Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What was McFadden's at Citi Field thinking?


...........This is my own opinion and has nothing to do with MetsPolice or their opinions on this issue...

I just checked out the pics from McFadden's home page. WOW!!! That is my first impression of it.

Now who in their right mind puts the pics of these drunk knuckleheads on their webpage to promote it?

I shoot pics for a bar in my neighborhood and help them with their facebook page. I take great care in making sure the bar is put in the best possible light. I make sure to avoid a lot of the drunkards that try to be funny by throwing up middle fingers, fake gang signs, making stupid faces, or looking totally obliterated.

What kind of crowd are you trying to draw?

Seeing this I would not want to patronize McFadden's. It just baffles me.

A lot of the pics do show just patrons having a good time. But there are quite a few that as soon as you got onto the page are just like A) What is the photographer thinking taking this pic? B) Who posted the pics on the site for them? C) No one does a double check to see what is going up on the site?

Shannon and I met up there last week before the Wednesday night game to check it out. It wasn't a bad crowd.

Everyone seemed pretty chilled and relaxed when we were there. It could have gotten rowdier as the night went on but it just seemed like the fans were there just to have a beer before the game, meet some friends,and head in to the game.

If I had seen those pics before we went there, I might have thought twice about it.

Shannon is always saying the Mets should hire him to be their connection to the fans and what we want, I say McFadden's should hire me to help put the best multimedia foot forward for the bar.

Do I believe in a good time at the bar, yes. Do not get me wrong. This bar has great potential but they need to get those pics off their site. I refuse to link to it, but if you want you can easily go there.