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Monday, November 30, 2020

Steven Cohen is a part of PSA (Collector's Universe) Buy Out.

I am sure all you folks know what a Certificate of Authenticity is. If you don't, it's the proof that an item/autograph is real. It could be a hologram or a sticker/card with an ID number that is logged into a data base. Steve Cohen through his private ventures company is part of a $700 Million buyout. Amazing. I have a suggestion on what to do with this at Citi Field. Open up a kiosk or a store front so folks can bring in their cards that they need graded to the stadium. Get an autograph from a player on a ball/jersey/hat at the game during BP, you can walk it to the kiosk and get it authenticated. I wonder if there would be a problem with that though with the MLB authenticator being at the games. It could be a legal thing, who knows.

From Sports Collector's Daily.

 Collectors Universe, parent company of PSA, is being sold to an investor group led by entrepreneur and sports card collector Nat Turner for approximately $700 million.  D1 Capital Partners L.P., and Cohen Private Ventures, LLC will acquire all of the Company’s outstanding shares of common stock for $75.25 per share in cash.  Cohen Private Ventures is oversees certain family office activities for, and invests capital on behalf of, Steven A. Cohen and his family.  Cohen is the new owner of the New York Mets.

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I can also see fans starting to complain how the Mets haven't brought in any free agents yet and Cohen is paying money in part of this deal.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Phillies lost $2 billion dollars last season? Nope

Everyone was going crazy over this tweet the other day. How would a team lose as much money as the Mets sold for last season? Then we see this.

How does a number like that even make it to print without being checked? You would think there would be some double checking going on. Guess not.



From the The News & Observer 

A person familiar with the Philadelphia Phillies' finances says the team lost $145 million during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season played without fans.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on Saturday on condition of anonymity because the team hasn't officially released the figures.

Read more here

From the NY Daily News

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has claimed the combined debt for the major league clubs this year was $8.3 billion. While teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Angels and Red Sox with the highest payrolls took the biggest hits, the low revenue teams like the Marlins, Rays and Brewers have been equally suppressed.

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Imagine if $2 million of MLB's losses were just the Phillies?

Read more here:

Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Honeymoon period and Mets Fans Spending Steve Cohen's Money.


 I have been thinking about something lately and I keep trying to figure out if I am crazy or not. I keep thinking about Mets fans and Steve Cohen. I also think about Mets fans and Steve Cohen's money. Right now there is a huge love fest on twitter since the Mets are now owned by the richest owner in MLB. Steve Cohen has been very public on twitter, joking around, and talking to fans. Mets fans are loving this because of how different the new regime is from the old one. For anyone on twitter, we know this all could changed in an instant. 

 Mets Fans are having a great time fantasizing Steve Cohen's money like it is an open checkbook. "He's worth $14 million and will spend money." What if he doesn't? What if he doesn't spend enough in the fan's eyes? What if Steve Cohen just extends Conforto and signs Trevor Bauer and doesn't do more than that? What if he only give the GM to sign two out free agents and it isn't the two that the fans want? How will the Mets fans react to that? I saw one guy dropped $300 on a Cohen Jersey. If the Mets don't do well and they don't sign every free agent that fan wanted, what happens to that jersey? I rarely listen to sport talk radio, but this week I ran out of podcasts that I listen to and the morning show that is on Sirius was off, so I listened to Gio and Boomer. Boomer was sitting there spending Cohen's money like it was on fire. "Don't worry our owner is worth $14 Billion and can afford these players."

 I think what I am trying to get at is that we all know how fickle NY Mets fans can be. When does the honeymoon with the fans and the Cohen's start to crumble. For me, I am happy we have new ownership. I want the Mets to succeed and I think the organization will get back to being a premiere team and not a laughingstock amongst other cities fans. I am not going to sit here behind my computer or phone and spend another persons money in my head and on the internet. Would it be nice to have all the players that I want? Sure. But I am going to trust the process and not get upset when Steve Cohen is not spending money on Free Agents that I think should be signed. I just know though there are quite a few fans that are going to get angry if they don't get who they perceive are the players that Steve Cohen should be paying for. And just wait if the Mets go on a losing streak. I can just imagine Mets Twitter coming out the Cohens with torches and pitchforks.

Friday, November 27, 2020 selling a $300 Shea Stadium Card


It’s a weird Black Friday/Cyber weekend for me


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. This has been a crazy year for all of us in general because of COVID-19 but it also got me to thinking about the QBC. This time last year on Black Friday we started selling tickets to the 2020 QBC and it went pretty well. The Mets announced their Fanfest basically right after our tickets went on sale and the event was a week away from when we would be holding it. With SNY backing out of being our sponsor after years of being with us, we knew we were going to basically be up against a rock and a hard place. One of my fave things to do is see the notifications of folks buying tickets for the QBC. Not because it made money. We almost never made money on the event, we just broke even or made enough to get the ball rolling for the next QBC event. 

Once we realized the Fan Fest would make it financially impossible for us to bring in the players we were going to being in because of ticket sales not being what we need them, we decided to cancel it for January and move it to later in the year. Then COVID hit. So we postponed it until it is safe for all of us to get together again after the pandemic is able to be navigated safely.

Let me get to the reason of this post. Steve Cohen mentioned the Mets Fan Fest one day on twitter and the outpouring of support that came from our fellow fans that have attended the QBC over the years was amazing. There were so many tweets and retweets from folks at Steve Cohen telling him that whenever the Fan Fest happens that the QBC should be a part of it. It really touched me and Dan and I just wanted to say that having so many folks showing that they like what we do every year and what the QBC means to them. 

So I just wanted to let you guys know that Dan and myself  are thankful for all of you. Thank you guys. Let’s go QBC and Let’s Go Mets.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New York Mets All-Time All-Stars by Brian Wright

 Let’s say you’re the manager of one of the most beloved franchises in Major League Baseball, with every past and current player available on your bench. Game time is approaching and the ump needs your line-up card. Who’s your starting pitcher? Fireballer Dwight Gooden, lights-out Tom Seaver, or run-stingy Jacob de Grom? Is Gary Carter behind the plate or Mike Piazza? Who’ll bat clean-up? Combining statistical analysis, common sense, and a host of intangibles, Brian Wright constructs an all-time All-Star Mets line-up for the ages. Agree with his choices or not, you’ll learn all there is to know about the men who played for and managed New York’s Amazin’ Mets.

"Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the amazin’ fan in your life? Check out these special deals for "New York Mets All-Time All-Stars" from now through Nov. 30 which will cost you roughly 1/100,000,000th of the price Steve Cohen paid for the team. DM me if you're interested!"

You can DM Brian Wright at @BrianWright86 or hit up his email

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Job Well Done By Chris Flexen in the KBO


 I stand by the fact that Chris got a raw deal with the Mets while playing for them. There would be times where he would get called up from the minors and not get to pitch then be sent back down then be called up again. He was up and down so much that he could have been nicknamed YOYO. 
When I heard that Chris was cut by the Mets and that he signed over in South Korea to the Korean Baseball Organization i was intrigued. I thought that this change of venue and being able to pitch consistently would help out big for Chris's stock back over here in Major League Baseball. 

 What fans tend to forget is that the players on the field are people too. They think that the stuff they say to them has no bearing on the players. Sitting in a crowd yelling out players was like the original Twitter. You could scream and shout unkind things to players and they would never see who it was. They would say this player suck or is a POS. I met Chris and his Father on the set of Gotham a few years ago and helped show them around. Chris and his Dad are both awesome people just so you know. Chris came to QBC 2018 because he wanted to help us out by being one of our first guests who were currently playing for the Mets. We never had a current playing Mets player before and  appreciated him wanting to be that player for us. The same QBC we would also have Brandon Nimmo along with Chris and it is still my favorite QBC so far. I have hung out with Chris's Mom and his fiancée both awesome people too. You can see why Chris is such a good guy with the family he has.

I just wanted to say here on my blog that Chris could have given up at anytime, he didn't have to go to Korea to play. He could have just been someone who bounced from MLB team to MLB team but instead he has worked hard and has made himself into a solid pitcher. I saw a fire in him every time I watched a game he pitched in KBO. I saw him get tagged for a HR and I didn't see the Flexen from the Mets. I say something different. I saw,"Okay you got me. But this next batter isn't"."But it's Korea. What kind of talent level is there?" The same talent level that MLB teams are looking at when they Posted. Chris even won the MVP for the playoff series before the KBO Championship series. A first year, in a new country, player doing that? To me that's amazing. Oh did I mention he was the only pitcher to strike out at least 11 batters in back to back playoff appearances? 

I even hear there is buzz around Chris's name by MLB teams. Maybe Chris will be back in MLB next season. If he isn't so be it. But I'm proud of what my buddy was able to accomplish over seas.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

We need to help a fellow Mets fan find his cat.

My buddy Joe's cat is missing. He was last seen out in Greenvale, NY. Dexter is 30 lbs and very friendly.
If anyone has seen or is taking care of  Dexter please call Joe.


@SharkandGoon podcast is back!!!!!

A podcast about pop-culture. Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Picard, the Fast and the Furious, Marvel, and other films/TV that fit this vibe.

Here is what we talked about for the first four episodes of season two of the Mandalorian.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 9 - The Marshal (recap)

The Mandalorian returns for Season 2 with a great kickoff episode....a pure Western!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 10 - The Passenger (recap)

A Frog-Lady!  Spider Monsters!  It's another rollicking episode of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 11 - The Heiress (recap)

Mando and Baby Yoda go get some chowder, and we all break out our fisherman sweaters for a nautical Katee Sackhoff!!!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 12 - The Siege (recap)

Mando hooks back up with Carl Weathers and Cara Dune...Titus Welliver...Darktroopers....Horatio Sanz....another solid episode of The Mandalorian.

Along the way Shark and Goon talk about how Jon Favreau GETS IT and how Star Trek doesn't....and a side conversation about how Favreau made people care about Marvel properties nobody cared about back in the day.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mets Fan Old Grouch e-mails the Mets ticketing department.

 Poor Old Grouch. You know the Mets ticket sales staff call him/email him at least once a week and he always has to respond with these emails back to them. I know he gets the calls/emails because he sends me his responses to them sometimes two times or more a week. Old Grouch has also reached out to various main stream media folks with it still being quiet in their response. Old Grouch brings up some great points about selling tickets with the Covid Assurances that some other teams are doing and the Mets haven't brought up.

This is the latest one. 

Subject: ticket plans 

Hello ticket dept.

I guess I am wasting my time but I feel improvements are greatly needed. 

The Red Sox have 4 different 20 game ticket plans and 3 different 10 game plans. All of these plans guarantee the opportunity to buy post season tickets. They all have an exchange program. 

The Yankees have 9, 12, 16 and 20 game plans. There are 4 different 20 game plans and 3 different 16 game plans. There are 2 different 12 game plans. I am not sure about post season access for 9 and 12. But 16 and 20 get post season access.

The Red Sox and Yankees are storied franchises that are putting the Mets ticket dept, to shame. But that does not seem hard to do. The Mets ticket dept. lacks instinct and imagination. The proof is in the attendance. What percentage of your attendance received a steep discount? A high one I would imagine. Every month there is steep discount promotion.

 Cant wait for your lousy location Christmas pack with no post season or other benefits. Should be a huge seller. Keep trying to make those killer salespeople. It is really helping attendance. I think they drive more people away then people that buy.    

Other teams have flex plans for buying 20, 40 and 80 tickets. With post season access. Wake up before Cohen takes a hard look at what a lousy ticket dept. the Mets have. 

Here is another one.


Many teams are doing this. Mr. and Mrs Cohen are being extremely fan friendly. When will the ticket and revenue departments decide to be fan friendly? Is this so hard to do? Be gracious and fan friendly during a pandemic? Don't you want to create good will and sell tickets at the same time? It is not a good look when you refuse to put fan friendly Covid language on your Website for 2021 ticket buyers. The public and Mr. Cohen should be aware of the Met's ticket department not putting fan friendly Covid language on their Website like many other MLB teams.   

Brewers Ticket Assurance

In the event your 2021 seats are impacted due to restricted capacity or reduced number of regular season home games resulting from the pandemic, the Brewers guarantee you will have the option of receiving a credit towards a future purchase or a refund. In the event 2021 home games require reduced seating capacity, Season Ticket Holders are guaranteed seating opportunities before the general public.


Hello Mr. Rieber,

I read your column about Mets and Yankees 2021 tickets. You wrote it is buyer beware because of Covid. You are 100 percent right about that. Other MLB teams such as the Phillies, Pirates and Braves teams are putting 2021 ticket assurances language on their Websites. The Mets and Yankees are not. There are probably many more teams doing this. I only checked 5 or 6 team's Websites.

I have e-mailed the Mets about this and there have been no changes on their Website. I don't think the Mets ticket dept. cares about the health and safety of their fans. They are sales people. Maybe Mr. Cohen will clean house. It was a more fan friendly dept. under Leigh Castergine. 

The Pirates Covid ticket assurance from their Website is below:


It is our commitment to you that you are comfortable with your investment. In light of these uncertain times, the Pirates are pledging to provide assurance to you that your investment in Pirates Baseball will be guaranteed.


The Pirates are committed to implementing health and safety protocols to help minimize risk and maximize your experience at PNC Park. We will be taking the necessary steps and are focused on providing the highest-quality safety measures before, during, and after each game. To help create a safe experience at PNC Park, we are committed to, at minimum, implementing and adhering to the recommendations and guidelines set forth by public health officials.


In the event your 2021 seats are impacted due to restricted capacity or a reduced number of regular season home games resulting from the pandemic, we will do everything possible to provide you the best seat location and season ticket plan that meets your expectation. If we are unable to meet that expectation, you will have the opportunity to use the money on your account towards a different ticket purchase in 2021, a credit for the 2022 season or a refund back to your initial payment method. In the event 2021 home games require reduced seating capacity, Pirates season ticket holders will be guaranteed seating opportunities before the general public.

Thank you, OLD GROUCH

You have the Braves’ guarantee that if any of the games in your A-List Membership are cancelled or have restricted capacity due to COVID-19 that inhibits the use of your specific seats, you have our promise that the value of the impacted games will be credited to your Braves account for future purchases or refunded in the same manner it was obtained.

This is prominently displayed on the Braves Website. Bradley tried to tell me the Mets have it too. He sent me over item # 15 from the digital contract. He did not tell me where it was from. I asked him where it was from because I could not find it on the Mets Website. That is when I found out it was from the digital contract.

Bradley tried to tell me the Phillies do not offer refunds on their Covid policy. It is clear as can be on their Website. This is a typical Bradley move. If this is how the Pittsburgh guys trained him they should be ashamed of themselves. Bradley once again insulted my intelligence. 

Phillies Ticket Assurance Program

Your 2021 ticket purchase is based on Citizens Bank Park operating at full capacity. If, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a game for which you purchased tickets is cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or has restricted capacity that prohibits the specific seats you purchased from being used, the ticket value of the impacted game(s) will be credited towards a future ticket purchase or refunded in the same manner by which the ticket(s) were purchased. Except as expressly stated herein, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

As you can read below from our e-mail exchange below Bradley was wrong and misleading. Bradley read the Phillies language and tried to tell me I was wrong. Bradley has done things like this a few times. He insults my intelligence. He will tell me the ticket offer is only for left field landing and I will say and baseline box. He will say dang I forgot. And when write say i mean e-mail exchange. I have the above conversation in writing.

Customers make pay days possible. Meanwhile the Mets attendance and TV ratings go down every year. Even with huge and varied ticket deals. Why would you not put Covid language on your Website? The Mets ticket dept. is too sales oriented and not customer friendly. I don't need some kid from Georgia insulting my intelligence. .I am a 63 year old man that has worked for some of the largest companies in the world. I have a low overhead and money in the bank, but I will spend it somewhere else. If the Mets get Covid language on their Website I will buy. Have someone else call me. Not X. Please tell X not to contact me. Bradley has talked down to me for the last time. I am not reading his misleading lies ever again. Please read classic X below. This is a normal Bradley exchange. Lies. And if I call him out on it on the phone he speaks down to me with disdain. No more. I asked Steve to get me a new rep. He never did it. 


 Mon, Nov 2, 12:22 PM (18 hours ago)
Bradley, That language does not compare to other teams. It is not fan friendly. It states sole discretion of the Mets and is buried. It is not prominently displ
X Mon, Nov 2, 12:36 PM (18 hours ago)
that policy from the Phillies states that all sales are final and there are no refunds. The only option is an account credit whereas the Mets are first providin
Mon, Nov 2, 12:47 PM (18 hours ago)
to X
Except as expressly stated herein, all sales are final and there are no refunds.  

They expressly stated that if you don't get your exact seats you can get a refund or credit. 

Mediagoon back now. The Mets ticket sales staff does need to be retrained. I have some great reps over the years but many of them that I have dealt with have been jerks or not trained well. My lest rep before I gave up my 1/2 season seats in 102 wasn't even trained when she was promoted. I had to help her with the right ways on how to deal with fans/customers and she was very appreciative of that. She cared about the fans/accounts but wasn't given the tools to succeed at first. It seems like that was a problem for quite a few fans dealing with their reps. Hopefully when this new ownership regime fully immerses itself into the organization things will change.



@the7line Black Friday Sale details. Includes how to get a Mrs Met T7LArmy Bobblehead.

Many things were cancelled, rearranged, or modified in 2020. Black Friday will not be one of them. In a year that sometimes felt like one long Groundhog Day, the holiday season is upon us. 

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Do not adjust the bobblehead quantity in your cart. We will still only mail you one. 


Home Run Apple sweaters, gaiters, socks, pins, beer koozies, pint glasses, metal bottle openers, and more. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

LOLMETS and Robinson Cano


Robinson Cano busted for PEDs and suspended for the whole 2021 season. LOLMETS. Nope. No LOLMETS this time. This time when fans found out that Cano got suspended for next season without pay they were overjoyed. During the Wilpon ownership regime that $24 million smackers would have gone back into their pockets and not back into building up the team. The Mets aren't even getting an LOLMETS because Cano was brought in by his ex agent and fans had no attachment to this former NY Yankee player. Mets fans were looking at the possibilities of who the team can sign now and not worried about them paying for a middling pitcher or over pay for four at bats from Jed Lowrie. The Mets fans see a bright future and I think this Cano fiasco along with Steve Cohen buying the team has made the LOL in LOLMets obsolete.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Private Citi Field Tours are back

 Bring your group behind the scenes for an exclusive private tour of Citi Field! These tours can be customized to accommodate groups of all sizes and ages. Get access to the most exclusive, private spaces at the ballpark. 

Highlights of the Tour Include: 
  • Jackie Robinson Rotunda
  • View of our Productions Control Room
  • Club Spaces
  • Press Box
  • Suite Visit
  • Warning Track on Field
  • Mets Dugout 
  • Bullpens
  • Mets Clubhouse
  • Press Conference Room 
  • Mets Hall of Fame & Museum
  • And more!
For more information and to book your private tour, email

More Information

Mets leash holder. Really.

Need a Mets leash holder hanging by your door? I don’t.

You're the most devoted New York Mets fan around, and you want everyone to know it! Add a touch of team spirit to your home with this 6'' x 12'' Leash Holder Sign. Crisp New York Mets graphics will put your unwavering pride on full display, ensuring all visitors know where your allegiance lies.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Kim Ng is first woman GM in MLB history


This is great to see. The old boys club is starting to have its glass ceiling. I wonder what team is going to be next.


“I entered Major League Baseball as an intern and, after decades of determination, it is the honor of my career to lead the Miami Marlins as their next general manager,” Ng said in a statement.

Ng, 51, has spent three decades in the baseball industry and was expected to become the sport’s first-ever woman GM for the better part of those 30 years. She was hired as an intern for the Chicago White Sox in 1990, after graduating from the University of Chicago and growing up in Queens and New Jersey. Ng climbed the ranks and became the Sox' assistant director of baseball operations by 1996.

Read more here

Friday, November 13, 2020

Mets name David Newman EVP/Chief Marketing, Content & Communications Officer 4:56 PM EST


Mets name David Newman EVP/Chief Marketing, Content & Communications Officer

4:56 PM EST

FLUSHING, N.Y., November 12, 2020 – The New York Mets today announced that David Newman has been named to the newly created position of Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing, Content & Communications Officer.

In this expanded role, Newman will oversee consumer marketing, advertising, promotion strategy; brand, fan research and engagement; digital/social, short-form/long-form content creation and distribution across all Mets owned media assets; in-game entertainment and events; internal and external communications. Newman will report to Mets President Sandy Alderson and return to the team, Monday, November 16.

“I’m glad that David’s returning to the Mets. His previous experience and relationships here at the Mets and in the sports and entertainment industries in New York run deep,” said Alderson. “I look forward to David and his group diversifying and growing the Mets’ connection to current fans and new fans through innovative platforms and programs.”

“It’s an incredible time to be a Mets fan and employee. I’m so excited to rejoin Sandy, the senior leadership team, former Mets colleagues and those to follow at this inflection point in club history,” said Newman. 

Newman was the club’s SVP, Marketing & Communications from 2005-2018 and subsequently served as a senior advisor to sports, media, entertainment entities and agencies. He previously held positions of increasing responsibility with the USTA (US Open tennis), NFL, MTV, Ogilvy, and MSG Network.

A native New Yorker, he graduated from Columbia University. David and his wife Lorraine reside in Long Beach, N.Y.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Ugly Mr Met Cap



They say variety is the spice of life. When sporting fan gear, you could wear the same New York Mets logo as the rest of your fellow fans, or you could grab this Alternate logo elements 59FIFTY fitted hat from New Era and truly stand out. Featuring a stylized alternate New York Mets logo embroidered on the crown, grab this hat and show off your team spirit in unique fashion.

I can't even put into words how ugly this hat is to me. Yuck.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

ICYM: Steve Cohen/ Sandy Alderson Mets Press Conference

 Here is the Steve Cohen/Sandy Alderson Presser from Mets Youtube in case you missed it.

Change of Culture in Flushing with New Ownership


For years we Mets fans have been asking for a change in the culture of the organization. Build a winner. Embrace the history. Be good to the fanbase. From what I heard from both Steve Cohen and from Sandy Alderson that there are going to be changes in these departments. Sure it can all be bubbles and smoke and mirrors to throw us off, but I think we will see more METS stuff being done. I think if they have a chance of adding a piece to get the team over that last hill to have a winner they will do that. I am feeling very positive about this new direction that they are going. As a Mets fan who has been kicked in the teeth in the past, I was worried that Cohen wasn't going to get the team because of the fine he paid to the SEC and because of the lawsuits his hedge fund was up against. The fact that Sandy and Cohen are both saying that they know that all of their employees are the the representation of the team from the Stadium staff to the ballplayers and first office and they all need to be putting their best foot forward is a great thing to hear.

Congrats to new start to this Organization and the Reboot of Greg Prince's ongoing Mets TV Show.

Steve Cohen Press Conference at 12:30 pm today.


Find it at, Twitter,Facebook, youtube and on SNY.

What do you think we will learn today?

Fans of @QBConvention tweeted about their love of QBC to @StevenaCohen yesterday.

 Let me just say the outpouring of love and what the QBC meant to folks over the last few years was amazing yesterday. I know we try to run the QBC for our fellow fans as if we were the runs attending it. You guys who stepped up and tweeted about the QBC when Steve Cohen was talking about having a Fan Fest again when we can have crowds again really made me proud of what we have accomplished over the years and even more proud that we provided something that our fellow fans ended up loving. If the new ownership wants us to be involved in someway that would be awesome and we would try to do what we always do. We want the best fan fest for all Mets Fans including us. Thank you everyone again for the find words.