Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Original Shea Stadium Turnstile For Sale

 Man I hate to do this but I am selling my original Shea Stadium turnstile

Turnstile still works and has an MLB hologram.

Asking $1,250

If you are interested you can email me at dantwohig@gmail.com or tweet me @DTwohig

Mets Post Game Notes 9/21/2020


Safe to say the season and playoff hope is over for the Mets.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mets Fan Appreciation Week Sweepstakes.

 As the regular season comes to a close, we are excited to host Fan Appreciation Week, September 18-23. This is a week dedicated to you, the best fans in baseball. Join us virtually on social media and mets.com throughout the homestand against the Atlanta Braves and the Tampa Bay Rays for giveaways, prizes and unique offerings.

We look forward to celebrating you this week!

Fans will be randomly chosen on Twitter, to win prizes, game-used memorabilia, experiences and merchandise.

Click here.

Mets Post Game notes /9/19/2020


Friday, September 18, 2020

I didn’t know the Mets came back to win last night.

I have to tell you that it is so bad that the Mets have me trained that they won’t come back to win a game that I go to bed instead of keep watching the outcome. I am back to work for the third straight week after being sidelined because production on tv shows shut down for six months. My schedule is different now and I am waking up between 4am to 6 am every day. I get tired earlier and don’t force myself to say up to finish a game that seems like it a lost cause. And it’s not like I don’t want to try to watch the game but some nights it’s just not worth it. 

The Mets are in the playoff hunt. The expanded playoff hunt that is. If they are going to continue on with this playoff system like the Owners want to do in 2021 and beyond, fine. I just want the teams reseeded every round of the playoffs like in hockey. Don’t know if it would work but this is what my brain is saying to me.


There is a huge white tent in the the employee parking lot at Citi Field now. I mean huge. I couldn’t take a pic of it but it’s the size of a small one floor building and looks to have three truck loading bays to get into it. I have no idea what it’s for and I can grab a pic of it I will.


I just realized I during have a lot to write about the last couple  days and just don’t like to force myself to write something to write something on here. So if you were looking on this site and were disappointed, sorry.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Mets Announce 2021 Spring Training Schedule

FLUSHING, N.Y., September 16, 2020 – The New York Mets today announced that the club will open its 2021 Spring Training Grapefruit League schedule on Saturday, February 27 against Miami at Clover Park in Port St. Lucie, FL. Pitchers and catchers are set to report on Wednesday, February 17, while position players will report on Monday, February 22. 


The Mets will host their crosstown rivals, the Yankees, at Clover Park on Sunday March 14. In addition, the Boston Red Sox will come to Port St. Lucie on Thursday, March 25. The Mets have three Saturday home games and two Sunday contests at Clover Park next year.


The Mets will play 31 exhibition games in 2021, including 16 home games in Port St. Lucie. The Mets will play the Washington Nationals seven times, the Houston Astros, Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals six times each and the Red Sox, Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays twice each. 


The Mets play their home games at Clover Park, which has been the team’s Florida home since moving from St. Petersburg, FL in 1988. Prior to last year, Clover Park underwent a $55 million renovation that modernized the facility for fans, players and staff. Upgrades for fans included a grand entrance, new seats, expanded concourses, new concession stands, larger merchandise shops, an additional elevator, a partial boardwalk wrapped around left field and the creation of the Jim Beam Bar. New player amenities included better practice fields, batting cages, clubhouses, a bigger weight room and more training rooms.


The 2021 Spring Training schedule is subject to change and game times will be announced a later date.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

For Mets Fans, Christmas came in September.

Here you go Mets fans. You got your Christmas in September. Only thing you have in front of you now is anticipation and  some nervousness until November. Will Steve Cohen get approved by the other MLB owners? I think he will. While they might be worried about his deep pockets and spending on free agency making the free agent market pricing jump a up a bit, he also did something to make them smile. He has made all the teams values shoot up a bit. Think of it as if someone in your neighborhood is selling a house a couple blocks away. It might be on a bigger lot(NYC) than your home (St Louis) but your home itself is very similar in layout, modern amenities, etc. This house that sold for a high number just brought up your price a bit because you can use it as a comp. Plus now that neighbor isn't in deep debt and the bank isn't going to foreclose on it and bring everyones value down. Also if you were friendly with that neighbor you don't have to lend him any more money if he asked for it. What I am trying to say is I think Cohen gets approved because it benefits MLB owners in the long run.

From the NY Post.
“I am excited to have reached an agreement with the Wilpon and Katz families to purchase the New York Mets,” was Cohen’s simple 20-word statement released through the team Monday afternoon. It caps a roller coaster for Mets fans who saw Cohen go from a certainty to out of the bidding entirely, then back in, and finally to where we sit now, with Cohen only needing 23 of baseball’s 30 owners to approve him.

Mets fans haven’t been this happy since Marty Barrett swung through a Jesse Orosco fastball on the evening of Oct. 27, 1986. The Mets won their second World Series that night, and stood atop the baseball world — but for many Mets fans, that team and that time symbolized something else: the one time the Mets were as one with the swagger of their city.

The Mets’ prior championship, in 1969, had been a feel-good paradox, good team and better fortune. It is hard to conjure anything representing New York City being an underdog but those Mets were. And in many ways, so have the good Mets teams that have followed — in 1999 and 2000, in 2006, in 2015. Much of that was the re-emergence of the Yankees after the close of the ’80s, re-staking a claim to the town’s baseball soul that’s held strong for close to 30 years; they cast an enormous shadow.Yes, he is worth that $14 billon, and as Forbes pointed out the next three richest baseball owners — Ted Lerner (Nationals), Christopher Ilitch (Tigers) and Greg Johnson (Giants) — are worth $13.1 billion combined. And Cohen will surely take advantage of that.
But what Cohen represents as much, for Mets fans, is an attitude. He is one of them. And all you need to do is look at his career: he loathes losing. It is anathema to him. And that makes him even more one of them.

And it’s that attitude that made him more appealing to Mets fans than the marriage of Sports and Page Six that J-Rod would have been, and certainly more than the plenty-rich guys who own the Devils. This is what Mets fans have craved. And this is what they get now.
Read  more here.

The NY DAILY NEWS seems to be Anti Wilpon now.

But Steve Cohen, operating the team like a normal(ish) big market franchise, or shoot — a normal anything — could slap his name on a check to JT Realmuto and push their already great offense to another level. Even if they didn’t nab Realmuto from the Phillies and simply refused to punt the most important defensive position in the game, the team could take a massive leap.
The pitching side further exemplifies this. If there was a team in need of a warm body or two capable of allowing three runs over six innings — basically Rick Porcello in better days — it’s the Mets. They don’t need to play in the Trevor Bauer market. They just need to not embarrass themselves on the days when Jake deGrom isn’t competing for Cy Young awards. Zack Wheeler is entirely on his own the gap between this year’s Mets and Phillies in the standings. Retaining a decent pitcher isn’t exactly going out and getting Gerrit Cole.
Here’s where the bar is for Cohen. Whether he keeps Brodie Van Wagenen or not, his predecessors couldn’t even spell BVW’s name right. Baseline competence is all that is needed here.
Take heart, Mets fans. Your team doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. They play in the largest media market in the country. The team has been in an 18-year tunnel, but all tunnels end. Greatness is attainable. For the first time in decades, Cohen’s entrance gives the chance to cross replacement level, and maybe, the finish line.
Read more here.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Mets Facebook page makes Steve Cohen Announcement

Steve Cohen signs the Papers to buy the Mets

From the NY POST 

art by @grafixjoker


 The price according to sources was between $2.4 and $2.45 billion, which is a record for a North American sports team. The previous mark was set by another hedge fund billionaire, David Tepper, when he bought the Panthers for $2.275 billion in 2018.

That means the next hurdles are Cohen being vetted by an ownership subcommittee that will then make a recommendation to the larger group whether to accept Cohen into their club. A vote of all owners is expected to come before November and Cohen would need 23 yeas to succeed Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz as the majority owner of the Mets.

“I am excited to have reached an agreement with the Wilpon and Katz families to purchase the New York Mets,” Cohen said in a statement.

Read more here

Now, doe he get approved or does the Cloverfield monster come out and wipe out Citi Field because it is 2020?

Folks are saying Steve Cohen is going to Citi Field today to sign paper. Hmmm


This is an interesting tweet. I wonder what AROD and JLO think.

Let's see what AMNY has to say.   

Steve Cohen and the Wilpon family are expected to sign an agreement transferring majority ownership of the New York Mets to the hedge-fund billionaire on Monday, a source told amNewYork Metro on Sunday night. 

It’s a major hurdle that is set to be cleared in the 64-year-old’s pursuit of 80% of the MLB club, just seven months after his original bid for the team fell through. 

That means if 23 of 29 MLB team owners approve Cohen’s takeover during their scheduled meeting in November, he will assume control of the club immediately then. 

A source originally informed amNewYork Metro last week that negotiations between Cohen — valued at $14.6 billion — and the Mets were successful.

Read more here

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Looks like WPIX has been sold.


Looks like WPIX was sold. It seems complicated but there ya go.


E.W. Scripps said today that it has been informed that Nexstar Media Group Inc. has transferred its option to purchase Scripps’ New York CW affiliate WPIX to Mission Broadcasting and that Mission has exercised its option to purchase the station.

The option price is $75 million plus accrued interest, to be calculated on the period between the Sept. 19, 2019, purchase date of WPIX by Scripps and the option sale closing date.

Scripps purchased WPIX as part of its acquisition of eight television stations in seven markets from Nexstar. Those stations were being divested in connection with Nexstar’s acquisition of Tribune Media in September 2019.

Read more here

NY METS Game Used 2020 base up for auction.

 I haven't done this in a while but here is something you can bid onf Amazin Memorabilia right now.


    This game used 1st base was used during innings 1-3 as the Mets played the Marlins on August 8, 2020 at Citi Field. Do not miss the opportunity to own this unique piece of Mets memorabilia. The New York Mets donate net proceeds from the sale of Amazin' Memorabilia items to the Mets Foundation. For more information about the Mets Foundation and/or Amazin' Memorabilia, please visit mets.com/gameused. The availability of items varies, but for questions about this piece or different numbers, players, colors, or sizes please contact Amazin' Memorabilia, The Official Source for New York Mets Game Used and Autographed Memorabilia, by emailing gameused@nymets.com or by calling 718-559-3144. An MLB Authentication Program tamperproof hologram is affixed to each piece of Amazin' Memorabilia. The New York Mets do not provide certificates of authenticity for items. Printed documentation verifying the authenticity of your item can be obtained by visiting mlb.com/authentication. In connection with efforts to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus, authenticated items from the 2020 60-Game MLB Season will be stored without human interaction or contact for 48 hours prior to processing for shipment.
You can find it at Amazin Memorabilia.

Friday, September 11, 2020

According to SNY.tv Mets to wear First Responder Caps tonight in honor of 9/11

For years there have been a bunch of us trying to get the Mets to not listen to MLB and just wear the 9/11 First Responder Caps. Thank you for finally listening. Thank you to Pete Alonso with doing a little swerve last season with buying custom 9/11 cleats as gifts for his teammates to wear.

From SNY.tv

 For the first time since returning to play in 2001 in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the Mets will wear first responder hats in-game on Friday night when the play the Blue Jays in Buffalo.

"We're really excited that this year we're gonna be able to wear commemorative hats in the game," Pete Alonso said Friday during an appearance with Moose and Maggie on WFAN. "So years prior, we weren't allowed to. I think because of last year with the cleats and also Jeff Wilpon was in the commissioner's ear about letting us wear the hats to represent people who responded that day -- FDNY, NYPD, Sanitation, Port Authority, and EMTs. 

"Without those people, who knows what could've happened. So we're gonna be commemorating those people with five different hats. You're gonna have people representing those different organizations on the field today. I'm really excited that we get to represent everybody that was there to help and save others."

For MLB, part of its position prior to 2020 had been that it didn't want to be in the business of ranking tragedies, with one example being its refusal to let the Nationals wear Virginia Tech hats after a gunman slaughtered 32 people on campus on April 16, 2007.

While speaking last year, former Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre explained that reasoning.

"We try to keep the hats the way they are because every team could really have a legitimate reason to want to wear a different hat to honor something that happened in their particular area," Torre said. "And we just try to keep it consistent with the uniform."

Torre's response last year drew the ire of Mike Piazza, who said the reasoning was understandable but that Sept. 11 was not "analogous" with other tragedies. 

Read more here.

@Metspolice says wear the first responders caps on 9/11

This post is from 2019 and it still hasn't changed.I took this whole post from metspolice.com from. He is 1000000% right in this.

Welcome to essay number 9000 about whey the Mets should WEAR THE CAPS on September 11th.
You can read yesterday’s piece about what happens ewhen you break the rules – you get a letter from Joe Torre if you break the rules (oooo scary).
And now we have this.  A team decided not to wear what they were supposed to.  The Cubs blew off dopey Players Weekend and took the field in blue caps.
Just noticed that Lance Lynn is wearing a black hat while the rest of the defense is wearing a white one -- is that an MLB rule for pitchers due to ball visibility concerns?
Yes. The Cubs wore blue caps today instead, but heard MLB sent a memo to the other teams telling them they had to go with white caps & black on pitcher.
See Jen Jen's other Tweets
So once again, I say WEAR THE CAPS Mets. Come on Thor, you follow me, you don’t care what people think. Get Mr. Polar Bear behind this. Is baseball really going to have a whistling match with you guys over 9/11? I would LOVE to see that fight in the court of public opinion.
What’s going to happen to the Cubs? NOTHING. Some dude on the Cardinals took the field in a red cap. What will happen? Nothing. Maybe a letter from Joe Torre. Oooh scary.
What’s going to happen to the Mets? Torre will send you a letter (maybe), and he will  call and yell at Brodie or Jeff or someone. Who cares?  Actually Jeff getting yelled at it is reason alone to do it.
Mr. Thor, Mr. Polar Bear – you will get a letter from Torre.  Ooooh scary.  You will also be heroes forever. Here’s page 217 of your union’s CBA.


@Mets fans want the Mets Players to wear First Responder Caps during game. Willing to play any fines for players.

This post is from 2019.

If you look over at metspolice.com, you know every year Shannon tells the Mets that they should wear the first responder caps. When I was writing over there I did the same thing. I do it here too. NYers are so passionate about this that they are willing to start up a gofundme to pay the fines of any players who wear the caps. MLB let the Astros wear NASA caps, why can't the Mets wear NYPD, FDNY, PAPD, DSNY, and other first responder caps. This is where the Mets org and players should make a stand.

I also just tweeted at Todd Frazier

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Mets Post Game Notes 9/9/2020


Signed Bartolo Colon Book Cover Print.


Finally the signed print of the cover of Bartolo Colon's book got delivered. It's a pretty cool piece that was free with buying the book. It was limited to the first 500 that were pre ordered. You could read more about the book and see the interview with the author here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020




Metropolitan Hospitality at Citi Field, the non-game day event arm of the New York Mets, will officially be changing its name to Mets Events. This change will be effective as of September 9, 2020.

FLUSHING, N.Y., SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 – Metropolitan Hospitality at Citi Field announced today that they will be undergoing a rebranding effort that will feature a new name and logo effective September 9, 2020. The non-game day event arm will be renamed Mets Events and will continue to focus on hosting successful events both inside and outside the ballpark. Mets Events specializes in all types of non-baseball events, including concerts and music festivals, social events, corporate functions, athletic-style races, food and beverage festivals, and much more. Past notable events include the 2018 NHL Winter Classic; Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM, AMALUNA, & LUZIA Shows; Major League Soccer and International Soccer Matches; Spartan Race; Electric Daisy Carnival; Rolling Loud Music Festival; and high-end concert tours, including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Classic East, BTS, Zac Brown Band, and the Foo Fighters.  


“We take pride in providing world-class experiences, and our new name and mission will embody the spirit of Mets baseball, its loyal fans, and the greater Queens community,” said Vice President of Mets Events, Heather Collamore. “We are thrilled to be able to reinvigorate our brand, engage a larger audience, and showcase our abilities and creative ideas at the ballpark.”


Mets Events will continue to host all their events at Citi Field, home of The New York Mets.



Fast Facts: Mets Events hosts year-round, world-class events at Citi Field.



  • Full Ballpark: 41,922 people
  • Parking Lots: 60,000+ people


Venue Space Offerings:

  • Full Ballpark: 20+ hospitality spaces; Fifty-four (54) suites
  • Parking Lots: 8,500+ parking spaces


Square Footage:

  • Full Ballpark: 1.2 million square feet (including 400,000+ square feet of hospitality space)
  • Parking Lots: 1 million+ square feet of parking lot space


Getting to Citi Field: 

  • Mass Transportation: Citi Field is accessible via the 7-Train to Mets-Willets Point station, the Q48 bus, and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR runs on select days)
  • Parking: On-site parking at the ballpark in 10+ parking lots
  • Ride Sharing: The ballpark is easily accessible for ride sharing drop-offs and pick-ups


Food & Beverage: The highly lauded food and beverage program at Citi Field, a joint venture between the New York Mets and Aramark, provides exclusive catering at the ballpark.


Mets Event Social Accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetsEvents

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metsevents/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metsevents



For further information, visit MetsEvents.com

Minor League Baseball President & CEO Pat O’Conner Announces Retirement

Minor League Baseball President & CEO Pat O’Conner Announces Retirement

Long-time Baseball Executive To Retire at End Of 2020

St. Petersburg, Fla., Sept. 8, 2020 — After 38 years in professional baseball and 28 years with the Minor League Baseball office, Minor League Baseball President & CEO Pat O’Conner today announced that he will retire on Dec. 31, 2020.
O’Conner joined the Minor League Baseball staff in 1993 as chief operating officer and was named vice president, administration, following the 1995 season. In December 2007, O’Conner was named the 11th president of Minor League Baseball, embarking on a 13-year run as president as he was re-elected in 2011, 2015 and 2019.
O’Conner’s tenure is the fifth-longest presidency in Minor League Baseball’s 120-year history, behind Michael Sexton (23 years, 1910–1932), George Trautman (17 years, 1947–1963), Mike Moore (16 years, 1992–2007) and William Bramham (14 years, 1933–1946).
“It has been a privilege to serve in Minor League Baseball leadership for the past 28 years and I will be forever indebted to all of the staff who worked with me in St. Petersburg over the years,” said O’Conner. “It was an honor to work alongside the owners, executives, players, umpires, fans and communities that have made our organization so successful.”
During his presidency, O’Conner oversaw a period of unprecedented increases in revenues and franchise values as Minor League Baseball attracted over 40 million fans in each of the last 15 seasons (2005–19), and in 2008, Minor League Baseball drew over 43 million fans for the first time since 1901.
O’Conner is credited with negotiating three successive Professional Baseball Agreements with Major League Baseball on behalf of Minor League Baseball and developing, administering and overseeing the operation of the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation (PBUC), now known as Minor League Baseball Umpire Development. O’Conner also negotiated collective bargaining agreements with the Association of Minor League Umpires (AMLU) and oversaw two negotiations that resulted in five-year agreements (the first through 2016, the second through 2021).
In December 2008, O’Conner brought together Minor League Baseball clubs in packaging digital rights, entering into an agreement with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) in a landmark operating agreement between the organizations.
In December 2009, under O’Conner’s guidance, Minor League Baseball announced a first-ever diversity initiative, whereby it executes programs aimed at diversifying the ownership, executive and staff personnel, fan base and business-to-business relationships within the industry. To be more inclusive, O’Conner also embarked on a series of steps to introduce Minor League Baseball as an investment, career, entertainment and business option.
O’Conner developed a speakers’ series at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) as a means of educating and informing young people on the opportunities within Minor League Baseball, as well as practicum and internship experience opportunities for minority college students interested in sports administration careers.
As a result of his diversity initiative and efforts, O’Conner was named the recipient of the third annual Allan H. (Bud) Selig Mentoring Award in 2010. The award is presented annually to a person in athletics administration who has been at the forefront in creating equal opportunities for minorities in the field of athletics. In 2012, O’Conner was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the United Athletes Foundation (UAF) for his work in making a difference in the lives of others and his longstanding commitment to communities around the country.
At the 2012 Baseball Winter Meetings, O’Conner introduced Project Brand: 160 Teams, One Brand, an industry-wide marketing program created to promote its model of affordable, family-friendly entertainment to attract major corporate partners to Minor League Baseball.
O’Conner began his baseball career as administrative assistant with the Vero Beach Dodgers (Florida State League) in 1981. He then spent the 1982 season as general manager of the Greenwood Pirates (South Atlantic League) and followed that stint with two seasons as assistant general manager of the Beaumont Golden Gators (Texas League).
After 18 months as director of athletic marketing and promotion for Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, O’Conner returned to baseball in November 1986. At that time, he became head of Florida Operations for the Houston Astros and served as general manager of the Osceola Astros of the Florida State League from 1986–1993. He was named the Florida State League Executive of the Year in 1988.
A native of Grove City, Ohio, O’Conner received a degree in economics and finance from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, and a master’s degree in sports administration from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. In 1997, he received the 1997 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Ohio University Sports Administration Program and the 2005 College of Health & Human Services Award of Distinction from Ohio University. He was inducted into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame in 2000, received the Friends of Baseball Chapel Award in 2005 and was inducted into the Florida State League Hall of Fame in 2014. In April 2018, O’Conner was named to the Board of Directors for the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation.
O’Conner will not be available for interviews following this announcement.
About Minor League Baseball
Minor League Baseball is the governing body for all professional baseball teams in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic that are affiliated with Major League Baseball® clubs through their farm systems. In 2019, Minor League Baseball attracted over 41.5 million fans to its ballparks to see baseball’s future stars and experience affordable family-friendly entertainment that has been a staple of Minor League Baseball since 1901. For more information, visit www.MiLB.com. Follow Minor League Baseball on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.