Tuesday, October 15, 2019

He’s a tote bag you can use to get into Citi Field.

I still hate the backpack ban at Citi Field. I hate the security staff who wear the tactical vests because they think it makes them more official. I hate the way Security treated the fans coming into the stadium the second half of the year. If you need to carry stuff into Citi Field and need to find a new tote bag, here you go at lids.com.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Flannel Mets Shirt

Here's a flannel shirt with a small embroidered Mets logo on it. If it's your cup of tea, you can look for it on Lids.com

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Tom Seaver Documentary

22-year-old pitcher Tom Seaver, known as “The Franchise” and “Tom Terrific,” was exactly who New York Mets fans needed in 1967, taking the team from laughingstock to World Champion in 1969 and forming a long-standing bond along the way. “Seaver,” a new FOX Sports Films documentary, celebrates his impact – shedding light on the reclusive icon and his relationship to the team, fans and city. The film, executive produced and narrated by Edward Burns, premieres Sunday, October 13 on FOX at 3:00 PM or 4:30 PM ET (check local listings)
As Burns states in the opening moments: “You can’t understand the Mets without knowing his tale as well.” The film is produced by Marlboro Road Gang Productions and Street Smart Video, in association with Major League Baseball.
Interviewees include Tom and Nancy Seaver, New York Mets Owner Fred Wilpon; former teammates and MLB players Ron Swoboda, Jerry Koosman, Ron Darling, Hank Aaron, Billy Williams, Jim Palmer, Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench, as well as a litany of sports writers and broadcasters who covered baseball during Seaver’s time in the major leagues.
The documentary chronicles Seaver’s career, including a series of trades before he retired as a Met in 1987. While achieving career milestones with other teams, including a no-hitter and 300th career win, the film shows us why his impact on the Mets is lasting. “Seaver” is part of FOX Sports MLB postseason four-film documentary slate.
FOX Sports Films is dedicated to presenting captivating global sports documentaries through an unconventional and entertaining lens. Working with FOX Sports’ live rights league partners, each year the FOX Sports Films team produces original programming around the world’s biggest sporting events.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Mets Managerial Prospect Conspiracy Theory

Anyone remember this from 2007?
Read more here.

Now the conspiracy theorist in me could see why certain names with no managerial experience are being bandied about. That is if this directive is still around. I think the Mets want Girardi but have to go about the MLB directive if this directive is still around.

Friday, October 11, 2019

1969 Mets 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Cradle of Aviation on Oct 16

Our friend Ed Kranepool asked us to make sure all you fine folks know about this cool event. Ed has been great to us over at the Queensbaseballconvention.com. If I didn't have to work that night I would  go myself.

A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the World Champion 1969 New York Mets
On October 16, 1969, the New York Mets were crowned world champions. Come relive that iconic moment in time with Art Shamsky, Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda in a special evening as they reminisce about that magical year and the impact it had on the baseball world and the nation.
Cradle of Aviation Museum, Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City NY
October 16th at 7 pm in our Dome Theater
VIP $100, includes post-event photo and autograph opportunity, upfront seating
Non-VIP $50, event only, general admission seating
Seating is limited. Purchase your tickets online now or call Reservations at 516-572-4066 (Mon-Fri, 10-4)

When do the Majestic jerseys go on sale?

Nike is taking over the jerseys on field next year for the MLB. When do the majestic jersey prices get reduced?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Who's Excited for the Queens Baseball Convention (@QBConvention) on January 18th,2020?

I saw some of the likes and responses from you kind folks about 1/18/20 and we really can't wait. We are working on the panels right now and the guest for that day as we speak. We have three players we are in talks with that you guys will love to see at QBC. Can you believe how fast 2019 has gone by that we are already talking about planning of QBC 2020? I kind of feel like that is a campaign banner. ELECT QBC in 2020. Anyway, what are you guys looking forward to the most? Have any panel suggestions? Let us know. Email me at mediagoon@gmail.com or go to www.queensbaseballconvention.com and use the contact buttons on there.

Bobby Valentine regrets one thing about his time with the Red Sox.

In this episode, Bobby Valentine discusses aspects of being an MLB manager that most people never talk about and, later in the show, he explains why he has only one regret about taking the job to be manager of the Red Sox.

Matt Cerrone does a great job with Bobby V. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

@QBConvention- Queens Baseball Convention Official Date

We are proud to announce that the Queens Baseball Convention's date with be January 18th, 2020.
Panels, guests, and location announcement to follow in next days/weeks. Thanks for all the support over the years folks. We really appreciate it.

For up to date information go to www.queensbaseballconvention.com

on Twitter- @QBConvention

Taking a Mental Baseball Break.

The baseball season for me is over. I have now mentally switched to NY Rangers hockey. Folks keep asking me about the post season games and I when I tell them I have no interest in it they are shocked. Right now I am mentally on break from baseball. I get so burnt out after writing posts every day (sometimes 6-10 posts a day) plus planning events like the Lunch with Keith Hernandez, plus work, that I just want to take a few weeks off to reset. That is why the last few days I have been posting very generic stuff. Oh, I also just got off a 6 month job that kicked my ass. My wife, has never seen me this beat up from a job and she’s been in my life for six years now. In the next few days/weeks, I have to lock into the QBC and preparing for all that entails. No we don’t have any announcements yet but we will hopefully soon. I just wanted to keep you guys all up to date on why my sub par writing is even more sub par than usual. I’ll be back to my usual self in a few weeks. Bear with me.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019

Pete Alonso talks to Howie Rose.

Faith and Fear in Flushing published this from the Mets on their FB Page. In case you don't follow those guys here ya go...

Someone is selling someone else's custom bobblehead

I don't know if they realize this is a custom or not.

NY Mets Sullivan 11 Bobble Head Steiner Sports Memorabilia Baseball Collectible

I don't get it....

What should/could I write about?

What can I write about with the Mets right now? The manager search? There is nothing to report there. Should I start posting jerseys/memorabilia I want to sell on here? Should I fall down the eBay Hole? I have to wait until the start of the season to see if security got any better with the way they act towards the fans. I guess the good thing is, I'll have QBC stuff to write about soon. You guys have anything to vent about off field/Stadium wise that happened this season? Hit me up at mediagoon@gmail.com

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Joker Movie Review

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about going to see Joker. A stand alone movie about the Clown Prince of  Crime directed by the guy who directed Old School and the Hangover set in the 1980s? What the hell! Let’s check it out. I am not going to spoil anything for you, but I would say go see it whenever you can. It felt like a movie filmed in the 1970s/80s. While I was working on Gotham Joker was filming a few stages down from us and I didn’t really get to see too much of the set itself, but got to see a lot of the picture cars and also the background actors going to and from set. Quick little behind the scenes look, the marquee for the Murray Franklin Show was actually built on the face of one of the entrances to the production offices at Steiner Studios. It was weird watching that be filmed there, while we were in the stages filming Gotham.

I really enjoyed the set design of Joker. I really felt like I was back in NYC during the early 1980s even though it was supposed to be Gotham of the 1980s. They did a great job using Newark streets of today to give a throwback feel. Todd Phillips even used the Warner Brother's Film logo from the 80's to start the movie off. That got a huge pop out of me. I love little touches like that. 

One of the best things about Joker is you didn't know what when A.Fleck was going to break. You know it was coming of course because the movie is called Joker but you just didn't know when. Joker felt like an homage to Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy and there was definitely a nod to both works by casting Robert De Niro. 

Things I loved-

Joker costume matched up with Joker from Batman TV Series. The smile make up was reminiscent of Caesar Romero's make up also.

Arkham looked like a real dilapidated mental health hospital and not a gothic castle.

You only really felt bad for Arthur Fleck when Joe first started.

This could have been called Jester, had nothing to do with Batman connection and still worked.

Showed how budget cuts for mental health programs is one of the reasons why we are dealing with so much violence and crime.

Kind of Flight Clubesque.

Don't go into the theater thinking this is going to be a run of the mill super hero/villain story. Go into this thinking you are going to see a pretty damn good flick. "But you haven't really told us why you liked it... Like what happens in it?" I hate reviews that give away too much of what happens in the flicks. Just go see it...

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Pete Alonso Bronze Coin Plaque

If you need to get a Mets fan a gift and have absolutely no clue what to get them, don’t get them this.

Celebrate Pete Alonso and his big accomplishment with this Rookie Home Run Record 13'' x 16'' Bronze Coin Photo Mint. This Highland Mint collectible features an individually numbered action shot of Pete Alonso, as well as a commemorative coin with crisp New York Mets graphics. Grab your own piece of baseball history by adding this stunning piece to your New York Mets collection.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Mets wood watch

When did wood watches become a thing? MLB.com

Nice Mets Robe for the MRS.

Wife likes to be comfortable when getting out of the shower? This might be cool for her. MLB.com

Found a Clear Backpack on MLB.COM that you can bring into Citi Field

Still want to bring a backpack into Citi Field? This one is allowed.

Buy it here if you want it. Even though I am against the backpack ban, maybe this will help someone else..

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Tony DeFrancesco should be in the mix for candidates for next Mets Manager.

It's great that the fans and media are firing out candidates left and right but I think they are missing the boat on Tony DeFrancesco so far.

I think Tony should definitely be considered. He is also a NY guy that can deal with the media.
If not the manager at least for bench coach for the Mets. 

Mickey Callaway is gone. Now what?

Who is going to be next for the Mets Manager? Is it going to be one of those bigger names like Joe Maddon? Joe Girardi? Clint Hurdle? Or is it going to be a name that you don't expect like an Edgardo Alfonzo that has just one a championship with the Brooklyn Cyclones? Are folks really throwing out Carlos Beltran as a name? I don't get that one. David Wright? David Cone? Why these names? 

I have no idea what's going to happen. Do the Mets?


FLUSHING, N.Y., October 3, 2019 – The New York Mets today announced that they have relieved Manager Mickey Callaway of his duties, effective immediately. 

“We want to thank Mickey for his consistent work ethic and dedication over the last two seasons and I’m certain these characteristics will serve him well in his next opportunity,” Mets Executive Vice President & General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen said. “A decision like this is never easy, however, we believe it is in the best interest of the franchise at this time.”

Callaway posted a 163-161 (.503) record during his two seasons with the Mets. Callaway was named the Mets 21st manager in club history on October 23, 2017.

More Citi Field Security and Usher Issues

Guys, guys, guys. Your product on the field for the first time in a few years made the second half of the season mean something. It made it fun to watch the game at the ballpark. The security staff and it seems the ushers made the overall ballpark experience so sucky. I seriously don't get what happened. Seasons before the staff wasn't that friendly to begin with but now it has gotten to the point that they act like they are letting folks into Fort Knox. I travel with  the 7Line Army all over the country to other ballparks and almost every parks staff blows Citi Field's staff away. Get their act together next season will you?

Just more and more fun. Now with ushers on power trips at Citi Field.

And also here is a letter to a ticket rep from one of this blogs readers.

Hi B,
Can you please pass this on to security or whoever you see fit to send it to. Thanks.
Last Sunday I went with fairly large group to the Bronx Zoo. There were no bag checks. There were no metal detectors. There were no wands. There were people with Bronx Zoo credentials carefully watching the crowd coming in. There were two police officers dressed normally, not like the swat team at Citi. They were barely paying attention to the crowd. It was a very pleasant experience entering the Bronx Zoo. It often is not at Citi. The Bronx Zoo has over two million visitors a year.

When I told the people I was with stories about entering Citi they could not believe it. Because they go to other stadiums and events. They are from Douglaston and Garden City. They are patrons of the Bronx Zoo and NYC aquarium. We all went through regular entrances at the zoo. No special entrance. They can easily afford Mets games, but they will now never go. They have children and my grandchildren were among them. The parents will not take them. They have viewed the Websites and twitter feeds I told them to check out about Citi Field security.

A few years ago I wrote to the Mets that I don't dread going through airport security or Met Life stadium security. But I dread going through Citi Field security. It is just as true today. Hopefully 2020 brings a change.

Mets, you have a staffing problem at Citi Field. This is going to drive fans away. It made me drop my 1/2 season plan because of all the nonsense the jerky security I have had to deal with this season. Go find the folks who train the amusement park security and get them to consult on the training for the people you hire.

Darling just made next season awkward if Mickey comes back.(Not Anymore)

Update. Never Mind. Mickey is gone... Did Darling know something yesterday?

This could make next season awkward for  Darling and Mickey

From WFAN.com

“I would not bring Mickey back,” said Darling. “I think that some of the decision making is lacking. Do I think he will be back? Yes … What happens I think for a lot of these teams is that they hire these guys that don’t have a lot of experience, and then they’re critical of them when they don’t make the right moves. Experience is everything when it comes to managing, not only a ballclub, but a bullpen and all that kind of stuff.”  

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Former Party Patrol Member gives her thoughts on the T-Shirt cannon suit.

Goon here-  I feel really bad that this guy got hurt and I keep trying to wrap my head around it. I asked Meesh what she thought about this whole situation since she is a former party patrol member.

I guess it's time I chime in on this whole t-shirt situation...


I have to admit, I'm empathetic to this man's injury, but also baffled at the same time. As someone who operated t-shirt cannons in both Shea and Citi, for over 5 seasons, I've seen things go well, not so well, comically for all parties involved, but never tragically; unless you're considering the amount of beers spilled on account of rushing to grab the infamous t-shirt.

When I first read about the incident, on wcbs880.com, I read that the man was 20 feet away from the canon. I envisioned him sitting/standing within the first few rows of field level, and being hit face-on. The article also stated that the man was throw backwards by the velocity of the t-shirt hitting him, hit his head on the steps as he fell, and was knocked unconscious. That is a nightmare, I cringed when reading it, and feel so so bad. As I continued to read various articles I am now learning he was not on the field level, but was in fact up in the the CocaCola Corner (even though some sources call it the Pepsi Porch. It hasn't been called that since 2015). I may not be very good at math, but I do not believe either of those locations (even the front row of field, which is mostly behind a net now, anyway,) are 20 feet from the field/top of the cannon once lifted. Unless the canon was on that level of the ballpark, and the employee operating it was actually the "15-20 feet from Mr. Swanson," that the the WCBS article is claiming, (which historically they never have been,) and the canon gassed as high as possible, I am very confused by all of this.

I've also found a discrepancy, I overlooked this when originally reading the WCBS article; I just wanted to get down to the story. The Daily News titled their article "Mets fan knocked unconscious, nearly blinded by t-shirt cannon..." When I saw this article title this morning, I second thought the entire situation, thinking to myself, "he got hit in the face with the cannon itself?! That makes more sense," simultaneously envisioning the entire cannon leaving the employee's grip, flying towards Mr. Swanson' face, the round hard plastic front of the cannon traveling at the maximum velocity, going right into his one eye. How he didn't end up with a broken eye socket, I didn't know. (Goon here- This paragraph is so Meesh I love it. I want her to write more posts for this blog. Make sure you guys tell her that you like her work.)

I continued to read and was led to the sentence, "the tightly wrapped jersey into Swanson's face from 20 feet away," oh. So my initial read was correct. It was the article of clothing, not the plastic/metal cannon itself. So let's clear the air on that -- he was not injured by the cannon itself, it was the object which came out of the cannon they are claiming caused the injury. The articles also state that he walked down to the railing to try to catch the shirt. Could he have been hanging over the railing? Absolutely, we'll never know, unless a video surfaces. 

Here's what I am comfortable sharing, from my experience and from now being a fan:

- The cannons are heavy

- They can not be "shot" until they are fully gassed up with CO2

- My method was to always lift the cannon, then gas it up, aim carefully, fire; although, I can not attest to this employee's method 

- There is a warning written on everyone's tickets stating to be alert at all times due to flying objects

- There is also a warning on the screen in center-field pre-game informing fans to be alert for the same reason

- Most people don't pay attention during the t-shirt tosses, and those are the people who end up with beer spilled on them, fries in their lap, being elbowed by their neighbor who is jumping to catch the shirt, or hit in the head because they're staring at their phones

- The t-shirts are rolled at the ball park and tied with balloons, not in a factory by machines. Depending on the person who rolled it, they vary in their level of hardness. I was one who liked my shirts rolled tightly because they would go further, as opposed to those that were done more loosely, and had a chance of bursting open upon being released from the canon, which definitely happened

- The canons are tested during the off season for various reasons, one being to gauge how much gas is needed in order to reach a certain height. Once we know that number, the guns are "set." They have a mechanism/feature  that locks the gun to only go up to a certain "mph," (or whatever the term is) and does not allow it to go past that "mph." This is done to avoid injury, in hopes the shirts do not launch too high up (to avoid injury,) and do not go over the stands (but the wind can do some tricky things to a flying t-shirt)

- The "Patrol" are trained during pre-season on how to properly operate the gun and are given restrictions on where to shoot and where not to shoot, to avoid injury

- Occasionally there was a glitch with the cannons, but, I've only seen those revolve around the canon itself and the CO2 inside it; the CO2 tank would ice over and the canons were unable to perform. In that event, the gun would be placed out of the way on the field (you could not predict this, so it was a heat-of-the-moment, be ready just in case, issue,) and the shirts would be tossed by hand

As for his claim:

Envision this... you're standing on the field, ready to launch a t-shirt into the CocaCola Corner. Unless you're standing off to the side (in front of the bullpen, on the grass in front of 101-103, or next to 105/106,) head-on, that's a really tough shot. The WCBS article reported Swanson saying, "he's supposed to aim it upwards but in the middle of aiming it upwards, he hit the trigger and fired it..." Ok. If you are standing in those three locations mentioned above and are launching from the mid-way angle (roughly 45 degrees) you would have to angle the cannon at about 67.5 degrees to even reach the CocaCola Corner from any one of those three locations. 

If the cannon is aimed at about 45 degrees the people receiving the t-shirts are sitting in 101-103 (remember those seats are elevated so you need an angle,) not in the CocaCola Corner. If he was sitting in the front of those areas, and the cannon accidentally launched towards him at the maximum velocity, yes, I can see someone being knocked off their feet, but that is not where he was sitting. (Please note: I am terrible at math, so these angles might be a bit off.)

I feel like I'm on some true-crimes podcast or show trying to figure this out in my head. (Goon should I do a quick podcast with Meesh like Serial?)


The employee would have had to have been standing right under the Porch (101-103) to have hit Swanson directly in his face, the cannon held between a 70-90 degree angle. BUT...how would it have reached his face, head-on, from down there? That's a straight shot upward. 

Answer:  Swanson would have also had to be hanging over the railing looking downward. I believe, pre-game warnings specifically state to not do this. 

This seems a bit unrealistic. I never took Physics, but I watched a lot of the Big Bang Theory, so based on Physics (I think,) shooting the cannon from a 70-90 degree angle would result in the t-shirt going up in the air, and coming directly down, like when you hold a garden hose up and the water arches, and comes right back down all over your hand; unless there was obstruction (like Mr. Swanson) in the way. (Not sure if this makes sense or not, I hope it does.)

I can believe there is a chance he was not paying attention and as a result got hit in the face by the shirt. Maybe someone near him caught the shirt and their finger went in his eye or their finger nail tore something (I've seen that happen in real life with a tear-duct... Halloween 2009... Bell Blvd.... *cue flashbacks and a trip to the ER*.) I can believe in a freak accident where the corner of the shirt, the tag, or the balloon that the shirt was tied with got into his eye and maybe that caused the damage. But, I am not a medical professional, so what do I know. I think we've all been in a situation where a child stuck their finger in our eyes, we've danced with a mixed drink and accidentally taken a straw to the eye (ladies, you know what I mean...'I wanna dance with somebody',) a rogue eyelash gets in there, or a freak accident where something went flying (maybe a toe-nail) and got into our eye. 

I have seen some crazy things with those canons, one may or may not have involved a BigMac (Goon-I am so curious about this one now). I've seen fans in suites come to games with oak-tag paper and a giant red target drawn on it, and we would aim for the target, hitting it equaled a successful t-shirt toss (I miss those days.) I have seen people leap over an entire row to catch a shirt, resulting in grown men falling on top of one another. I have seen people get hit, beers and hot dogs go flying because the person was bumped into, and many a vendors dropping pretzels. What I have never seen on any level of the ballpark is a person get hit so hard with a t-shirt that they fell over, hit their head, and were knocked unconscious, resulting in a retinal detachment. Again not saying this didn't happen this time, just that I have never seen this type of injury with all my experiences at the ballpark.

Regardless of my personal feelings, bewilderment, and experiences with the canon, or my true-crime analysis; which may or may not have mathematically made sense, I do feel terrible that this man could potentially lose his vision, and is suffering with such discomfort. I also hope they find out a way to re-attach his retina, it's terrible and probably extremely painful. 

I have been trying to figure out the story of the Guy who got hit in the eye with a t-shirt suing the Mets.

I have been trying to figure out what was going on with this story.

From the NY Daily News

Swanson walked down to the rail, hoping to add another shirt to his collection when the guy operating the T-shirt cannon seemed to be having trouble with his shooter.
The man lowered the muzzle to deal with the issue — and discharged the tightly wrapped jersey into Swanson’s face from 20 feet away.
The doting dad said he was knocked off his feet and fell backwards, hitting his head and blacking out.
Read more here.

So he walked down from the Rails and was leaning over it? How was he 20 feet away from the cannon? What is the distance from the field to the first row of the Coca Cola Corner(not the Pepsi Porch like The Daily News reported. It's been the Coca Cola Corner since 2016)?

The first row to the field looks more than 20 feet away to me.

Now I am not saying this did or didn't happen but it seems like there are details missing somewhere. Maybe the Mets have to switch to slingshots instead of cannons now? Also as a part of the way stuff works in the cosmos, this was on EYEwitness News.

Responses to my" Citi Field Security Staff Needs to be retrained" post from yesterday.

Here is the post from yesterday if you want to catch up. Click here. All Caught up? Cool here we go.

These are comments from themediagoon.com facebook page.

They really need to figure out how to get folks that can be efficient and nice at the same time at the gates. These folks are getting to be a nuisance. Becca there is friendly with a lot of the security guards and if she is getting treated like this what does it say for the rest of us? Disney World has almost 10 times more visitors a day with backpacks coming into their parks than the Mets have coming into the the ballpark daily. How is it that Disney's guards deal with the public so much better? Maybe the Mets can bring in their head of training in for a seminar to train their trainer.

As for the kids with the sappy cups. I get the fact that if I was to bring in a water in a cup that mine would be tossed out, but what about these kids? They shouldn't be doing this to toddlers. I heard the whole story in person and I am so dismayed at this teams security staff on the whole.  On the other hand I have been dealing some of the nicer security guards now at the rotunda gates.It seems the Mets shifted the one with better personalities out to the main gate. The horror stories I am hearing now are the ones on the Bullpen/LF/RF gates. 

I also know some great security staff at the ballpark and I wish they could be cloned and put at the gates.

Overall this is just ridiculous.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Pete Alonso donated his cleats to 9/11 Museum

Read the whole article here.

The kid is doing the right thing so far in the grand scheme of things.

Did the Backpack ban make it easier to get into Citi Field?

Why is this being done?
Enhanced ballpark security and a more efficient guest entry process are the driving forces behind this policy change. Fan security and overall experience at the ballpark for all of our guests remains our priority 
I am going to start right here on this one. I haven't seen this be more efficient at all. Matter of fact having to go to the locker trucks and then having to dump the contents of your backpack into a clear bag to bring in makes it less efficient for fans. It has really taken a dump on the ballpark experience and I really don't know how this enhances fan security. It has also seemed to have helped some of the security guards to think that they have a right to put their ungloved hands on someones cigarettes, birth control pills, medications, and tampons. Rumor has it is that this policy was in place because folks were sneaking in alcohol.
When is the effective date? 
Our new Bag Policy will go into effect on Monday, May 20, 2019 in conjunction with our game versus the Washington Nationals at 7:10pm.
This was a bad time to do it. Should have been done at beginning of season.(Really shouldn't be done a all)
Why backpacks? Can't a purse have just as many pockets to search, so why are you allowing that style bag? 
Backpacks have a lot of compartments and are cumbersome to inspect. While we understand that other bags could be just as large or have multiple compartments, we are able to limit the number of bags that fit that criteria by prohibiting easily identifiable bags such as backpacks. It allows us to screen guests faster and more effectively. 
don't think it has. Now security is checking everything. Wallets, cigarettes, tampon cases, birth control pills, eyeglass cases, and keys. I don't know how this has made it easier or faster to get in the ball park. I kind of want to design a messenger bag that's is nothing but pockets.
Won't this slow down entry into the ballpark?
Eliminating backpacks from the possibility of entering the ballpark will only speed up the entry process as the bag scanning process will only improve with easier to search bags.
NOPE NOPE NOPE. See above.
Does this mean I can't bring in my laptop? Diaper bag?
Tote bags, purses, diaper bags that are not backpack-style, drawstring, laptop & messenger style bags, along with small soft sided coolers, are bags that are still permitted into Citi Field as long as they are smaller than 16"x16"x8". They will be screened by security prior to entry. Laptops, tablets and other electronic devices are still permitted to be brought in with you to Citi Field.
A security guard actually side in a very snark way to a fan, why are you complaining about then back packs, we at least you let you bring your iPads in.
What else is being prohibited at Citi Field?
At this time, no other changes are being made to our prohibited items list. The contents that you were bringing in with you prior to May 20th will still be permitted as long as they are in an approved size and style bag. If you have any questions regarding a specific item, please review our security policies prior to departing for Citi Field found here
Until you get to the front gate and the Security guard either doesn't know the policies or makes them up on his own. Happened so many times this season.
I am bringing my family to the game, can I bring in a bottle of water or juice box?
Guests may bring in one, soft, plastic, factory-sealed water bottle of 20 ounces or less. Guests may also bring in one sealed, soft-sided child's juice box. Note: Water bottles and juice boxes may not be frozen.
One security guard cracked open a water bottle to make sure it was sealed.
Can I store my backpack at Citi Field somewhere?
There are no bag check facilities inside of Citi Field so it is important to review the security policies
prior to departing for the ballpark. However, in the event that a guest is not aware of our enhanced bag policy prior to arrival, we will have temporary on-site locker rentals available and operated by a third party for a fee that can serve as a last minute solution. The locker rentals are being offered by an outside company and will be available two hours prior to the start of the game and then up to an hour after the game is completed.
You notice they don't mention what happens when all the lockers are full or that the lockers are small and won't fit a backpack full of contents. The Devils bought their own lockers that are like the ones down at Six Flags. They are of decent size and you don't have to empty contents out of them.
I have medical needs, what am I supposed to do without being able to bring in my backpack? If for any reason your medical equipment cannot be stored or transported in any of our approved bags (i.e. tote bags or drawstring bags), exceptions to our bag policy can be made for backpacks used for ADA/medical/nursing reasons. Please see the Security Supervisor assigned to your entry gate to receive the proper permissions and credentials needed to bring your backpack prior to each game you attend. 
Some of the supervisors were not aware of this. They turned folks away.
What if I purchase a backpack within Citi Field, what happens then? 
Backpacks will still be offered at our many retail stores within Citi Field. If you decide to purchase a backpack as a gift while attending a game, you will receive a Citi Field credential that will be attached to your newly purchased backpack that will give you permission to use that bag while on-site for that particular game. However, you will not be permitted to bring that backpack back in with you while attending any future games as the dated credential will be expired.
We hope that you buy stuff at Citi Field and need to buy a backpack to store it.
How many other MLB teams have a similar policy?
The New York Mets are the 6th MLB team to prohibit backpacks following the Astros, Cardinals, Nationals, Rays, and Tigers. 
I wonder how many folks commute  on public transportation and go to these games right from work.
Mets you need to step up your game next season.

The Mets Security Staff really needs to be retrained for 2020

I am first going to say, the last five games of the season, I didn't have a problem with security personally,
 but I do know friendswho did and also folks have mentioned it to me and my cousin on twitter.This one
 I have to say really annoys me. If you see and older person, a person with special needs, or kids, can you
 please be considerate and nice to them. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BE NICE AT YOUR JOB? 
I get that there are some fans that are pains in the asses. I have dealt with it at the QBC myself. 
But you have to know how to be nice about it. When I did have to ask someone to leave the QBC, 
I was nice about it, gave them a refund, and even though they cursed me out, I kept being nice. 
When you are working with fans that are paying money to go somewhere or do something make 
the experience pleasant for them. You don't know what is going on with folks that are older and 
there is absolutely no reason to get short with them. If there is a problem going on, maybe turn t
the person with them and maybe they can help you out.

My friend MJ the other night had an experience again too. She is very friendly with Mets players 
and the wives/gfs and they look for her after the games by the parking lot. The barrier for the lot 
was not placed right and the guard asked everyone to move back. MJ went to bend down to get he
 bag and as she was doing that the guard put his hand  MJ nudged her  and said I told you to move back.
 She goes to him I was trying to pickup my bag so I could move back. There was no need to put your 
hands on me. It really is unreal what is going on at the stadium.

It's time for every security guard to be trained the same way. It's time for them to know what is 
and what isn't allowed in the stadium. There needs to be consistency in this staff. I was a ticket 
plan holder since Citi Field opened.After this past season I have not renewed my seats.
 I will not renew my seats. 

Mets, you guys really need to figure this out.