Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Did the Wilpons care?

Did the Wilpons care? Yes they cared about winning. They cared about putting a team together as cheaply as possible? In my opinion, yes to that. Did the Wilpons care about their fans? Again in my opinion, not as much as they think they did. I have felt over the years the Wilpons have bungle many fan friendly type events. From no Mets fans want a fan fest to the sendoff to spring training events that they did, they for lack of a better term half assed it. With the Fan fest in 2020, they did a great job. I was impressed by how well they had it nailed down. The problem I have with it though is it took fans to show proof of concept with the QBC aka Queens Baseball Convention to show them that fans wanted to celebrate the Mets.

That Spring Training send off that they did a few years ago was supposed to be for a limited number if folks with tickets for it and then it became a free for all. Literally just show up and you can get a signed pic from a former player and some photo ops with Mr and Mrs Met.

Even the stadium itself. The fans had to complain (@Metspolice and myself amongst them) that there weren't any real historical Mets stuff. There wasn't a Mets Museum. The team store was double the size of what it is now and half of it was Brooklyn Dodgers gear. Any time you would bring this up to the Mets about the Dodgers it was "It is because of the lineage of the Mets that came from National League Teams of NY." Yet, there wasn't one NY Giants piece of merch anywhere. So what happened there?

There weren't any pics around the concourse at all of the ball park throwing back to the the history of the Mets. It took a full year for this to happen. What about that bridge in right center? You know they were waiting for a sponsor for it before they named it Shea Bridge.

If they cared about fans they would have made it easier for fans to get around the food lines while walking.

If they cared about the fans they would have enforced the no going down to your seats during an at bat rule. If they cared about the fans they would have trained a lot of the security folks to be more pleasant to their customers coming into the ballpark while doing their jobs. If they cared about the fans when designing the ballpark with the plexiglass up top, they would have mentioned obscured nightlines when they sold you the tickets. If they cared about the fans, they wouldn't make them line up to get bobble heads 2 1/2 hours before a game. They would make sure there was one for every fan. 

Let me get back to my original point of this post. Did the Wilpons care? Yep. They did care but they didn't care enough. I don't know if I have mentioned this or not, but at the last actual full QBC event, Jeff Wilpon wanted to show up as a surprised guest and he was talked out of it by his people. In my eyes if he cared about what the fans thought of him and wanted to really change his image he would have told his people he was coming anyway.

I wanted to thank Joe deMayo for his tweet because it actually gave me something to write about.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Matt Harvey "Dark Knight" Inscribed Ball


"Personally hand signed Baseball Officially licensed by the MLB.Obtained under the auspices of the MLB Authentication Program and can be verified by its numbered hologram at MLB.comAccompanied with an individual numbered, tamper-evident hologram from Fanatics Authentic, this process ensures that your edition is authentic and eliminates any possibility of duplication or fraud.This Baseball is being sold Unframed"

I guess news gets to Australia really, really slow.... How much is this ball really worth?

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Download Mets Pumpkin Stencils


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The Mets can have a SEAVER stencil but no statue

Anyway this is fun for the kids. Download here.

Stroman flirting with the Yankees.

From the NY POST


 After the Yankees’ season ended, general manager Brian Cashman said the team’s rotation “was at risk” in the playoffs “and that needs to get improved upon.”

Clearly, Marcus Stroman agrees, as the right-hander took to Twitter on Wednesday to explain why he would fit into the Yankees’ rotation.

In response to a Twitter post saying Stroman would be “the steal of the offseason,” the pending free agent agreed and posited he’d be at least their third-best starter in 2021.

“Besides [Gerrit] Cole, there’s no current yankee pitcher who will be anywhere in my league over the next 5-7 years,’’ Stroman wrote. “Their pitching always folds in the end. That lineup and payroll should be winning World Series’ left and right … yet they’re in a drought! Lol.”

Read more here

I wasn't a fan of Marcus Stroman when he pitched in Toronto. Still wasn't a fan when he pitched for the Mets. I just don't think he is a solid pitcher. The opting out of the season once he got his service time in was a little shady too. If he wants to flirt and end up with the Yankees it's fine with me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Owners of the New Brewery at Citi Field will be..

 The same folks that owned Majority Shares in Mikkeller NYC.

MLB’s Ownership Committee approved Cohen to be the team’s next owner according to the NY POST

From the NY POST 

 Steve Cohen is one significant step closer to becoming the owner of the Mets.

The Post confirmed MLB’s Ownership Committee approved Cohen to be the team’s next owner, with sources saying Cohen received seven of the eight votes on the board. Sportico first reported Cohen’s approval.

Next up will be the eight-owner Executive Committee, followed by the full ownership group, when Cohen will need 23 of 30 votes for his $2.475 billion purchase of the Mets to go through. Since the Mets will vote for Cohen, he’ll really need just 22 of 29.

Cohen met virtually with the Ownership Committee earlier this month and the full ownership group vote could occur as soon as the week following the conclusion of the World Series, with Game 1 Tuesday night in Arlington, Texas.

As The Post’s Ken Davidoff reported Saturday, there is “cautious optimism” that Cohen will secure the necessary votes, although not necessarily unanimity.

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf had previously opposed Cohen’s pursuit of the Dodgers and Reinsdorf is friendly with Alex Rodriguez — who attempted to buy the Mets in a group that included fiancĂ©e Jennifer Lopez, and business titans Vincent Viola and Mike Repole. That group could revive its bid if the opportunity arises. Another group led by Josh Harris, who owns the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils, also bid for the Mets.

Read more here

Anyone think Cohen doesn't get approved? I think some of the signs like Mikkeller (which was owner by a lot of Wilpons and Katz kinfolk) closing up shop and the US Regulators okaying Cohen to buy the team, I think it's pretty fair to say the owners will vote yes on the sale, even if they are worried about spending. The positive side for them is that the Mets making money, makes the central fund richer.

Mets Zombies

 I guess Halloween is coming and you might want something like this.

Forever Collectibles Zombie - NY Mets - New York Mets. Condition is Used. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

MLB on Fox's twitter account made me chuckle.


This is actually pretty funny.

@Mets still misplacing more fan cut outs.

 Looks like the Mets still haven't figured out the pickups yet. They tried to do a good thing but as usual didn't execute it well.  You can read about it here and here. And below are a couple of new add ons.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Any one know this fan? @Mets gave his cut out to wrong person.


I mean the Mets do try to do the right thing but as usual the Mets it up. If anyone knows this fan you can hit me up at mediagoon@gmail.com

Friday, October 16, 2020

@Mets Fan Cutout is already missing for pickup at @Citifield

Seems like the picking up of the cutouts is hitting some snags already. My buddy just DM'd me that he could only pick up one of his cutouts.

So my buddy took time out to go pick his cut outs up and he only got, "We'll let you know on Monday about it." I wonder if they misplaced it and instead of owning up to it they are trying to scramble and have it remade from the file that was sent in and that is why it is going to take until Monday to figure this out. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong. Maybe the Mets are doing something awesome with his cut out and I am being to negative. Anyone else deal with this today?

Mets as usual feel free to hit me up with your side of the story so I can clarify it to the fans.

Also how is the pickup going? Is it smooth? Let me know.

UPDATE- it took a while to find some cutouts and another friend got someone else's cut outs and his is missing.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Mets Beer Flight.


Who besides Ceetar has beer flights at home? This is another dopey item.

Show off your dedication to the New York Mets at your next get-together with this Craft Beer Flight. This two-tiered acacia tray includes four 4oz. beer glasses suspended in the top shelf, and hallowed areas to hold the beer caps. It also features a chalkboard panel so you can label your beers with the included soapstone pencil. This awesome piece is sure to highlight your New York Mets spirit!




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PRE-SALE PRICE: $149.99 



- Mets patch across the chest 

- Mets skyline patch on left sleeve

- Black satin 

- Officially licensed by MLB



Our mens jacket sizes are based off a suit jacket. We typically recommend going down a size from your normal sweatshirt/t-shirt size if you prefer a more tailored fit.

XS: 32-34 

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Bring Home the Jake Mangum Hit King Bobblehead Today!


Bring Home the Jake Mangum Hit King Bobblehead Today! 


We are not worthy! Bring home the Jake Mangum Hit King Bobblehead and pay your respects to the greatest hitter in SEC history.


Before coming to Brooklyn as a member of the New York Mets, Mangum took Mississippi State by storm for four years of unforgettable moments and unwavering consistency at the plate. Jake finished his Bulldogs career with 383 hits, the most all-time in conference history and the fourth-most in NCAA history.


Purchase the Jake Mangum Hit King Bobblehead for $30 (includes shipping)! Limit eight (8) bobbleheads per order and no ballpark pickup – everything must be shipped.


With your purchase, the Brooklyn Cyclones will make a donation to support healthcare and essential workers.



Mets Emergency Road Side Kit

I found this little gem on the inter webs today. Looks super junkish to me. I think I would rather use anything else but this if I broke down on the road.

A little car trouble won't keep you from celebrating your New York Mets spirit when you grab this Roadside Emergency kit! This useful New York Mets kit features supplies such as basic tools, fuses, and jumper cables to get you on your way in no time. All of the contents come in a triangular-shaped tote with reflective tape that doubles as a roadside hazard sign to help you stay safe.

  • Product ID: 2449776
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • 1 tire-pressure gauge
  • 1 Triangular-shaped tote with reflective tape that doubles as a roadside hazard sign
  • 1 9-piece ratchet set (socket sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1/2") with rigid hand driver
  • 1 set of jumper cables (8.2-ft long, 15-gauge copper with laminated instructions tag affixed to the cables)
  • 1 heavy-duty plastic ice scraper
  • Blade-style automotive fuses: (1) 10 amp, (2) 15 amp, and (1) 20 amp
  • 1 pair of white work gloves (woven heavy-duty cotton blend)
  • 1 Phillips screwdriver (7-1/4")
  • 1 roll of red electrical tape
  • 1 flathead screwdriver (7-1/4")
  • Insulated ring and spade terminals (3 of each)

    Tuesday, October 13, 2020

    Steve Cohen looking out for Citi Field Seasonal Employees.

    Art by @grafixjoker

     If I was a cynical Mets fan, I would say this is just a PR move to get MLB Owners to vote him the sale of the team. If I was cynical, I would say imagine the PR nightmare MLB Owners would have to deal with at that time? If I was cynical, I would say that there might be contracts that need to be renewed for the unions and this is a way to make a favorable first impression with them. But, Hey, I'm not cynical and at least the possible new ownership will help put some money in the pockets of the folks in need from that work at the stadium 

    From the NY POST.

    Steve Cohen, because of his vast wealth and what could be done with it in procuring players, has been the people’s choice to gain control of the Mets. He also is solidifying another constituency — seasonal employees.

    Cohen worked out a deal with the three unions that represent Citi Field seasonal employees such as food service workers, janitors and security guards that if he is approved to become Mets owner, he would pay each $500 a month this offseason to financially assist those who did not work a single game amid the pandemic in 2020, The Post has learned.

    The deal would cover 1,140 workers over five months, so basically $2,500 per person between November and Opening Day. That is a $2.85 million commitment if Cohen’s ownership is approved.

    The heads of the three unions that represent the seasonal workers — Kyle Bragg, president of SEIU Local 32BJ; Bill Granfield, president of UNITE HERE Local 100; and Richard Lanigan, business manager of OPEIU Local 153 — said in a joint statement:

    “On behalf of the over 1,000 employees our unions collectively represent, we are extraordinarily grateful to Steve Cohen for this multi-million dollar commitment to help the seasonal workers of Citi Field.

    “During this period of uncertainty, the food service employees, custodians, concessions staff and other vital workers are struggling to make ends meet while the stadium remains closed. There is no question that this pledge of financial assistance represents a lifeline for these hardworking families.

    Read more here

    Wilpons didn’t want to invest in technology.

     For years us Mets fans also have said the Wilpons/Mets never did the moves that would help them compete or put the over the top to become a winner. This just shows how they are with even tech that could be written off probably as a cost for business. How do you not do something like this to help your team win and when then win they make more money? The ineptitude of the owners for the Mets really did know no bounds.

    From the NY Post

    Sunday, October 11, 2020

    Amazon Hub at Citi Field.


    I was wondering why there were two huge building size tents that all of a sudden were put up in the employee parking lot over at Citi Field. Metspolice saw from Ted Alexandro on twitter that it is an Amazon Hub. Now with the Amazon hub being there who is making the money off the rental of the lot? Is it the Mets? Is it NYC? Are they getting the money from the rental? I am just curious as to who is getting the money. Did the Wilpons get permission from the parks department like when they were trying to build the second mall in the Citi Field parking lot where Shea Stadium once stood. This is one of those weird things that always ends up on Orbit around the Mets. 

    You want to work there? Well the Mets signage is telling you how if you want to.

    Check out Metspolice.com 

    Saturday, October 10, 2020

    Mets seem to have screwed up the fan cut out pickups


    The Mets have botched up the fan cut outs once again. If you don't have a car don't bother going to Citi Field to pick up your cut out, even if you made your appointment to do so. In this email it states you can only pick up your cut out via vehicle. Now I get that with what is going on with Covid-19 and that is actually a smart plan. But why not have this plan set up since the beginning when folks were filling out the times to make appointments for the cut outs? Maybe they could have worked out something with a friend who was already going has a car to come pick it up for them? Maybe you could have offered a shipping option for a couple of bucks extra? Maybe you could have told folks originally when you guys set up the sale for the cutouts that they could keep the cutouts(you guys would have had more cut outs bought then)? As usual when the Mets do something "Good" for their fans, they still end up screwing it up.

    Am I surprised? Nope.

    Friday, October 9, 2020

    Late Knight Warriors Against Cancer


    Buddy of mine and a member of the Queens Baseball Convention family is helping to raise money for the Cancer Research Center.

    Hello friends, well wishers, fellow sports fans, and the random people that follow me just to argue. We at the Late Knight Warriors are doing a limited shirt run to raise money that goes directly to the Cancer Research Institute to help with the fight against cancer. Shirts are available in adult and kid sizes. We've already hit our minimum, but would love to add on to that. Cheers! And Fuck Cancer! - Elvis Cage

    You guys might know Elvis as The 7 Line Army DJ from the tailgates and other events. Let's show some support to this cause. 

    All of us in some way, shape, or form have had our lives affected by cancer. All proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute to help them battle against cancer.

    All funds raised will go directly to Cancer Research Institute, Inc.

    You can buy your shirt or just donate here.

    Thursday, October 8, 2020

    Daily News Tom Seaver Book Pre-Order


    "The Franchise" Tom Seaver was unquestionably one of the most legendary New York Mets of all time—and certainly the most terrific. The ace pitcher's passing in 2020 saddened not just Mets fans throughout the region but baseball fans everywhere, who watched with admiration and respect during Seaver's 20-year Hall of Fame career. 

    Terrific is a celebration of Seaver's incomparable run in New York and beyond, from the debut season which earned him Rookie of the Year Honors to the 1969 "Miracle Mets" World Series to his 12 All-Star Game selections and astounding 3,640 strikeouts. Through memorable stories and historic photography from the New York Daily News archives, fans can celebrate Seaver's legacy and relive an unparalleled career one striking moment at a time.
    Click here to Pre-Order

    Cool Darryl Strawberry Card.


    Pretty cool looking  Strawberry Auto... Can find it here.

    Wednesday, October 7, 2020

    New York Mets Starter Vintage Varsity Satin Full-Snap Jacket - Royal/Cream


    Your throwback outfits with this New York Mets Vintage Varsity satin full-snap jacket from Starter will definitely make a statement at the ballpark. Its high-quality material and striped cuffs, hem and collar create a stylish aesthetic that will last through every pitch. An elite piece of outerwear, this jacket uses its New York Mets graphics on the front and back to provide you with the trendiest way of supporting your favorite team in MLB.
    This is an ugly, ugly, ugly piece of merch.

    Monday, October 5, 2020

    New The7Line Home Run Beanie


    Our world famous Home Run Apple beanie just got a gigantic facelift! After many years, we decided this classic needed an upgrade.

    This premium version features a ribbed knit body, chain stitched Mets and HOME RUN embroidery, and a premium plush pom. It's gorgeous. 

    This will be the ONLY drop of these beanies this fall/winter, so definitely set an alarm now to scoop yours up. It's all going down AT 10AM ETON OUR WEBSITE. 

    Saturday, October 3, 2020

    Found this Subway Series helmet


    I don’t have many words about this.

    From eBay

    Very rare vintage Brian Asher Mets Subway Series helmet / hat from 1988. Complete and working. The apple on top is slightly damaged. Mechanized subway cars rotate on track around Yankee/Mets Shea stadium. Very cool !History of this helmet :In the Spring of 1988, there was a lot of talk in the New York sports press about a potential Subway Series in baseball that year since both New York teams were potentially very good that year. This inspired Huntington Resident and baseball fan Brian Asher to create and develop the one and only Subway Series batting helmet. The helmet consisted of a basic Mets or Yankees souvenir batting helmet to show your team allegiance to which was added railroad tracks, a stadium which was half Shea Stadium and half Yankee Stadium which housed a windup toy motor. The toy motor had a "driveshaft" sticking out of the top of the stadium to which was attached a plastic rod with a number 4 Subway car on one end, and a number 7 on the other. When the rod was wound up, the cars would revolve around the stadium on the track. A little apple symbolic of the BIG APPLE was secured to the top of the stadium. The helmet was finished off with decals of the words "Subway Series" in graffiti style writing on either side of the helmet and the names of the Shea and Yankee Stadium stops on their respective sides, There are also decals of the stadiums to show details as well as on the subway cars.Brian's brother Jerry, a Huntington attorney and licensed Professional Baseball Player Agent enlisted the help of two of his clients, Buddy Harrelson (Mets coach at the time) and Rafael Santana (Yankees shortstop at the time) to make a 30 second commercial which aired on Yankees and Mets games on Cablevision in October of 1988. After a considerable investment in plastic injection molding tooling, consulting fees, materials, advertising and office space, "the Asher boys" were in business!

    Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    Minor League Baseball Statement


    The Very First Thing I Want Steve Cohen To Do When He Takes Over.

     Everyone keeps thinking about the front office and player moves that they want Steve Cohen to make when he takes control over the Mets. I want him to do one thing as soon as he gets into the mega zord control room. I want him to pay Bobby Bonilla one lump sum of what he is still owed from his deferred payments. I know, I know, there are so many other things that should take priority over this like getting a Catcher or a Centerfielder. I am just so tired of hearing the same stupid it’s Bobby Bonilla Day hack joke that’s been going on for years. It was funny the first couple of timed but every year someone things they are funny about posting the joke. 

    If Cohen pays this off  Bonilla in one lump sum, then one of the bigger things that the Wilpons made the Mets the brunt of jokes go away. This would be a quick, “This is done. Now we move on” kind of thing that would quiet down the Mets are jokes because they still pay a retired player even though other  teams do this also.

    Steve Cohen please get rid of this hack joke for all Mets fans.

    Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Mets Sweat Hoodie

     As we approach sweater weather I started to check out Mets hoodies. I don't get this two toned logo.

    Active New York Mets fans will love the lightweight coverage of this Split Logo hoodie top from Nike. The polyester blend is equipped with Dri-FIT technology to keep you comfortable and performing at your best. Adorned with the New York Mets logo on the chest, you can show your support for the team that has provided you with countless memories over the years.

    Sunday, September 27, 2020

    The first @The7LineArmy outing and RA Dickey's 20th win game was 8 years ago today.


    I didn't realize this until I took a look at one of my walls today.

    That's right. it is a game used base from September 27th 2012.Eight years have gone by so fast. It doesn't feel like it has been this long. Almost a full decade. It was the day of RA Dickey's 20th win and also the start of the 7LineArmy with it's first official outing.I've been a part of  The 7Line Army since day one. Darren is a close friend of mine and it is amazing where he has built the7line and the7lineArmy brands over the years. Congratulations to him and to all the folks who have come to the road trips and home games over the years. I have met a lot of my close and dear friends through the T7LA and I am proud to be a part of this group and to be friends with Darren and friends like Shoe, Kelly, Lizy, Drew, Evan, Meesh, Dan , MJ, Nancy, Bianca, and so many others that I would be writing here for days. Also if it wasn't for The 7Line I know we wouldn't have ever thought of trying to get the Queens Baseball Convention off the ground.

    From Wikipedia
    The first outing was the final home game of the 2012 season, September 27. Meenan had the idea to try to host a group outing. He began by purchasing 100 tickets in the Big Apple Reserve section, and then when they sold out, he purchased 100 more, and then 100 more. In the end, he sold 550 tickets to the game.

    Now along with it being the first outing it was also a great bright spot in a so so season for the Mets and us fans. It was RA Dickey going for his 20th win and to help secure the CY Young award for 2012. This was a full blown fun hang with a group of fellow fans sitting in pretty empty stadium having a great time cheering with each other and hitting the highs of knowing that Dickey was going to win his 20th game. We all went crazy cheering after the game and it was one of the best days I have had at Citi Field. I am anticipating going back and being able to hang out with all my peeps again.