't mind seeing Carlos Beltran get a World Series Ring also. I don't know about you folks but I am still having a hard time thinking of the Astros as an American League team.

I don't mind if the Dodgers win either. Curtis Granderson is one of those players that deserves a World Series ring after all of his years of hard work, being a class act, and helping with his charity organization. Who would have thought that the We Follow Duda instagram account would have been so good. Thank to Curtis for that. Justin Turner is another former Met that I like on that Dodgers team and it would be great to see him get some jewelry for his hand after the way the Mets front office treated him. 

Mediagoon's prediction of a winner? I don't care. Let's just have a good series so we can watch some former Mets get the bling they deserve.

Don't forget the QBC will be held at Katch Astoria on January 20th 2018. Go check out this World Series there while eating some great food and having some cool drinks.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Esquire Rates Some MLB Jerseys

Esquire it seems decided to dig out some Jersey looks over the decades and rated them..

I think everyone likes these jerseys. If you don't, why not?

I wasn't a fan of the blue for STL.



I don't agree with them here. I think this is an awesome Uni

Not a good look.