Friday, February 23, 2018

I'm on my way to PSL to see Mets games, so this is the Post you get.

Baseball? Boring? What? From USA Today's Ted Berg...

Oh, it’s easy: Avoid them entirely. People have the right to not enjoy baseball, even if that decision seems factually incorrect. But being in-your-face about not enjoying baseball, and being serious about it, probably reflects either immaturity or plain combativeness. I honestly don’t have all that many close friends, but in adulthood, I feel like I can never find enough time to hang out with them as it is. Why bother with people who want to mock what you love, especially when what you love is something as beautiful and perfect and stupid as baseball?

Yo says No to Golf

From the NY Daily News.

"Yoenis Cespedes is sacrificing his love of golf for the hope that he can remain healthy this season. A front office source confirmed reports that Cespedes gave up the game after he suffered a hamstring injury last season and has told them that he doesn't plan to play this season.
"This was all his decision," the front office source said. "He came to us with the idea."
Cespedes' love of golf has always been a "bad optics" issue for the Mets and their slugger.
In 2015, when Cespedes left Game 4 of the NLCS with left shoulder soreness, fans began reporting that they had seen him at Medinah Country Club that morning. The Mets clinched that night and Cespedes went on to go 3-for-20 with no extra-base hits in their World Series loss to the Royals."
MG: Thank goodness. He finally might be getting it... I'm hurt, let me go swing a club...

Matz Tired of Injury Talk


MG: This guy is more of a medical oddity then my sister.    

Mets MLB's Best Pitching Staff According to Pitching Coach 

From the NY POST

"— Dave Eiland has been around the pitching block. He’s a straight shooter who tells it like it is, and that’s the way he’s been since the first time we crossed paths 26 years ago.
So when he’s asked about his impressions of the Mets starting pitchers now that he has had time to work with them and with spring-training games beginning Friday at First Data Field, don’t underestimate the importance of his words.
“When healthy I wouldn’t trade it for any other rotation in baseball,” Eiland told The Post of the group headed by Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard."
MG: Anyone else feel like this is tempting the Fates?

Let's Get the Party Started
From the NY Post
“I would prefer to get the games going,” Gonzalez said Thursday before the Mets completed their fourth full-squad workout of the spring.
“When you are out there doing workouts, you are going station to station and you don’t have time to chat. So when you are playing games, you are in the dugout, and that is when you do most of your chatting, so you only get to know guys through the games.”
Gonzalez and Todd Frazier, two of the team’s offseason acquisitions, will get their first feel of a Mets uniform when the gates at First Data Field are unlocked for an exhibition game Friday against the Braves.

MG: See Ya guys in PSL later today...

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