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Thursday, October 31, 2019



New York City will shine even brighter this winter with the debut of the Hello Panda Festival (December 6, 2019 to January 26, 2020), the largest international lantern, food and arts extravaganza celebrating culture and diversity. Held at Citi Field and spanning 700,000 square feet, the multisensory event will showcase over 120 Instagrammable lantern exhibits, 60 international food vendors curated by The World’s Fare and numerous cultural arts experiences including live performances, modern art exhibits, a holiday market and traditional crafts. Produced by CPAA North America, this year’s festival will be the first of an ongoing annual holiday tradition at Citi Field, chosen for its location in the heart of Queens and its status as an iconic New York City landmark.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Thursday, September 12. Ticket prices are: $22 - $28 (tax and service fees not included). For more information, visit or follow @hellopandafest on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook

The Lanterns
Utilizing over 10 million lights and featuring various interactive elements, Hello Panda’s 120 massive lantern exhibits -- each handcrafted and hand painted by some of the world’s leading lantern artisans -- seamlessly blend tradition, innovation and creativity. The lantern festival will be comprised of six different theme parks (Dream World, Holiday Wonderland, Discovery Zone, Interactive Music Zone, Sports World and Community Interactive Zone), each individually designed to deliver a distinct and immersive experience. Over 100 never-before-seen exhibits will be making their world premiere at the festival. Highlights will include the world’s tallest Christmas tree lantern, life-sized dinosaurs and safari animals, an enormous fairy tale castle and a 98-foot-long light tunnel. 

The Food
Food will be a prominent feature at Hello Panda through its partnership with The World’s Fare, organizers of the largest and most diverse food and drink event in New York City. Their tastemakers will curate the festival’s tented and heated food pavilion, which will be comprised of 60 vendors representing different cuisines and cultures, offering a diverse selection of global culinary treats.

The Arts
Hello Panda will feature a broad range of cultural arts -- both traditional and modern -- through a regular series of live performances, galleries and a holiday market across six giant heated tent areas, making it the warmest outdoor event during the coldest season. Nightly music showcases will highlight local and international acts from different genres, including dance, Latin, pop and hip-hop while a collection of galleries will feature the breathtaking works of emerging artists from around the world. Additionally, visitors will be able to experience papercutting, sugar painting, embroidery, cotton candy art and more through hands-on activities led by leading artist instructors.  

“Hello Panda’s mission is to not only give New Yorkers and visitors something they’ve never seen before but also deliver an experience they can’t find anywhere else,” said Winston Wang, General Manager of CPAA North America. “Our festival will offer a variety of immersive and social media moments that introduce guests to the artistry of lantern-making while bringing different communities together through food and culture.” 

“Citi Field is a place where people from all walks of life come together and share an amazing experience,” said Heather Collamore, Vice President of Metropolitan Hospitality at Citi Field. “The Hello Panda Festival is a unique event that promotes cultural exchange while delighting the child in all of us.” 

“The World’s Fare is honored to partner with Hello Panda to celebrate culture in the most diverse city in the world,” said Joshua Schneps, CEO of The World’s Fare. “There was a natural synergy between the mission of the festival and our organization, and we couldn’t be more excited to take this journey together.”

Hello Panda Festival sponsors include Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Corporation Ltd., makers of the professional audio system LAX, who will provide the audio system for the event.

In addition to the Hello Panda Festival at Citi Field, CPAA will also produce the event in Vernon, NJ (Oct. 18, 2019 – Feb. 2, 2020) and at the World Vacation Hotel in Catskill, NY (Oct. 25, 2019 – Mar. 22, 2020).

Bootleg Jersey Seller Could Get 10 Years.


My buddy Jessie sent this over to me.

I hate counterfeit merch. It does a lot of messed up things around the world.

According to the plea agreement and facts presented at the plea hearing, Walker owned and operated a business called “Tim’s Sports Cards Plus,” which he operated from a booth at the Oldsmar Flea Market. Among the items sold were numerous sports jerseys bearing the counterfeit trademarks of NFL, NHL and MLB teams.
On January 27, 2017, federal law enforcement agents went to Walker’s booth at the flea market,  spoke with him, and seized 699 jerseys that were for sale, all bearing counterfeit NFL marks. The agents also went to Walker’s home and seized over 1,500 additional counterfeit jerseys from all three purported sports leagues. During an interview with agents, Walker admitted that he had purchased the counterfeit jerseys from a supplier located in China.
From Sports Collector Daily. 

Read up on who selling and buying counterfeit merchandise hurts.

From the ICCWBO

From Visual Capitalist

From Global News Canada


From Researchgate

The 2019 Baseball Season is Over. Now What?


As fan, we got to see another Eastern Division Rival win a World Series. The positive side is that it showed that Bryce Harper seems to be a "net negative" for teams he plays on. The Phillies look like they were moving in the right direction and bam. They sign Harper and the traction they made in the last few years stalled. The Nationals, don't bring back Harper and Bam. World Series Champs. Interesting.

I wonder if the baseballs that were "changed" during the post season come back for the full next season. How will that change affect players like Pete Alonso. Will he continue to smash shots over the outfield walls? Or are his home run numbers going to decline drastically?

What are the Mets going to do for a manager? Will they finally announce who it's going to be? With the amount of candidates and interviews, I am shocked that SNY didn't try to either turn this into their stupid dating show or a "Bachelor" type series. How many days until we find out who the Mets have as their new Manager?

The new Nike branded/made Uniforms. I haven't seen any designs yet.

Lots of Questions....

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

@QBConvention: QBCMerchStand has hoodies up for sale

Hey everyone. It's starting to get a little bit chillier out there. We are into the fall, nearing the winter and the holidays and it might be time to break out a new sweatshirt or two. I created the QBC Hoodies. I wanted one myself, played around with the design a bit and boom. Done. I also played with the colors of the hoodies. Don't tell my partner Dan about me expanding the different colors for the sweatshirts. He might get cranky. I just figured folks might want something different.

Go to to order yours today.

Why aren't the Mets "that NY" team?

From the NY Post.
Here is my question: Why do we never think of the Mets as that New York team?
Brodie Van Wagenen has hiring a manager central to his short-term agenda. But the big picture undertaking does not change for his tenure. Those who have dealt regularly with the Mets general manager say he is determined to drag the Mets into the 21st century of baseball in areas such as technology.
But also financially. He wants the Mets to reach large-market behemoth status, which includes not eliciting “cue the laugh track” when the top free agents are named. Because this should not be a laughing matter. The Mets should be in the forefront for the two best free agents not just participating in this World Series, but period: Cole and Washington third baseman Anthony Rendon.
And not in the sense of that “we’re monitoring the market” drivel that translates to: “We are trying, but (wink) you know the truth.” Cole and Rendon are great. The Mets have a need for both. Plus — and this should not be understated — the Mets lack answers coming from their farm system. Cole and Rendon not only provide solutions, but more easily liberate the Mets to, for example, trade Noah Syndergaard should they land Cole or take your pick from Michael Conforto/Jeff McNeil/Brandon Nimmo to problem-solve and deepen elsewhere if Rendon relocated to Flushing. So this is not just money spent on great players and goodwill. This is money that helps the whole operation.
Read more here.

Why don't we consider the Mets as NY team when they say so and so player can come to NYC? Easy. We have been conditioned to think like that. "Stupid" Wilpons won't spend money. "Broke" WIlpons can't spend money(yet they are developing 126th street and the new Belmont Islanders arena). The Mets aren't an attractive team to play for. Mets management is inept. These are all things we have learned over the years. Some might be true other might not, but that's the perception. Right now the team has 40 managerial candidates and they are supposedly in the third and final round of interviews. The Mets can't get out of their own way at times. So that is way we never think Mets as the team in NY that players will go too.

Monday, October 28, 2019

World Series: Women Flash the Field during game. Get Life Time Ban?

Seemed to be a whole bunch of wackiness going on in that World Series game last night. Between this and the crowd letting President Trump know what they think of him... Sheesh.
From the NY Post
Two women were caught flashing their breasts on live television during Game 5 of the World Series Sunday night.
The duo exposed their chests as Houston Astros star pitcher Gerrit Cole was preparing to make a pitch during their game against the sinking Washington Nationals.
The women, sporting yellow shirts without bras, were sitting just a few rows from the field — apparently in plain sight on Cole, whose delay in making a pitch caused the batter to call for a timeout.
Read more here.

Looks like she got a lifetime ban. That was quick.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

@QBConvention tee shirt mockups and potential tee shirt sale info.

Hey guys. After seeing that twitter poll about which design to produce and how close it was, I talked to Dan and we both agreed that why not do both if possible. I was able to source out a company that prints to order. It's kind of like Pro Wrestling tees where when you order your shirt(s) it takes a couple of days for it to be made and shipped out. Great thing about this is we can keep the cost down to purchase. We also feel it's better if you guys order your shirts like this, that way if you want to wear them day of the QBC you can and don't have to switch it out and lug around other shirts. I am waiting on the samples to come in and once I get them, I'll post what they look like. They have a cool "distraught" look to them. I am also working on hoodies with the same designs too. We'll have a store set up where you can purchase these through soon. And hopefully after the first week of November we can more and more QBC announcements for you.

True Royal

Heather True Royal

True Royal
Heather True Royal

What do you guys think?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Girardi to the Phillies. Now what for the Mets?

As  a Mets fan I am trying to figure out how I feel about Joe Girardi going to the Phillies. Am I upset that the Mets didn't go with the logical choice? I don't know. Am I upset that he went to a divisional rival? Not really. I mean you have the albatross of Bryce Harper there. He seems to be one of those guys that will hold a team back. Any of the remaining Mets manager candidates doing it for me? Nope. They all are meh on my list. The one thing that someone suggested to me is about this bombshell candidate that hurt my head is that it might be AJ Hinch. This is driving me crazy. Hinch just signed a contract extension that takes him through to 2022 I believe. So guys can we please stop talking about that? 

Girardi gone. No feelings for the candidates left. Feelings about the whole search is MEH. I guess I'll see how everything shakes out before I worry/am happy about the next Mets manager.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Lines to get into @CitiField for playoff soccer are horrible tonight. WHY @METS? WHY?

Hey you guys remember how bad the lines were to get into Citi Field for some games this year? Oh and that one really horrible Friday Night Game that I was told was a one in a million shot of the happening? Yeah Guess what happened for the NYFC playoff game tonight. No really guess... The Mets Mets it up again. Look at these lines. METS when are you going to admit that you have a problem staffing Citi Field? I hope you don't try to sell these soccer folks Mets season ticket plan after this. 

The Mets possible "Bombshell" Manager option

I listen to a lot of wrestling podcasts. One of them is 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff. This week on that show, they were talking about Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon and the NWO. During the NWO days in WCW one of the things you were always watching for was the "surprise" addition to the NWO. Every week there could be a defection from WWF or from the WCW itself to the NWO. Right now, I feel like this is what is going on with the Mets. They are trying to get us to wait for the "sexy"candidate for the managerial job. Is this because they don't really want Girardi? Is this because they have a "backup" candidate in case the three top choices don't end up becoming the Mets manager? "Hey we wanted X to be our manager all along and when X became available we had to jump on it." Is it AROD? Piazza? Wright?

I wonder who this "bombshell" is. Will we ever know? Stay tuned. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Did anyone see this? Pete Alonso Truth or Dare from June?

On Facebook, one of my buddies posted this. Am I the only one that missed it? Why did it take my buddy Justin so long to find it if he knew about it. Also don't tell him he's a buddy of mine. It'll confuse him.

Monday, October 21, 2019

The NY Penn League could be a goner.

With the Mets not offering Edgardo Alfonzo a new contract to manage the Brooklyn Cyclones, this just popped up on my radar. The NY Penn League (Home of the Cyclones) might be a thing of the past. I wonder what the Mets would do. Would the team bump up? Would they go to the DREAM LEAGUE? I have no clue.

The proposal also completely reorganizes the full-season minor leagues. While there would still be Triple-A, Double-A, high Class A and low Class A, those four levels would be completely reworked to make the leagues much more geographically compact. In Triple-A, the Pacific Coast League would shift from 16 teams to 10. The International League would grow to 20 teams. The 14-team low Class A South Atlantic League would be turned into a six-team league with a new Mid-Atlantic league springing up.The short-season Northwest League would move to full-season ball.Under MLB’s proposal, some teams would be asked to move from Class A to Triple-A. Others would be asked to move from Triple-A to Class A, and there would be other less dramatic moves as well.
The proposal lays out valuations for the different levels. Triple-A is valued at $20 million. Double-A is valued at $15 million. High Class A is valued at $10 million. Low Class A is valued at $8 million, and short-season/Rookie-level teams are valued at $6 million. A team moving up from low Class A to Triple-A would be asked to pay $12 million to move up. A team asked to move from Triple-A to high Class A would receive $10 million in compensation for the move down to a lower level. That is likely a significant point of contention in the negotiations because those valuations bear little resemblance to the prices teams are currently going for on the open market. While MiLB team valuations used to be largely tied to their classification level, that is not really true on the open market. A low-attendance, low-revenue Florida State League club in high Class A has a sale price significantly lower than that of a high-revenue low Class A club.
 Not all current full-season teams would survive in this proposal. Some short-season clubs would be asked to move up to take the place of excised full-season affiliates. The proposal even suggests a pair of independent league clubs—in St. Paul, Minn., and Sugar Land, Texas—would be brought into affiliated ball.

What would happen to the 42 current teams who are left without PDCs in the proposal? MLB suggests setting up what it calls the Dream League.
As part of its overhaul, MLB would move the draft back to August and would reduce it to 20-25 rounds. Those players who go undrafted would have the option of playing in the Dream League (or going to independent leagues). The Dream League would be a joint MLB-MiLB venture, but in essence, it would be a quasi-independent league where the clubs would field teams of undrafted players.
MLB teams would be limited in the proposal to fielding five minor league clubs in the United States. That’s four full-season teams plus one complex-based Rookie affiliate. In addition to their 40-man roster players, each MLB team club would be limited to 150-200 players under minor league contracts on MiLB rosters. The proposal does not address roster limits for international players playing in the Dominican Summer League.

From Baseball America 

Writer forgets that Cespedes has a full no trade clause, wants Mets to trade him.

Let's start with the title of this piece.

The New York Mets need to trade OF Yoenis Cespedes this winter

You don't say. Yes they should try to trade Cespedes from the Mets, but there is a problem that isn't recognized in this article. The NO TRADE CLAUSE. Not once is the not trade clause written about in this article. Not once! Here look at the current contract for Cespedes. No TRADE CLAUSE is right there. It took me 30 seconds to look it up.

From Sportrac

From Elite Sports NY
If Cespedes is capable of playing at some point next season, the Mets should seriously consider moving the Cuban slugger. Aside from helping the Mets reach the World Series in 2015, Cespedes hasn’t exactly lived up to his expensive contract.
Injuries have been the main concern for Yoenis throughout his five seasons with the Mets. Last season, a nagging hip injury limited him to just 38 games. During those matchups, he recorded just six doubles, nine home runs, 29 RBIs, .234 ISO, a 0.9 fWAR and a slash line of .262/.325/.496/.821. The veteran is also far beyond his 2016 performance when he produced 31 home runs and earned a 3.7 fWAR.
It may be tough for the Mets to find a trade suitor for Cespedes. However, a trade would be more likely if the Mets are willing to eat some of his remaining salary. If the Mets were to keep half of the remaining $29.5 million on his contract, then they’d most likely be able to complete a trade for the soon-to-be free agent. As it stands, teams like the White Sox, Athletics, Pirates and Padres could all certainly be interested in acquiring Cespedes.
Trading away Cespedes would make sense on all fronts for the Mets. With the emergence of J.D. Davis, the Mets currently have a much cheaper hitter who has shown to be capable of producing power numbers similar to Cespedes.
Davis, 26, only became an everyday player in left field in the second half of the season. Overall, Davis hit for 22 doubles, 22 home runs, 57 RBIs, .220 ISO, .355 BABIP, 136 wRC+, 2.4 fWAR and an impressive hitting line of .307/.369/.527/.895 through just 410 at-bats in 140 games.
Davis’ production this season shows he’s capable of becoming a reliable power hitter worthy of everyday playing time. Therefore, the Mets don’t have any glaring holes in the outfield or the lineup.
This article just annoyed the hell out of me because it reads like a caller from WFAN with their "sure fire" trades. Writers/bloggers can you guys please do your research. I don't profess to be a professional writer in any way. Blogging is and always will be a hobby for me and I try my best to get my fact straight before I hit publish.

Make sure to go to @QBConvention and @mediagoon on twitter and to keep up on all QBC 2020 news.

Mets Hybrid caps are horrible.

For all you guys who want black jerseys back, look how bad these hats look. Come on guys. You know these are horrible.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Would you folks want to buy @QBConvention Tees?

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Please take the time and vote on this @QBConvention question.

Please vote on this if you plan on attending QBC 2020.

We are always trying to do the best thing for the fans. We look toy folks for input 
and to see how we can improve the QBC experience.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Why did the Mets not offer Edgardo Alfonzo a new contract?

I am really confused why Edgardo Alfonzo's contract wasn't renewed after winning a championship with the Brooklyn Cyclones this season. Yeah, it's a developmental league but you still need someone who can teach/develop and mold younger talent and he seemed like he was the guy to do it. So why is he gone? I't can't be about money can it? Did Fonzy want a shot at the Mets job and got mad when they didn't even give him  sniff? Did he want the bench coach job? What is really going on behind the scenes? Does BVW really want his own guys in the org? I want to see what happens with Tony D up in Syracuse. His contract is up to. Does he not get a new one? I know the Mets are now starting to get worried about bad PR and I know this isn't good PR and something in the future might also lead to some bad PR too. Keep an eye out there folks and be vigilant.

Ready for some Mets parking lot movement?

Two large swathes of Willets Point land are being eyed for temporary Citi Field parking spaces, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
That’s because construction of the proposed $2.05 billion AirTrain linking LaGuardia Airport to the area will require staging areas be placed in Citi Field parking lots, the agency said. The work is expected to mostly affect the Southfield lot, which sits south of Roosevelt Avenue.
Sorry T-Shirt people.(Sorry Mr Shark. The Tailgate spot is in the Marina Lot. Been there for a few years).

Read the whole story here at the Queens Chronicle. By the way, you guys should pay more attention to this stuff...

Make sure you keep up on and here for this stuff. Especially for you folks who didn't realize the Wilpons wanted to build two malls.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The MC for the @QBConvention (Queens Baseball Convention) 2020 is.....

Dennis Holden aka @DhapShow, AKA Dennis has a Podcast, AKA, The Host with the Most AKA The guy we ask to Host/MC QBC and he keeps saying yes, is returning to keep all you folks entertained at QBC 2020.

Dennis Holden is a podcaster, interviewer, host, and comedian born in Yonkers, New York, while performing across New York City and surrounding area. Dennis is a lifelong fan of the Mets, Jets, Knicks and Rangers, the musical stylings of Billy Joel, John Mayer, Ben Folds and Elvis Costello, and the accomplished and multi-talented careers of Tony Danza and Chris Jericho. Dennis has also taken philanthropic efforts supporting the Huntington’s Disease Society of America and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Dennis has hosted the Queens Baseball Convention since 2015 interviewing Mets legends Edgardo Alfonzo and Ed Kranepool, and current player Chris Flexen, and playing games and having fun with the crowd. Dennis has appeared on SNY’s Oh Yeah, ABC’s Primetime: What Would You Do? and failed miserably on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

I just wanted to put up multiple pics of DHAP up in this post...

Joe DeMayo to host Minor League Panel at @QBConvention.

We want to welcome Joe DeMayo(@PSLtoFlushing) to the Queens Baseball Convention's Panel host family. Joe has been a guest on panels at QBCs in the past, now he is bringing to you a Minor League panel. No I din't mean his panel is minor league, I meant he is going to talk about the Mets minor league teams. Want to know if the Mets have a sustainable farm system or did they strip it to the bones from the trades in 2019? Joe is your guy.

Joe DeMayo been following prospects since 2003, and have been producing or contributing to Top Prospect lists at varying websites since 2007. Joe writes for and SNY.TV.

QBC 2020, January 18th 2020. More info soon.....

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

@QBConvention: QBC 2020 announces State of the Mets

Were are proud to announce that Mark Healey is yet again going to host the State of the Mets Panel.

Mark C. Healey has been covering the Mets since 1996 for a variety of media outlets, including SiriusXM, Associated Press, Baseball Digest, and Gotham Baseball. He is currently the Editor In Chief of The Wave newspaper in Rockaway Beach. In Spring 2020, his first book, "Gotham Baseball: Legends of the New York Game" will be published by Arcadia Publishing /  The History Press.

You can see the  2019’s State of the Mets Here

Matt Harvey Questioned by DEA

From the N.Y. Post

Drug Enforcement Administration agents questioned the players in a bid to discern if opiate abuse is prevalent among the team — and whether they knew how Skaggs obtained the drugs, a person with knowledge of the interviews told the paper. Those interviewed were not targeted because of any suspicion that they abused opiates. Four pitchers, including Matt Harvey, who is no longer with the team, were among the players questioned. Hurlers Andrew Heaney — Skaggs’ closet pal on the team — was also interviewed, along with Noe Ramirez and Trevor Cahill. It’s unclear who the other two players were, the report said.
Read more here.

I know they say this is just interviews and not suspicion of using anything. This is crazy how Harvey had such an upside with the Mets but hasn’t been himself pitching wise in years and now he has this thrown into his lap too. I wonder what really is going on with the Angels over there and I hope Harvey wasn’t involved in it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

He’s a tote bag you can use to get into Citi Field.

I still hate the backpack ban at Citi Field. I hate the security staff who wear the tactical vests because they think it makes them more official. I hate the way Security treated the fans coming into the stadium the second half of the year. If you need to carry stuff into Citi Field and need to find a new tote bag, here you go at

Monday, October 14, 2019

Flannel Mets Shirt

Here's a flannel shirt with a small embroidered Mets logo on it. If it's your cup of tea, you can look for it on

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Tom Seaver Documentary

22-year-old pitcher Tom Seaver, known as “The Franchise” and “Tom Terrific,” was exactly who New York Mets fans needed in 1967, taking the team from laughingstock to World Champion in 1969 and forming a long-standing bond along the way. “Seaver,” a new FOX Sports Films documentary, celebrates his impact – shedding light on the reclusive icon and his relationship to the team, fans and city. The film, executive produced and narrated by Edward Burns, premieres Sunday, October 13 on FOX at 3:00 PM or 4:30 PM ET (check local listings)
As Burns states in the opening moments: “You can’t understand the Mets without knowing his tale as well.” The film is produced by Marlboro Road Gang Productions and Street Smart Video, in association with Major League Baseball.
Interviewees include Tom and Nancy Seaver, New York Mets Owner Fred Wilpon; former teammates and MLB players Ron Swoboda, Jerry Koosman, Ron Darling, Hank Aaron, Billy Williams, Jim Palmer, Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench, as well as a litany of sports writers and broadcasters who covered baseball during Seaver’s time in the major leagues.
The documentary chronicles Seaver’s career, including a series of trades before he retired as a Met in 1987. While achieving career milestones with other teams, including a no-hitter and 300th career win, the film shows us why his impact on the Mets is lasting. “Seaver” is part of FOX Sports MLB postseason four-film documentary slate.
FOX Sports Films is dedicated to presenting captivating global sports documentaries through an unconventional and entertaining lens. Working with FOX Sports’ live rights league partners, each year the FOX Sports Films team produces original programming around the world’s biggest sporting events.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Mets Managerial Prospect Conspiracy Theory

Anyone remember this from 2007?
Read more here.

Now the conspiracy theorist in me could see why certain names with no managerial experience are being bandied about. That is if this directive is still around. I think the Mets want Girardi but have to go about the MLB directive if this directive is still around.

Friday, October 11, 2019

1969 Mets 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Cradle of Aviation on Oct 16

Our friend Ed Kranepool asked us to make sure all you fine folks know about this cool event. Ed has been great to us over at the If I didn't have to work that night I would  go myself.

A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the World Champion 1969 New York Mets
On October 16, 1969, the New York Mets were crowned world champions. Come relive that iconic moment in time with Art Shamsky, Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda in a special evening as they reminisce about that magical year and the impact it had on the baseball world and the nation.
Cradle of Aviation Museum, Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City NY
October 16th at 7 pm in our Dome Theater
VIP $100, includes post-event photo and autograph opportunity, upfront seating
Non-VIP $50, event only, general admission seating
Seating is limited. Purchase your tickets online now or call Reservations at 516-572-4066 (Mon-Fri, 10-4)

When do the Majestic jerseys go on sale?

Nike is taking over the jerseys on field next year for the MLB. When do the majestic jersey prices get reduced?