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Jersey Shore: Craig Feguson Style

this is just hilarious..and no I don't watch the Jersey Shore....

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Artie Langer "Hurt"

I was browsing youtube and I happened to come across this video. It is Johnny Cash's version of NIN's Hurt. The music is set to Howard Stern in Demand video of one of my favorite comedians. Artie Lange. I am not going to try to analyze or try to guess what was going on in Artie's mind when he tried to hurt himself and neither should anyone else.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cameron's Spiderman

The artwork from James Cameron's 1992 storyboards for his version of Spiderman....From the looks of that board Peter was a little to excited from look at MJ...check out board six to see what I mean..
Copy and paste...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This sounds very Star Trek the Motion Picture Like to Me

KHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!! Well Michael Khan......

Mystery Object That Buzzed The Earth Could Be Human-Made, Says Scientist
Early this morning, an object that was most likely a small asteroid zoomed past Earth, narrowly missing a collision course. Now a European astronomer says it's possible that this object could be part of the ESA's Venus probe.

Though the object has already zoomed by, there is still no absolute proof that it's an asteroid. The ESA's Michael Khan writes:

Probably 2010 AL30 is of natural origin. However, the possibility that it is man-made cannot be completely excluded. If so, it might be the upper stage of a rocket used in an earlier planetary mission, possible to Venus. The current orbit would have been acquired through a Venus swingby and other orbital perturbations.

While Khan emphasizes that he's speculating, it's worth checking out his extremely detailed discussion of orbital trajectories. He makes a pretty good case for this object being one of the rocket stages used in the Venus Express launch. If Khan is right, that would mean humans could be engineering their own disaster from space.

via SciLogs

Spidey 4= Reboot?

To tell you the truth i think its a pretty good thing that they are rebooting the series. Now, hear me out. Sam Raimi did a pretty good job with Spideys one and two. Spidey three? Yeeeeeesshhh. I really have to say that was a horrible horrible movie. The problems I had with that franchise is that the first movie moved too fast. Where was Gwen Stacy in the first movie? Green Goblin kills her and is one of the reason Peter Parker is so devoted to saving people. Sure he has his Uncle Ben's death on his hands but Gwen was the first love of his life. Think about it. Remember how hard it was to lose your first love when you guys just broke up? Imagine losing her to murder. Murdered by the hands of your best friend's father. That in the comic continuity helped to shape Peter's commitment to not just the people of NYC but also how it made him overly concerned with the well being of his family and friends. If having the loss of Uncle Ben made him so worried about Aunt May all the time, wouldn't that make sense to show the paralell between Gwen and MJ? When Peter lost Gwen just think what he would do to protect MJ at all costs. You would know he would give his life up for her. I think that would make for a more powerful future for the franchise.
Now, another problem I had with the movies is Spidey was way to quiet. What happened to his quips that helped keep from showing he wasn't afraid(even though he was) in dire situations? Was it the writing? Tobey Macguire being a good actor but not having comic timing? We know Sam Raimi can direct funny wiseass movies..
Heres the perfect source material ...The Spectacular Spiderman cartoon....
Nuff said...

Syndication: Everybody Hates Chris

I am really bored right now. Nothing on tv but a show I rarely watched on the CW. That show is Everyone Hates Chris. Nobody and I mean nobody talked about the series finale. It spoofed the last scene from the Sopranos. It was basically shot for shot. I could not believe they did that to end the show. The only real difference was they played Bon Jovi instead of Journey....WOW.

Jersey Shore Parody SOng

On The Jersey Shore Parody Song - Watch more Funny Videos

Transformers: War for Cybertron

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New A Team trailer

Embedding was disabled so here is the link...It looks like it could be good...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


TNA came out quick and hard firing the first shot over the bow of WWE's flagship show Raw. The show did stutter a lil bit at times but its understandable with all the jitters of a first time battle. TNA, by stealing Jeff Hardy, one of the most OVER with the fans Superstars that the WWE it showed us all its ready to be competition. Vince McMahon was making a ton of money off of THE ENIGMA and just recently released a DVD of Jeff's rise in the WWE. It was even playing in the angle between his brother Matt and CM PUNK. So now they have one of the WWE's biggest "young" stars. Not just the older over 40 talent they brought in with Hogan...more thoughts on this later..

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Simpsons from Perez hilton

The Simpsons Celebrate 450th Episode!
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On Sunday, January 10th, the Springfield family and the rest of the city will be celebrating their 450th episode, not to mention it's the animated series 20th season!

Take that Law & Order!

The crime drama may be the longest-running prime-time drama, but The Simpsons have the title of longest-running scripted nighttime series.

And as a special treat, the yellow character obsessed will have the pleasure of viewing an hourlong documentary following the "Once Upon A Time In Springfield" episode, from Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock, titled "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice."

Couldn't come up with a shorter title, Morgan?

Will U be tuning in???

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