Thursday, February 22, 2018

I'm too lazy to post anything right now so I am linking to Mets stories.

Yeah, I am lazy. I haven't hit my stride yet in the mornings with posts. Maybe I should get some other writers. Yeah. No one wants to write on this blog for free. Anyway. This is cool that the Mets are trying new things to help out the pitchers and catchers being on the same page.
"Soon, you will see Mets catchers wearing scouting information-packed wristbands, a pitching cheat sheet if you will, as a way to better communicate with pitchers and combat rule changes that limit mound visits.
On the technical side, Callaway had a meeting with the team’s video department early on to implement new side angles to shoot both pitchers and hitters in an effort to have a better reference-point video library so hitters can grasp everything from their launch angle and contact point to a pitcher’s leg path and release points."

This is from Steve Serby's Q and A in the NY Post.

"Q: What is your message to Mets fans?
A: My message this year is be positive. Be positive, it’s a long season, you’re not gonna win the World Series or lose the World Series in the first month of the season or in spring training, so just calm down, all right? "
MG: Oh you are so going to love Mets Twitter... Hope you know what you are in for.
"Q: Noah Syndergaard.
A: Workhorse. He’s never the guy you see sitting at his locker, on his phone or anything like that. He’s here to work."

MG: Except if there is a sandwich around. Then all bets are off.

"Q: A message to Mets fans about yourself.
A: I’m gonna give you everything I got every day, no matter what."
MG: That's good to hear. Good luck and hope you can kick some ass.
Zack Wheeler Starting on Friday
"Zack Wheeler will start the Mets’ first spring training game. Mickey Callaway said Wednesday that he "definitely" sees the right-hander as a starter and getting him in that first game is a way for him to get a quick start in the competition to remain in that role.
"He's definitely a starting pitcher. For us to be the best possible team, we have to have him be a starter," Callaway said in response to Daily News and WFAN reports that the front office has Wheeler penciled into the bullpen this season. "He's going to go out there and do everything he can to win this competition we have going on." "

Adrian Gonzalez is mentoring Dom Smith

Adrian Gonzalez isn't going to be working with Dominic Smith on his swing path anytime soon. The veteran first baseman won't be discussing launch angles either. The five-time All-Star just wants to pass down some of what he's learned along the way to the Mets' young prospect.
"It's part of the baseball tradition. They come up with new things in baseball nowadays, swing path and different things, there are things that I can't teach him," Gonzalez said. "But at least I have experience. There are things I've lived and done. I definitely can share my experiences and knowledge with him. I can tell him what has worked and what hasn't."
Read more here at the NY Daily News

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