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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Albany Doles out Cash for TV/Film Production in NYC

Though it's likely not enough to make a significant impact, New York State has rationed $350 million for TV/film production in New York City in its budget, which was finalized over the weekend and is being voted on tomorrow. Industry experts are worried that the funds will not be enough to entice long term commitment to filming in New York as the money would run out in less than a year.

Despite the final outcome on the budget, the industry will continue to rally behind other legislation that would provide unlimited funding for production incentives.

Star Wars Episode VII continues.

Now the new chancellor is saying that the big 3 speeder companies have to worry about making it on their own...but he did promise that the new republic will honor all the warranties for the speeders already sold. The Sith are sitting back and watching this all unfold, waiting and biding their time. Meanwhile Luke Skywalker is trying to resurrect the Jedi's. But the chancellor is really making it tough to carry a lightsaber...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crank 2

I love mindless movies at times..Who says everything has to be thought provoking? car chases, fights, sex....thats what we need at times....

Rescue Me Season 5

I missed this show a lot...

Star Wars Episode VII

In a time long long ago.. In a galaxy Far Far away...Thirty years have passed since the Rebels destroyed the second Death Star and freed the former republic from the grips of the Empire...Han Solo and Princess Leia have had Twins which have grown up under their Jedi Master uncle Luke Skywalker who has slowly been rebuilding the order of the Jedi...But not all is as it seems......A new threat is upon them, one even more sinister then The emperor himself....

The Republic has its infighting due to the fact they still feel they can't trust the Jedi after the events that led up to the Emperor coming into power. The republic is now in a financial crisis and they have sunk all there hope into one man, The New Chancellor of the senate..The first Bespin Coruscantian elected....Lando Obama Calrissian...He has signed a stimulus package to help all displaced tatooine's who were hit with Jabba the Hut's sub prime mortgages on there Vapor farms....The Jawas, the sand people and the corellians are all saying its time for a change. Since the empire folded their banks have been withering too,,,Now the republic owns 80 percent of them... People keep saying the empire was too big to fail.....

to be continued.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Battlestar Gallactica

Finally a series ends with a finale fit for it. I do not want to get to involved into the whole episode but its just an awesome ending. To tie up all the loosed ends the way they did was beyond great. Now I am not looking forward to Caprica at all.. But, I am looking forward to seeing the next 2 hr movie THE PLAN. It will be cool seeing this war from the cylons eyes.

Friday, March 20, 2009

No really I can't wait

im dying to see this movie...can we forget about tokyo drift except for the last 25-40 seconds of it?


cant wait.