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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mets: Bobby Hill is Thor?

My buddy Mike tweeted this earlier...

I think it's Bobby Hill from King of the Hill all grown up.

Here's a side by side. What do you think?

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QBC'17: The Aftermath

Hey everyone!!!!!

I finally had a few days to decompress after the QBC this weekend. I actually am glad to be at work to rest(joking). I want to get a few things out of the way first. Thank you Katch in Astoria for letting us have our event there. Thank you to SNY TV for being our title sponsor. These guys hooked us up with air time for our commercial, a ton of swag to give away, and the Gary Keith and Ron Bobbleheads to give away as prizes. Also thank you to Manhattan Beer for sponsoring the Uni Panel.
Also thank you to all the businesses that took an ad in the programs. I am sure I forgot someone and I apologize now for that.Oh yeah... Thanks to the Mets for sending their execs and giving us the Old Dominion Spring Training Send off tickets for prizes.

I want to also thank our "volunteer staff". This "staff" is comprised of my closest and trusted friends and I want to thank each of you for giving up your free time on a chilly Saturday in January. Thank you my "staff" aka my family.

Now that that's all out of the way.....

I am going to be real with you guys here. I was on the fence of this being my last QBC that I ran. Dan Twohig and I poured our souls out into the event the last two years with the help of Shannon Shark and it beat the hell out of me. Now I had a lot of stuff going on this year so I am totally drained. I am getting married. So there is a ton of planning going on just there alone. I work 70-90 hrs a week. That beats me up right there alone. I try to fit in a  social life and I also have a lot of side projects going on too. I also felt like folks didn't appreciate the work we put into the event. Why do you have these players? Why don't you do this? Why don't you do that? The negativity chipped at me. I felt like why should we continue doing this? We make no money on this. We barely break even. For all the work we all do on this none of us. NONE OF US get paid for our time. This is another thing I didn't make public over the weekend. Last Thursday my Dad fell and broke his neck and needs to have surgery today. He is having two rods put in his neck. He is in a lot of pain but can walk and has no trouble breathing. He broke his C2 but it didn't do anything to his spinal cord. I didn't disclose this now for sympathy but to lead us into this next thought of mine.

The overwhelming happiness you guys brought to me on Saturday was amazing. Everyone I talked to appreciated what we accomplished that day. The vendors, fans, Mets execs, panelists, down to a person told us how much they loved the QBC this year. That was just what I needed. It helped with me feeling beaten up Saturday mentally and physically( I got home from work at 2:30 am and had 3 hrs of sleep before the QBC) and gave me a pick me up. Hearing the talk on WOR from Pete McCarthy about the QBC made me realize what we have going on here. It got me revved up and ready to start planning for 2018. Dan and I both have been talking about what we liked this year and what we can improve on.

Quick Takes-

I think this was the best QBC yet. We have learned from the last few years about what works and what doesn't and I think Next years will be even better.

I finally figured out the lighting situation for the panels. I've been to a few different cons and with our equipment now I think we are nailing the production values.

I really wish I could enjoy the day more. I did 10 miles of walking/running that day. I also need to clone myself.

I have great friends and family. And a great extended Mets family.

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Mets: Yo Clone?

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Monday, January 30, 2017

QBC'17: State of the Mets Panel


Hosted by Mark Healey. Matt Cerrone, Pete McCarthy, Adam Rubin, and Evan Roberts discuss the makeup of the 2017 Mets..

QBC'17: Tom Seaver Retrospective

The Tom Seaver Retrospective hosted by Greg Prince.

QBC'17: Meet the Mets (Execs) Panel

My Cousin Shannon of Metspolice Hosted the Meet the Mets (Execs) Panel. They covered all the things Mets fans have always wanted to ask about. Ticketing, giveaways, ballpark policies, etc.

QBC'17: Tim Teufel Panel

Hosted by Michael Baron. I am still trying to recover from Saturday. It was a great day but I am exhausted. I checked my fit bit at the end of the night and I did 10 miles in the day.

QBC17: Event In Pics...

Just going to share some pics from QBC'17.

QBC'17: Mets Make A Deal Game Hosted by @dhapshow



I first of all want to thank SNY.TV for all the great giveaways they lets us have. Hats, shirts, eyeblack, stress balls,and Gary Keith and Ron Bobbleheads. One of the bobbleheads were given away during the Met's Make a Deal game hosted by @dhapshow himself, Dennis Holden. He finally had a live mic and I didn't and was able to take advantage of it...

QBC'17: Uniform Panel

Paul Lukas from Uni-Watch hosted the popular QBC Uni Panel. They talked about Mets jerseys past, present, and future...


QBC'17: The Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award

This years Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award goes to Tom Seaver. Mr. Seaver is traveling less and less these days and we were lucky enough to have Art Shamsky drop by and accept the award on Tom's behalf. This award was presented by Greg Prince.

QBC17: The Bobby Valentine Panel

Hey Guys,

Great time this weekend at QBC'17. I will do a proper post later reviewing it but for now let me hit you off with the Bobby Valentine panel with Matt Cerrone hosting.

Saturday, January 28, 2017



Click the pic...

We we will be updating all day....

Friday, January 27, 2017




Podcast: Orange and Blue Thing Episode 5

Darren and Brian are at it again, this time talking about Knockoff Jerseys.

Spring Training: Caps

Not Mets caps but gives a hint about what's coming. Thanks Nick.

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Game Used:Royal Giants Ricky Bones

2016 Game used Heritage Weekend "Royal Giants" jersey worn 
by bullpen coach Ricky Bones.
MLB hologram JB 443112 authenticates the jersey. 
Hologram number JB443112 was located in the MLB Authentication Database under GAME-USED JERSEY.
Session Product Description:
Session Name: NYM AT ATL
Session Date: June 25, 2016

The Majestic tagging is on the front seam with "MET2 #25 2016 50 S1"  
with the MLB hologram affixed here.
The Majestic Authentic Collection tag is on the left outer tail with the size 
50 flag tag.
Jersey is made of traditional knit material.
Wash tag has the size 50, made in USA, and, care instructions noted.   
The inspection stickers remain attached as the jersey was worn in this
 one game.
The jersey has "Royal Giants" sewn on the front of the jersey in orange. 
 The large "25" is on the back of the jersey in the same orange color.
The "Royal Giants Brooklyn" patch is on the left sleeve, and, the Majestic
 logo is on the right sleeve.  Orange racing stripes adorn both sleeves ending 
in nice trim at the sleeves end.
Games used but remains in great shape after just one game use.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

QBC'17: Volunteers Jersey

If you guys need help the day of the QBC, look for the fine folks wearing these Jerseys

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