Thursday, February 1, 2018

@mediagoon and writers block

I’m having trouble right now thinking about what I want to write about. I have never been a part of or wanted to be one of those other blogs that are always talking stats or about numbers.

I’m not going to waste my breath about the Wilpons must sell. They won’t unless the 126th Street development plan totally falls apart and they then get an offer they can’t refuse on the Mets,Cyclones, and Syracuse. I’ve always felt that when Fred passes on that Jeff would keep the team for a year or two then sell it and go disappear somewhere.

I know the yearn “Fan” comes from the word “Fanatic”, but when did Mets fans become insane? Were we always this way? Or is it social media putting a spot light on it? I love the Mets, I love the NY Rangers, but I don’t let the teams affect the way my life goes. It seems like so many fans whole identity is the Mets. And there are not a lot of civil discussions anymore about the moves the team can make or the moves they don’t make. So much name calling and viciousness towards each other.

The Mets are a big market team they should spend like it. In part that’s true, but they should be spending like that when it makes sense. The free agent class this offseason is not going to be as good as next years supposedly. So I can see the Mets spending money on players this year, and then getting complaints they didn’t sign anyone next year. The Mets should spend wisely but that doesn’t mean the should be spending cheaply. Some of you guys get fired up way too easily over this.

Wow, guess I did have something to write.

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