Thursday, February 8, 2018

MLBPA to open Spring Training Camp for unsigned players?

This is interesting. Guess the players union dues will be paying for this.

From Yahoo.

“The baseball players’ union is scouting sites and making preliminary arrangements to conduct its own spring training for as many as 100 unsigned free agents, sources said Wednesday.

With 30 camps set to open early next week and an unusual number of players still without contracts – some among the top free agents on the market – the union is investigating sites in Florida and Arizona in case it determines a 31st camp is necessary. The IMG baseball academy in Bradenton, Florida, was believed to be among at least three options. The union also is identifying coaches and other personnel to staff the facility.”

This next quote is my favorite-

“So, spring’s new harbinger is grown men shrieking at each other through reporters on Twitter. Which, as spring harbingers go, falls somewhere between a fresh set of abdominal muscles and dome-headed mascots pretending to load semi-trucks.

It is fine theater, the men charged with running the game and herding the players and providing the talent (for a small percentage), all mad or suspicious or adamant and defending their jobs, occasionally at the cost of decorum. Perhaps, one day, at the cost of labor peace. So, yeah, real baseball games. Because that $10 billion ain’t gonna divvy up itself.”

To me it feels as if the sports agents are the ones that are going to kill the sport because of their greed.

Read the whole article here.

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