Thursday, February 15, 2018

@mediagoon Lazy Links Mets Stories

Yep. I am being super lazy again and have no energy to do anything but link today. Worked 52 hours in last three days. I’m surprised I’m even writing this. Expecting @metspolice to take shots at me today.

Dave Eiland says he found Matt Harvey’s flaws.

“Mechanically, It looks to me like he got into some bad habits simply because he had some injuries,” Dave Eiland said Wednesday. “And he was probably doing something with his lower half to help his upper half, which is his arm, so it looks like he got into some bad habits.” -Read more at NY Post

Goon- Oh, so it’s not wanting to be in the spotlight and hitting fashion week?

Callaway doesn’t like dry humping-

“Dry humping is something that I feel very strongly about,” Callaway said before the cameras on Wednesday. “We’re going to be very diligent about that. And that’s a lot of wear and tear that’s needless. And if I haven’t prepared the right way, that will happen.”

“Dry humping, of course, is the fastest way for a manager to draw the ire of his relievers. As you can guess, it is clubhouse vernacular for the act of warming up a pitcher without putting him in a ballgame. Dry hump a reliever enough and you’ll burn him out.” Read more at the Athletic.

Goon- Say what? Dry humping? Really?

The Start of Panik Citi?

“The Mets covet Joe Panik. They discussed working out a deal for the Giants’ All-Star second baseman internally this winter, a front office source said. The Giants need a center fielder and they — and other teams — have expressed interest in former Gold Glove center fielder Juan Lagares.

“But, realistically, that is not a deal the Mets want to make right now, the source said.” Read more at the Daily News

Goon- Waiting for Mets fans to lose it.... hit the Panik Citi button and run wild on twitter.

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