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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mets: Great View? From The Foxwoods Club?

Great spot to watch a game? Great spot to watch a Game on TV while at the Ballpark you mean? There is no view of the ball field at all. Even then you aren't guaranteed a great spot to see a tv in the club. Makes no sense.

Mets: Game Notes 8/31/17

From the Mets

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Game Used: Tebow Signed Ball

Interesting Autograph

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The7lineArmy Ticket Update for Houston

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Mets to Play In Houston Saturday

Okay? Why?

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Mets: 8/30/17 Game Notes

From the Mets

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Brooklyn Cyclones: Mr Potato Head Giveaway


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Mets: Shea Stadium Paddleboard Giveaway

I don't remember this one...

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Mets: Weekend Schedule

From the NY Post

- Still no decision has been made. I still can't believe how bad it is in Houston. The images and videos from news reports are just insane to me. I'm still trying to figure out the best place to donate money to help out. Any suggestions?

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mets: Curtis Granderson Thanks Mets Fans

Now, know this: Duda’s a big Drake guy. Very big. Like, to an extreme. So I’d always get on his case because every song he wanted to hear would be Drake. But what surprised me at first was that Duda can go back. People don’t realize. He loves The Brothers Johnson, James Brown — like funk and Motown stuff. So if it wasn’t Drake, it’d be older jams … or he’d throw in a request for some Cypress Hill out of the blue. I mean, Duda will surprise you sometimes

This is freaking surprising. All of it. Now it makes more sense to me why Granderson had the we follow Duda instagram account.

Mr. Met is another thing — person? character? — that I’m really going to miss.And I’m not just saying that. I’m a big mascot guy.When I was with the Tigers we had one, but the Yankees don’t have a mascot. So coming over to Citi Field and being able to have fun with Mr. Met was something I really enjoyed right off the bat. (Shout out to Mr. Met. I’ll never forget you!) 

So Grandy is the opposite of Syndergaard in more ways then one? He seems like he would be a fun, mascot guy.

Something I love about college sports, and about international sports, is seeing fan bases doing things collectively together, and the Mets have something like that going with the 7 Line Army. The fact that the 7 Line is able to take over entire stadium sections, both at Citi Field and on the road, is something that stood out to me right away. And those are the types of things that get you extra wins over the course of the season.
But it’s really the mix of all Mets fans that makes that fan base so special. And it’s been my absolute privilege to meet and get to know so many of those fans over the past few years. 

This should make everyone happy that made mention of all fans and not just the T7LA. Grandy has been very vocal about T7L for a long time

Anyway, Granderson talks about his time visiting NYC as a Tigers player, playing in the Bronx, his time in Flushing, and now moving to  LA...

Read it here at the Players' Tribune 

The7Line Outing Update for Houston

Often times, the world steps in and reminds us that life is bigger than baseball. This week's events in Houston have once again provided us with that sobering reality.
Our trip to Houston was 11 months in the making, and we were excited to bring Mets fans from 29 different states to Minute Maid Park. But as the city deals with the fallout of massive flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey, and the series likely to be moved to a different locale, we think it's only appropriate to cancel the outing.  
Of course, if game is still played in Houston and you can safely make it there, you're more than welcome to go, represent in the outing shirt, and cheer on the Mets. But we feel it's in everyone's best interest to err on the side of caution and give fans time to make adjustments to their plans.
First and foremost, our thoughts are with the people of Houston. Many have lost everything, and their road to recovery will be a long and hard one. We wish there was more we could do. Some of us had hoped to still get to Houston to simply lend a hand, but with the situation as dire as it is, and all available resources better off in the hands of trained first responders, that just doesn't seem possible, safe, or wise.  
While baseball is the last thing from our minds, many of the fans who planned on making the trip are still in limbo and turning to us for answers. Unfortunately, we don't many many as of yet. 
A portion of fans have already had their airfare reservations canceled. And while the Astros have not officially decided where this weekend's series will be played, it seems very unlikely it will be in Houston. That's why we're advising everyone to start looking into getting refunds and/or flight credits for themselves, if possible. Once we do have firm information, we will of course share it.
Before we dive into some of the mechanics of the possible game scenarios, we wanted to provide some ideas on how to help:
How to Help Houston:
On Monday afternoon, our friends Loretta and JoAnna donated their hotel accommodations they had intended to use this weekend so that those in need of shelter can have a safe, dry place to seek refuge. It's a wonderful gesture, and we definitely would encourage others who have the means to do the same to do so. All you have to do is contact your hotel provider for further information. It can be as simple as a phone call and signing a form.  
As always in times of crisis, The American Red Cross (text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation) is working feverishly to provide immediate aid to victims. The United Way (text UWFLOOD to 41444) and The Salvation Army are others who are working to help in the aftermath. There are other relief funds you can give to. Click here to read about some of the other ways you can help the Houston area.
We'll also be exploring a way for us to somehow turn our planned "Hoedown in Houston" into a "Hoedown FOR Houston." As we come up with a firm idea, we'll let you know.
As for the game:
If the game is somehow played in Houston (which again, seems very unlikely), there will be no refunds from the Astros.
If the game is played in Tampa (rumored) or elsewhere, The 7 Line will be refunded for the tickets we purchased. 
In the event of the game being moved, we will refund each fan for the ticket portion of the package. The t-shirt and patch, which went into production far before any of this was forecasted, becomes a little collector's item for the outing that never was, and are both yours to keep. After we recoup production cost from those items, we'll be taking a portion of the money from the t-shirt and patch sales and donating it to a Harvey relief effort.
As we get more details, we'll update this post. In the meantime, keep the people of Houston and the surrounding areas in your thoughts. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Mets: Game Notes 8/29/17

From the Mets

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Line Log Jam at Lady Gaga Concert at Citi Field

I heard this was due to a communication error between security and the NYPD about where folks should line up to get to their on field seats which the tickets read BULLPEN ENTRANCE ONLY. NO ADMITTANCE FROM ANY OTHER GATE. I can easily see the frustration this could cause. A majority of the Security at Citi Field are pretty friendly and helpful so I don't know where the ball was dropped.

If you guys are going to the Lady Gaga concert tonight, I would be prepared for some line issues in case.

Rachael (@RachaelEfff)

Why is it harder to get into #CitiField during a concert than a met game???? So fucking annoyed

Brittany (@BRbrittrich)

When half the venue is still outside in these ridiculous @CitiField line ups!!!!!

devin kretschmer (@DevinKretschmer)

@CitiField getting into this lady Gaga concert is the least organized thing I've ever seen. Do better morons.

Mediagoon's sister (@nycbored)

.@CitiField not the best tonight for ways to get into our floor seats. Not allowed from McFaddens to the bullpen. Bull.

Dani Thomas 🏳️‍🌈 (@DaniThomas)

"Utter Chaos As @CitiField Is Underprepared For @ladygaga, Fans Annoyed But Then Unfazed" is a headline I'd write about *this* experience 😑

Stevie Smith (@stevie_g_smith)

@CitiField this is the most disorganised event i have ever been 2. No staff, limited security, beyond confusing signage, bordering on a riot

Some folks were fine getting into the stadium via the Rotunda.

.@citifield : What Ever Happened to the Mandatory Metal Detectors?

Hey you guys remember when there was an announcement of the mandatory walk through metal detectors that had to be at the ballparks? What ever happened to them. I see them at the Rotunda but they are only on a couple of lines. The hand held wands are everywhere but weren't the walk through ones supposed to make us safer? Where did they go?

This is an email convo I had last night...

keith blacknick @Mediagoon
For those of you having problems with getting into @CitiField tonight let me know. Email me at
From Terri

AConversation sent from Twitterrific
45 minutes from the time we got off the ssubway until we got inside . Total chaos .

I cant imagine what iit's going to be like to get back .
THAT SUCKS…. It is amazing they can’t ever figure this out...
How about Some metal detectors ? Every person had to wait and get manually scanned by a total of maybe 5 guys. 
Really? Rotunda entrance?
Yep. Just chaotic. I go to a lot of shows. It's not like this st other places.
Is security stepped up since Ariana Grande ?
The weird thing about that attack was that it was after the concert in the crowd. Wouldn’t this bottleneck before a concert be exactly what a terrorist would want?
That's true. Don't want to think about it too much. Hope it's easier getting home. 

What happened to the security theater? Wouldn't the walk through scans be quicker? Isn't that what they were supposed to be for? High volume safety?  Where did it go? Also, with he security not being as organized as it should be, isn't that a flaw in the "safety" plan?

Mets: Medical Updates

I have been sitting here for a few days and have been trying to figure out the best way to sum up all the Mets injuries this season. This is what it is like in a horror movie. People start getting take out left and right by a masked assailant. Imagine Ghostface from Scream is the mystery killer. The first reveal is Barwiss as the murderer. But wait. There is a twist. Barwiss is just a red herring. The real killer is the Ray Ramirez(sorry Ray, using you as a figurehead for the Mets Medical/Training Staff), but wait. THEEEEERRRRRREEE'SSSSSS MOOOORRRRREE....  The real Mets killer is........ Skeet Ulrich.. Wait.. What???

Anyway look at this....

The latest medical updates for the M*A*S*H Unit. I mean M*E*T*S team. I knew when I heard Cespedes was hurt that he was done for the year. Syndergaard, I would let just keep doing the minimal work to just get him along for next year. Harvey, let's just see how he moves along with his pitches. Basically he is in the MLB having rehab starts, which is fine do to the way the season went.

The Captain. David Wright. I saw this with all seriousness. I hope you are going to be physically fine for day to day life. Don't push this. I know you are a gamer and want to play. And I know lots of folks want you to play, but please make sure this doesn't mess you up for life.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Gotham Season 4 Premiere Promo

Quite a few Mets Fans who work on this show and a few folks I have been converting to Mets Fans.. Gotham airs Thursday Sept 21...

Mets: Playing Astros in Tampa Bay?

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Brooklyn Cyclones: Help Feed the Hungry

This Wednesday! Meet the @BKCyclones players while helping the hungry! All are welcomed to join...

S. Preston: Raising money for Hurricane Harvey relief

I'm sitting here at Angel Stadium watching the Astros and 
I can't imagine the emotions that they must have with all 
their friends and family suffering from Hurricane Harvey so 
instead of a standard #BallparkPrincess giveaway, I'm 
auctioning off the original sketch of Astros Moana and the 
Heart of Ti Fiti. I hope we can raise a good chunk to help the 
good folks down south. I'll also make some prints available 

You can bid on it here...

Houston Astros Team Travel Update

Update on our travel and a word from Mr. Reid Ryan

Latest weather, and videos from

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Brooklyn Cyclones: Fan Appreciation Week

Here's some stuff from the Cyclones...

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Mets: Game Notes 8/27/17

From the Mets

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Game Used: Mets 1986 Throwback

Game Used authentic jersey at a steal....

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mets: Game Notes 8/26/17

From the Mets

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The7line Warehouse Sale Is Going on Now

From 11 am to 3pm today..

175 Commerce Drive Hauppauge NY 11788

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Game Used: Brooklyn Slices

Picked this up last week... The Brooklyn Cyclones changed their name up for a night...

This pizza face dude creeps me out...

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Gotham's @thedrewpowell Hanging at Mets Game

Drew Powell hanging with the Mets today.

Just want to mention how cool a guy Drew is. One of the nicest folks I have met over the years working in the film business.
Big baseball fan, and didn't grow up with a pro team near him. I'm glad he started to gravitate towards the Mets and has become a fan of the team. He also took his son out for his first game at Citi Field today and hopefully we get another young Mets fan out of it.

Side note. Make sure you folks watch Gotham this season. The cast and crew have been working their asses off for this season and from what I was able to see, this is going to be one hell of a season.....

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Mets: Game Notes 8/24/17

From the Mets

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Caps: Syndergaard Design

Pretty Blah- not feeling any of the designs. Oh yeah. There are two more. You might be seeing those today if I don't find anything else to post.


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mets: Game Notes 8/23/17

From the Mets

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the7line Warehouse Sale 8/26/17

Open Warehouse Sale

We're opening up our new warehouse for the first time this Saturday at 11am! Come on out to Long Island to shop in person and grab some great deals.
One lucky fan will walk away with a completely FREE transaction. 
How? We'll hand out tickets to everyone who shows up before 11am. The tickets will be numbered and one will be chosen at random. That number will be good for a completely free transaction. Thing is, you won't know if you won until you already paid. It'll be a gamble. You may have one t-shirt, or 20 in your stack. We'll inform the winner and refund their $ on the spot.  
Cornhole boards will be set up, music will be playing and we'll have free soft drinks and BBQ available while supplies last.
Anything new or restocked? YES.
We'll be restocking the NY APPLE tees and ladies tanks. Also releasing a sweatshirt version for the first time.
We have eleven HR Apple beanies on hand. First come first serve. One per shopper.  
Select fitted, snap, stretch and adjustable caps will be 35% off.
On top of that we'll have a grab bag box of FREE goodies. One per shopper.
The 7 Line
175 Commerce Drive
Suite L
Hauppague, NY 11788

Play At The Plate: Doubleday Fall Classic

What is Play at the Plate?
Play at the Plate runs men’s baseball tournaments and events at Major League Parks, Spring Training facilities, Triple A Stadiums and other fields, parks or stadiums of interest across America.
Single players, groups and even full teams can participate in our tournaments or camps. Some events are very competitive with the emphasis on winning, while others are for the enjoyment of the venue and camaraderie.
Your Experience
Just think what a great thrill you could have walking through the tunnel from the clubhouse to the dugout at a park like Fenway or Wrigley….the excitement of rounding second base after hitting a ball off the right field wall at PNC Park, or shagging down that long fly ball in deep center at Chase Field.
The camps are open to players over 25 and fathers can bring their sons if they are over the age of 15. We have events for every possible scenario.
We also have corporate outings at Major League Parks and every summer PATP organizes and runs the All Star Fantasy Camp for MLB at the All Star Game.
These are just a few of the many experiences you could be having playing baseball with Play at the Plate, the best choice for Men’s Baseball tournaments and events in America today.
If a more competitive atmosphere is what you are looking for, then there is no better competition then The Champions League tournament at beautiful Zephyr Field in New Orleans or The Palm Beach Classic in Jupiter, Florida.
You could be standing in center field at historic Rickwood Field (Our nation’s oldest park) in Birmingham Alabama where Willie Mays played or slash a ball off the left field fence at historic Doubleday Field in Cooperstown New York. Pitch a complete game at Progressive Field and have all the amenities that only we offer; a locker in the clubhouse, lunch and laundry service at most events, a camp get together and a memory that will last a lifetime.
We have a tournament that is geared for you and a vacation your entire family will enjoy.
For the past decade PATP has been organizing and running men’s baseball tournaments across North America. We’ve had events at:
Fenway Park
Wrigley Field
PNC Park
Progressive Field
Chase Field
Rickwood Field
LaBatt Park
Doubleday Field
We also organize and run Major League Baseball’s All Star Fantasy Camp at the All Star Game every July.
Join us and find out why Play at the Plate is the Major League of Men’s Baseball tournaments.
Scott Green
Play At The Plate

 You and your son could be playing ball at the historic Cooperstown N.Y. on one of America’s most quaint and beautiful fields, Doubleday Field. We promote this event as our annual “Father/Son tournament. We hope to have between 4 and 6 teams in upstate New York this year.
You’ll play doubleheaders every day, so please intend on staying all day Sunday.
The fees for this great trip to upstate New York are:
Single players $395
Father and Son $700
Father and 2 Sons…$995
Team rate $4500 up to 13 –  $350 additional
Join us for what has become one of our best events of the year.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mets: 20 Game Plans Renewal Emails Going Out

20 Game Plan Benefits

• Guaranteed Postseason half strip access and discount (seat location may vary from regular season)
• Best seats in the ballpark in each seating category behind Full Season and 41-Game Plan Holders
• 20-Game Plan Holder ticket price for each game in your plan for savings o box o ce pricing
• Access to Promenade Club, regardless of seat location (additional club access dependent on seat location) • Self-Service Online Future Ticket Exchange Program - Exchange your tickets for seats to future

games (max of six tickets per game; subject to availability; account must be paid in full; other restrictions apply;
visit for details)
• Unused Ticket Exchange Program - Exchange unused tickets from past games for tickets to future games

(may not be exchanged for games after August 23, 2018; max of six tickets per game;
account must be paid in full; other restrictions apply; visit for details)
• Purchase single game tickets at 718-507-TIXX or through your My Mets Tickets account at the 20-Game Plan

Holder price (subject to availability; restrictions may apply; available for Classic and Value games only)
• Purchase preferred parking with access to select Citi Field lots (subject to availability; restrictions apply)
• Personal Season Ticket Account Services Executive
• Online Select-A-Seat - Fall 2017 (dates TBD)
• Manage your tickets online via your My Mets Tickets account
• Ticket Donation Program - Donate your tickets to Most Valuable Kids through your My Mets Tickets account • Free ticket forwarding through your My Mets Tickets account
• Self-reissued ticket reprints through your My Mets Tickets account
• Presale access to Mets single game tickets and non-baseball events at Citi Field (subject to availability)
• Scan your game tickets and manage your entire season or plan account on your mobile device via

the FREE Ballpark app
• 10% discount at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field 

So who is renewing?

Mets: Wright to DH in St. Lucie Tonight

I really hope David Wright's back doesn't get any worse from this. I just keep worrying about the quality of life in future. I heard some things about how bad his back was from a reliable source and it was really bad during the playoffs in 2015. I can only imagine how it is now.

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