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NYWC- New York Wrestling Connection

On Saturday December 19th, The NYWC held A Miracle on 57th Street in Queens, NY. The NWYC is an independent wrestling organization that is based out of Deer Park, Long Island. It is a great alternative to the WWE,TNA, and ROH. I really can not go on extolling all the virtues of the show but check out the NYWC website and see what I am talking about.

Creepiest Santas from ToplessRobot.com


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This kinda affects me do to the fact I get a lot of work from NBC UNIVERSAL. I work in the entertainment industry so that is why I don't keep up to date with this blog as I should.

Comcast Buys NBC Universal
Company now rivals Disney in size and strength.
by Matt Fowler
December 2, 2009 - CNBC is reporting that "the deal between General Electric and Comcast over a majority stake in NBC Universal is complete" and that the deal will be officially announced on Thursday. At this point, only the formality of processing the paperwork is left.

There still might be a long wait (possibly an entire year) for the FCC to approve the transaction, but as it stands Comcast will now own 51% of NBC Universal and GE will own 49% (down from an 80% share). This deal will make Comcast one of the biggest global entertainment companies "rivaling the heft of its former takeover target, The Walt Disney Co."

With this acquisition, Comcast now has access to NBC Universal's cable channels, such as Bravo, CNBC, along with the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, the Universal Pictures movie studio and the Universal theme parks.

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The Best Skit of the Year on SNL

This had me bent over laughing so hard last night. Usually I wouldn't post anything political on here but I had to with this..,,

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Family Guy presents: Seth and Alex Kinda Live

Ok. This show is unbelievably Un PC and I LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE it. The fact that Marly Maitlin could come out and make fun of the fact that she's deaf and is ok with it was brilliant. I have to give here all the credit in the world.

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The movie was originally supposed to star Tom Cruise..

Smoking Aces 2: The Prequel

I loved Smokin Aces....I don't know how I feel about a prequel though....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The New V......

I actually enjoyed the pilot. Gone are the Nazi overtones of the original series. Replacing them is the way we idolize celebs and just and religion. Well at least thats what i took from it.

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Bird Flu: STD?

FROM IO9.com

Avian Flu Is An STD?
Scientists have discovered an unexpected fact about bird flu: It might be a sexually-transmitted disease, at least in ducks. And, just as unexpectedly, the key to transmission may be all about penis size and vagina "complexity."

New Scientist reports on new research carried out by a team at Budapest's Eötvös Loránd University, which crossreferenced the love lives of ducks with outbreaks of bird flu, and found something surprising:

When the researchers compared data on the prevalence of low-pathogenic bird flu strains in different duck species with what is known about the anatomy of duck reproductive parts and mating behaviour, they found that ducks with the smallest penises and tamest sex lives had the highest flu levels.

"This is intriguing and a bit counter-intuitive because a long phallus prolongs copulation, and forced copulations characteristic to species with a large phallus should further promote virus transfer," says [head researcher Gergely] Hegyi.

The reason behind this may come from the evolutionary process of female ducks, according to Hegyi:

Long and elaborate vaginas may hinder unwanted fertilisation but may also make it difficult for viruses acquired during copulation to reach the site of egg formation.

With this new information known, two new questions arise: Will this help scientists track the progress of avian flu, and perhaps more immediately, how quickly will someone come up with a joke about birdfucking?

First evidence that bird flu is spread sexually [New Scientist]

Send an email to Graeme McMillan, the author of this post, at graeme@io9.com.

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Tina Fey: The Conspiracy

Tina Fey Is In Every Issue Of Entertainment Weekly (Week 1)
What's with Entertainment Weekly's crush on Tina Fey?

I wish I had started this feature a year ago....but I didn't so we will make this week Week 1 of tracking the obligatory Tina Fey appearance in every issue. This week she has a large photo on page 35.

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Paranormal Activity

Is it really going to live up to the hype? Or is it another Blair Witch Project that was all Internet hype?

Paranormal Activity Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers

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IGN.COM's Zombieland Review

Fantastic Fest 09: Zombieland Review
This highly entertaining zombie comedy offers plenty of laughs and scares.
by Jim Vejvoda

September 25, 2009 - The world, as we know it, is over. Zombies have won and humans, what few that remain, must constantly stay on the run if they are to survive. A small band of survivors -- all of whom have lost those dearest to them -- must overcome their differences as they embark on a dangerous journey across a ravaged American landscape. Sounds like a heavy post-apocalyptic drama or a Resident Evil-style shoot 'em-up, right? Well, forget it, Jake. It's Zombieland.

While making his way alone down a highway strewn with car wrecks, a young coward (Jesse Eisenberg) who survived the zombie apocalypse because of his strict adherence to a set of rules -- such as "don't be a hero" and "buckle up" -- encounters a badass Southerner (Woody Harrelson) with an arsenal and an attitude made for zombie killin'. The badass insists that neither of them call each other by their real names so that they don't get too close or friendly; after all, life is short for humans in Zombieland (as they now refer to Earth). They call themselves by their hometowns instead: the badass is Tallahassee and the kid is Columbus.

Tallahassee agrees to give Columbus a ride so that he can locate his estranged family. Tallahassee, though, is a loner, a man with a tragic past. All he longs for now is a Twinkie, one last yummy reminder of the good old days. Along the way, these two unlikely cohorts meet up with a pair of young grifter sisters -- Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) -- who continually outwit them. Begrudgingly joining forces, this motley crew sets out for the land where fantasies once came true: Los Angeles.

Check out the trailer to Zombieland.

While Shaun of the Dead will probably always rank as the greatest zombie comedy of all time, Zombieland certainly deserves a spot high up on that not very long list. Equal parts action, horror and comedy, Zombieland is one helluva funny (and fun) movie that suggests big things are ahead for director Ruben Fleischer (who never directed a film of this scope before). The movie finds just the right balance of thrills, scares, and laughs, and no element feels shoe-horned in at the expense of the other.

Unlike Jennifer's Body -- which didn't know whether it was a comedy with horror in it or a horror movie with comedy -- Zombieland is definitely a comedy with horror in it. The zombies aren't necessarily played for laughs; there are some genuine (albeit sometimes stock) shocks that convince you these characters are in grave danger. The humor stems from the heroes' behavior during these dire moments: Columbus' cowardice and OCD, Tallahassee's fearlessness and tactlessness, Wichita and Little Rock's guile. While the script wisely gives each of them enough background to generate some pathos, they are ultimately more types than fully formed characters and are likable more because of the actors playing them than because of the depth of the script.

Harrelson's Tallahassee is not only reminiscent of his character Mickey Knox from Natural Born Killers, but also Evil Dead's Ash Williams. There are even times where he seems like a redneck Crocodile Dundee. He has the showiest role in the movie, and Harrelson clearly relishes it. Eisenberg shines as a sort of classic Woody Allen nebbish (a very Michael Cera-esque role, but he has far more range than Cera). Stone is fine as the straight man to the more outlandish antics of the male leads, and Breslin's work indicates she should survive the adolescent career phase that does in so many other child actors. She's a mature kid here, but thankfully not too precocious.

Zombieland lags a bit near the end of Act Two while the characters take refuge in a seemingly abandoned L.A. mansion (following the film's biggest and most pleasant surprise), but otherwise the movie clips along at a brisk pace and offers filmgoers plenty of humor and horror for their buck. It will also leave 'em jonesing for a Twinkie.

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U2 on SNL

Holy Shit!!!! What the hell happened to U2...When did they becomes a horrible sounding band? I can not believe this. Maybe the predictions of 2012 are for real and the world is coming to an end. That 1st song was just horrible. And I just figured this out too. Megan Fox is a fembot from Austin Powers. Damn my head hurts...

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Why Should We Study Zombie Attacks?( from i09.com

From io9.com

Why Should We Study Zombie Attacks?
By Lauren Davis, 9:30 AM on Tue Sep 15 2009, 29,485 views
Last month, a group of mathematicians grabbed headlines with their mathematical model of the zombie apocalypse. But as one science journalist notes, such studies are more than amusing academic anecdotes; they can actually serve a very legitimate social interest.

Patrick J. Kiger, a journalist and blogger for the Science Channel, has been criticized for focusing on technologies in his column Is This a Good Idea? that currently exist only in the realm of speculative fiction. To answer those critics, Kiger looks at the recent study by mathematicians in Ottawa as to the best response to a zombie outbreak. What good, Kiger asks, is it to study a phenomenon that we know does not actually exist?

Kiger spends some time contemplating whether or not we might actually have to fear attacks from the flesh-eating undead, but ultimately, his point is that the possibility of a literal zombie attack is irrelevant to the value of such studies. Studying zombie attacks is valuable, he argues, precisely because they represent a level of crisis that we do not have any experience with, and our ability to logically respond to such a crisis:

But whether real or imagined, a zombie attack is a potent metaphor. Think of the undead not as klutzy cannibals but as the X factor, the Rumsfeldian "unknown unknown," the totally unexpected menace that suddenly confronts us. (The Canadian researchers' mathematical modeling of zombie attacks maybe seem like an elaborate joke, but in actuality it was led by a mathematician whose expertise is in studying the spread of actual epidemics such as malaria and West Nile Virus, and its underlying purpose was to demonstrate the progression of a rapidly spreading, unfamiliar public health threat.) In recent experience we've been confronted increasingly with such X factors, ranging from AIDS to terrorism to climate change. And time and again, we've been exposed as dangerously unprepared to deal with such paradigm-shattering threats. I'm not talking about stocking up on bottled water and Spam, having a battery-powered radio, a shotgun and the ingredients for Molotov cocktails. I'm talking about our societal tendency to do exactly what most of the characters in the Romero movies do when confronted with a zombie attack - i.e., to become hysterical and fight among themselves for control of the group, which ultimately leads to them squandering resources and opportunities for survival, and undermining each others' efforts. I think we need to find a way to tone down the cable TV news-induced histrionics and learn to cooperate towards a common objective, before some real menace arrives to do us in.

The Intergalactic Kung Fu Zombies

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From Perez Hilton...


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HUH...Zombie fishing?


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The Adventures Of Admiral Hoshii

As I begin to like the Galactica finale less and less, I find myself
wishing someone could pick up the story with Hoshii taking the fleet
on a quest for an Earth more akin to what happened on Galactica 1980
(imagine it done right).

The more I watch the finale the less I buy it.

Hey I'll tell you what. You guys go renounce technology and live off
the land but how about leaving me the broken Galactica, a few raptors
and the Agro and Tillium ships. I'll take a comfy bed and some air
conditioning - and if I feel like hunting I'll come down.

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TFC....Tigh's Fried Chicken

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Star Trek III Holds Up Well

After I finished with the abomination that is Star Trek V I decided to watch Star Trek III for the first time in a long time.  It holds up well.
For one, Shatner and Nimoy both look 50ish as opposed to the 60ish they do in 5, and although DeForest Kelley is starting to look old, it works for where the character is mentally in this film.  Jimmy Doohan still looks like "movie Scotty" too and gets lots to do in this one, as he will in IV.

The Enterprise seems more scarred than it did when Khan was finished with it, and Robin Curtis as Saavik is awful, and a character-killer.  (Saavik will get about 3 minutes of screen time in IV.)

Sure it's annoying that Admiral Morrow says the Enterprise is "20" years old - maybe since the Gary Mitchell-era paintjob (when they painted the railings red and removed the gooseneck speaker things) but it's clearly more like 40.   However, the stealing of the Enterprise is fun and Christopher Lloyd and crew behave like real Klingons, not the mumbo-jumbo philosophical versions that we saw 78 years later hanging out with Picard.

The special effects are quite good...watching this film made me realize even more (if this is possible) that Star Trek V is a piece of crap.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guess What: Digital TV Doesn't Work

Now that digital (only) TV has been around for 6 months or so, I decided to futz around with the antenna here in suburban New York City to see if I could get any channels.

The best I can do is get my signal for NBC up to about 39%, and that's after messing with the antenna for half an hour.   39% gets you a picture most of the time, with significant pixelation.

CBS will occassionally come in, as will FOX.

ABC?   Doesn't exist.  WABC-7 used to have one of the strongest signals in the area.  You could be inside Indiana Jones' nuclear fridge and you'd still get a signal.  These days, forget it.

As is usually the case I can get 7000 versions of useless the old UHF channels.  Who cares.

Do I have cable, yes.  This is the extra set down by the treadmill.

The feds screwed the pooch on this one.  Anyone getting decent signals?  Didn't think so.

Marvel And Disney: Relax It Will Be Fine

Will everyone please calm down.

Disney didn't buy Marvel to make all the characters wimpy.   They bought them to make money.

What you'll wind up seeing is even more of the characters.   Disney doesn't know how to reach boys, but they do know how to make cartoons.   You know how DC has made a few good Batman/Superman TV cartoons - maybe now we'll finally get good looking and well written animated Spidey and X-Men.

Nobody has done justice to the Fantastic 4 yet whether it has been Herbie the Robot or two awful movies.   Never mind Thor, Hulk, and the under-served Captain America.

This will be a good thing long term.  Relax.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Star Trek V Is Still A Piece Of Crap

Decided to watch Star Trek V last night. Awful.

Suddenly Captain Kirk is a super freestyle mountain climber who can scale mountains with no equipment.

Whoever did Nimoy's makeup doesn't know what Spock looks like. Both his ears and eyebrows look wrong.

Spock suddenly has a brother. Oh yeah he just never mentioned it.

Scotty and Uhura are dating now that they are in their 60s. Doohan must have been getting old or forgot how to act. His Scotty is like a parody.

DeForest Kelley also looks very old in this one...his McCoy is also likea McCoy parody.

Why does Kirk keep leaving Chekov in charge when Sulu is sitting right there? Why isn't Sulu off captaining the Excelsior yet?

The center of the galaxy is apparently an hour and fifteen minutes from Earth...or did Kirk and crew spend several weeks in the brig that the director (Shatner) just doesn't show us.

What a terrible film. Thank goodness Star Trek VI ended the TOS movie series on a good note.

Monday, August 17, 2009

TNA/SPIKE Sign new deal


Deal Includes New Weekly Installments Of “TNA: iMPACT!” And The Addition Of New Original Series Of Specials

Spike TV and Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling have agreed to a new, three-year extension of their partnership, it was announced jointly today by Kevin Kay, President, Spike TV and Dixie Carter, President of TNA Entertainment.

The deal, which begins October 1, 2009, includes three new years of TNA’s weekly “iMPACT!” show as well as the addition of a new original series of one-hour specials. Each special (title TBD) will feature the biggest personalities and highlight some the greatest and awe-inspiring bouts in the history of TNA, many of them never before seen on basic cable. TNA Entertainment will produce 10 one-hour installments.

“TNA: iMPACT!” is coming off its highest-rated and most-watched quarter on Spike TV. During 2Q09, more than 1.8 million viewers on average tuned in to “TNA: iMPACT!” on Spike each week. Overall, “TNA: iMPACT!” saw an impressive 31% overall growth compared to YAGO, with double digit increases in the key demographics of M18-49 (+33%) and P18-49 (+40).*

“With the tremendous success and record ratings we have achieved over the past three years, we are very happy to continue to have Spike TV as TNA Wrestling’s partner,” said Carter. “We are excited to continue our relationship with the fantastic team that has supported TNA from the very beginning, and look forward to even greater success with all of our TNA programming on Spike TV.”

“TNA Wrestling has consistently delivered strong ratings in key male demographics and has continually grown its weekly audience. In the past year alone, “iMPACT!" has seen a remarkable increase of 30% in overall growth," said Kay. “We are excited to not only continue but also expand our relationship with the world’s fastest growing wrestling organization.”

Cross The Line to TNA Wrestling, the most innovative experience in professional wrestling today. Watch "TNA iMPACT!" every Thursday night (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) only on Spike TV. TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.

Spike TV is available in 98 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world's leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. Spike TV's Internet address is www.spike.com and for up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs, visit Spike TV's press site at http://www.spike.com/press.

IGN'S Madden 2010 review

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Kurt Angle Arrested

This is from WPXI.COM

Officer’s Criminal Complaint filed against Kurt Angle:

On 8-15-09 at 7:50am, I was dispatched to the area of Giant Eagle and Get Go for a report of a PFA violation that was taking place in the lot.

As I was en route to the scene from Robinson Towne Center, dispatch advised me that the male offender (later ID'd as Kurt Angle) was in a sliver Cadillac now headed toward the Robinson Mall on Park Manor and was wearing a green colored t-shirt.

I approached the traffic signal at the intersection of Park Manor and Robinson Center Drive.

As I was at the light, I observed a silver Cadillac STS travelling down Park Manor and making the left hand turn at Robinson Center Drive and continuing onto Park Manor.

As the vehicle passed me, I could clearly see the driver had on a green t-shirt.

I turned around my marked police unit and made a traffic stop on the vehicle as it pulled into the Starbucks lot in Robinson Towne Center.

I was advised by dispatch that the driver should be Kurt Angle and that he was under DUI suspension.

I approached the driver who provided me with his (license) that did ID him as Kurt Angle.

At this time, I was assisted on scene by (two other officers).

I ran Angle's license which did come back as being under DUI suspension.

I advised Angle of the nature of the call and if he violated a PFA that was put out on him.

Angle stated his ex-girlfriend, (name removed), and he had an altercation at his residence in Moon township last evening.

Angle then stated she used his vehicle and went downtown to obtain an emergency PFA on him.

He then stated he was removed from the residence by Moon Township Police.

I advised Angle that his girlfriend had called police and stated he was stalking her at the Giant Eagle lot.

Angle denied this and stated he was looking for a hotel to stay in and never saw her.

Angle blurted out that he had his girlfriend's cell phone even though I had not asked about it at the time.

Dispatch advised that (the victim) was at our station filing a formal written complaint.

Since Angle was under DUI suspension, a tow truck was called for his vehicle.

I checked the area where Angle was sitting incident to his arrest.

There was a medium sized bag that contained Angle's ID as well as numerous credit cards.

This was taken with Angle to avoid anything happening to his credit cards.

In the front seat there was a large zippered black bag.

Inside one of the compartments was a capped syringe and two vials of "Hygetropin" which also contained the label "recumbant Human Growth Hormone Somatropin for injection."

Angle was asked about this item and he stated that he had a legal prescription for it and would be able to provide a copy of it.

Angle was placed into custody for the PFA violation and the drug charges and taken to the Robinson Twp. Police Station without incident by (the officer).

The vehicle was removed from the scene. (An officer) did locate a maroon colored blackberry phone from the car which (the victim) did later ID as hers. It was turned over to her at the station.

At the Robinson Police Station, I spoke with (the victim).

(She) stated she was at the Starbucks Store at the Robinson Towne Center outside at a table using the internet because she was scared to use the computer at her residence as she was in fear of Angle.

At this time, she saw Angle circle the parking lot three times; staring at her while she was outside.

(She) stated she then hurriedly left the area and saw Angle in the silver Cadillac.

She drove to Crucible Research by Giant Eagle and observed Angle in the Giant Eagle parking lot "circling" in his vehicle.

She stated to me that she could see Angle accessing her cell phone that she left in the car and feared he was deleting her text messages and pictures she had of past abuse against Angle.

(She) stated she then called 911 to report the incident. Angle was processed without incident and lodged into a holding cell to await arraignment.

The two vials of "HGH" and the used capped syringe will be logged into evidence.

(The victim) was provided a victim's rights booklet which she signed for. (She) stated she was going to stay (at a different location).

I received a faxed copy of the emergency PFA from Moon Township Police as well as verification that Angle was served the PFA by Moon Police this date at approximately 6:19am.

I made a copy of the emergency PFA she obtained that will be posted in the active PFA section of the police department. I also did file an ICC complaint on Angle.

The Walking Dead TV Series

Got this from TIMESONLINE.com

From Times Online
August 13, 2009
Shawshank director Frank Darabont to make Walking Dead TV series
Frank Darabont swaps prison dramas for the undead with television adaptation of critically acclaimed comic book

(Charlie Adlard)
Walking Dead artwork by Charlie Adlard
Owen Vaughan
The director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile is to adapt the zombie comic The Walking Dead for television.

Charlie Adlard, the comic's artist, told Times Online that Frank Darabont was writing and directing a pilot for the US cable network AMC.

"This has been in the works for a while but finally we can announce something positive," Adlard said.

The Walking Dead, which is written and created by Robert Kirkman, has been running since 2003 and has been compared to The Wire and Lost , such is its quality and breadth of scope. The story follows a small band of survivors in small-town America after a mysterious epidemic sweeps the world and causes the dead to rise and feast on the living, and although it does adhere loosely to the staples of the genre, it is no mere exploitation horror comic. The drama is not in the scenes of zombie extermination but in the pain of normal people struggling to keep alive in a world where civilisation has crumbled and died.

Zombie comic artist is pure dead brilliant
Zombies storm the Big Chill festival
Darabont may be known for his powerful prison dramas but he has a past in horror. He wrote The Fly II and last year his adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist touched on the same territory as The Walking Dead: a small-town community struggles to deal with a monstrous threat. Also onboard is Terminator producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Joel Stillerman, a vice president at AMC, which is behind the hit show Mad Men, told Variety that The Walking Dead appealed to the network because of "the quality of the storytelling" in Kirkman's work. The series would stay faithful to the tone of the original novels, he said. "This is not about zombies popping out of closets. This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world [in Walking Dead] is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way."

Fans of The Walking Dead will be pleased they have film-maker of Darabont's stature on board, more so because a large part of the comic takes place in a prison.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


From IGN,,,,

Singer Tackling Battlestar Galactica?
X-Men and Superman helmer rumored for new big screen version.
by Jim Vejvoda

August 12, 2009 - X-Men and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer has reportedly been approached by Universal Pictures about developing and possibly directing their feature film version of the TV series Battlestar Galactica.

Sources for HitFix "indicate that the big decisions haven't been made yet. Singer is the first major creative element to be approached, so once they sign him, they'll go find a writer and they'll figure out exactly which story they're telling."

IGN Movies broke the news in February that the big screen version that Universal and BSG creator Glen A. Larson would bring to the screen would be based on Larson's original TV series, and not the Ron Moore rebooted version that recently went off the air.

As HitFix reminds us, Singer and his longtime collaborator Tom DeSanto had previously tried to bring Battlestar Galactica back to the small screen in 2001 but that version fell apart and paved the way for Moore's later incarnation.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am a NY Rangers fan and I support this...

The Islanders need this..The MAUSOLEUM sucks..The NHL needs to breathe new life into the whole NY market..

The Lighthouse at Long Island Top Ten Facts

1. The Lighthouse project will transform the 150-acres at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum site and the surrounding area into Long Island’s signature destination.

2. The Lighthouse is approximately 5.5 million square feet of new mixed-use development and will be designed and developed to be Long Island’s largest LEED, environmentally friendly, project.

3. The Coliseum will be transformed into a state-of-the-art arena providing a premier entertainment experience. With additional and expanded concourses, all new restrooms, VIP suites, larger seats, and first class concessions and restaurants, the arena will comfortably accommodate 17,500 for hockey, 18,500 for basketball and 20,000 fans for concerts.

4. The Sports Complex will be the region’s preferred sports and entertainment facility. It will house four sheets of ice for local teams and clubs, as well as be capable of hosting regional and national events. The facility will also include basketball courts and a state-of-the-art health club.

5. The Lighthouse’s central landscaped park, Celebration Plaza, will be larger than New York City’s Bryant Park, and will soon become Long Island’s favorite meeting place for family concerts, or just relaxing with a friend.

6. The project’s 2,300 residences will include next generation, luxury, active adult and multi-family housing types. There will be a mix of lofts, condominiums, and town houses set amidst quiet neighborhoods or above vibrant retail streetscapes.

7. Long Island’s first five-star hotel will contain 300 rooms, meeting and banquet facilities, and luxury full-service condominiums.

8. The project will have more than 250,000 square feet of Convention, Conference and Exhibition space and will establish Long Island as a preferred destination for national and international programs while giving local companies a place to host their events.

9. One million square feet of new class A office space, including a sports technology center, will attract new industries and create jobs and career opportunities as well as allow local companies to expand in the heart of Nassau County.

10. The project’s approximately 500,000 square feet of complementary retail, restaurants, and cafes will provide great places to dine and shop for residents and visitors alike.

The Lighthouse’s Big Seven Benefits to Long Islanders

1. Increased Tax Revenues

2. New jobs and career opportunities

3. Ability to keep existing and attract new businesses

4. Attractive housing alternatives for Long Islanders

5. Increased property values

6. Creates a destination on Long Island

7. Keeps the NY Islanders on Long Island

Wait, Nas and Nick Cannon were right.

the beats kind of sound the same to watermelon..

According to NAS and Nick Cannon, this is the future of hip hop.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Me being busy, Shark Week, Green Lantern Cartoon DVD

So I am sure you have noticed that there is a lot of videos on here. Its not because I am lazy but because I work in the film business working 14-20 hr days..I know wwaaaaahhhhh poor me. I am going to try to write more but I'm lucky to even get sleep.
Zombies, I know I am obsessed with them on this page but there is one thing I am more obsessed with SHARKS. SHARK WEEK is this week. The Discovery Channel's Super Bowl is here. Last night was BLOOD in the WATER. A very well done re enactment of the 1916 Shark Attacks off the NJ Shore. I couldn't believe how well it was done. They cut footage of real sharks in with some of the FX sharks and it was seemless..Even the FX non cgi sharks looked great. I am not going to get too into the story if you want to know about it, watch Blood in the Water or look it up on the net.
Green Lantern. Chris Meloni from Law and Order: SVU voices Hal Jordan. It was a great way to introduce this character to people who don't read the comics or were brought up on GL Jon Stewart or Kyle Rayner. This DVD just is a solid flick where it shows how Hal Jordan a TEST PILOT becomes the recipient of a GREEN LANTERN power ring from Abin Sur..Not only that we get introduced to a smaller headed Sinestro that isn't dressed in his old 1970's costume. I hate ruining the movies I have seen with reviews that tell everything about it...If your a DC comics fan go watch it..

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tron Legacy Trailer

Got this trailer from IGN.COM

What an upgrade in effects from the first TRON..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

American Psycho Inspired Music Video

This is a pretty amazingly cast video and extremely well done..i can not get over it,,

Amazing American Psycho Music Video - Watch more Funny Videos

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Teaser

....Tim Burton Directs...Johnny Depp as the MAD HATTER...all else doesn't matter now, does it?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Do A Half Ass Futurama Reboot

I am reading that Fox is recasting all the voices on Futurama to cut costs.

Did you ever see the "new" Jetsons with the different voices?

Does anyone out there like fake Fred Flintstone?

Ever hear a bad Bugs Bunny?

Does Kermit still sound like Kermit to you?

If you can't do it right, don't do it.

Being fair, the producers of Clone Wars did a great job on their voice actors, and I guess Yellow Submarine wasn't too bad.

Why is there a broomstick in my keister?(quiddich? really?)


Quidditch isn't just for 'Harry Potter' anymore: College 'Potter' fans make magic game real
Monday, July 20th 2009, 4:00 AM

Harbus for News
And you thought it was only for wizards! The Vassar Quidditch team scores 10 points during a recent scrimmage.

Harbus for News
Players from the Vasser Quidditch team vie for the loose ball.
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They can't fly, and they don't have any magical powers.
But that doesn't stop groups of college students across the country from playing Quidditch, the midair "sport" from J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series.
The broom-based game has become something of an underground cult activity among young adults who came of age in the Potter era.
You may have seen a glimpse of the sport in a recent ad for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," in which a girl daydreams about a muddy match.
That daydream is a reality for 21 year-old Michael Sandstrom, a Vassar College sophomore from Chestnut Ridge, N.Y., who, spent one recent rainy Friday chasing a "snitch" at Nyack's Memorial Park.
He and six teammates, brooms between their legs ("Brooms up!" is the rallying cry), are in the off-season of the game, which was originally adapted into a land-based activity (blame gravity) by Middlebury College student Xander Manshel about four years ago.
At the first Quidditch World Cup two years ago, Middlebury hosted Vassar, which then had the only other college Quidditch team in existence. Now, more than 200 colleges either have or have expressed interest in starting a Quidditch team, according to the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association — a loosely structured governing body of the sport.
(Incidentally, if you're too old for Hogwarts, you're too old for Quidditch: Warner Bros. has been known to prohibit for-profit sports leagues from picking up brooms and starting a league. College kids and other "amateurs" are welcome to swat the snitch around).
Rank these imaginative athletes as among the most inspired of the Potter generation. "The books came out when I was around the same age as Harry Potter," says rising junior Michelle Cantos, 19, the outgoing captain of Vassar's squad, from Congers, N.Y. "I was waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. We went through our teenage years together and we had this bond.
"So when I came to Vassar and found out we had a Quidditch team, I was like, 'Oh my God, this is so amazing,' and I was immediately hooked."
Cantos is a beater, a defensive player who hurls bludgers, or red dodge balls, at opposing players. From there, well, you have to have read the books to get it. When she hits someone with her bludger, the make-believe begins: That player must drop his or her quaffle and circle the hoops to make up for the time lost as though he or she had actually fallen off the broom mid-flight.
Muggle Quidditch cleverly accounts for many of the impossibilities of playing a fantasy sport that takes place in the air on broomsticks. The "Golden Snitch" is a tennis ball in a sock. The quest for the snitch has led Sandstrom into a dumpster and through a maze of bushes.
The "quaffle" is a volleyball. Goals are mounted Hula-Hoops. The brooms are borrowed from closets or purchased at dollar stores, and players wear safety goggles to avoid a stick in the eye. And, of course, capes.
"My family thinks it's hilarious, especially since I was always more of a mathlete and less of an athlete in high school," says Cantos. "There was a lot of laughter at my expense, but they're all supportive."
"It's good being that kid who plays Quidditch because it's so phenomenally ridiculous, and yet, so amazingly fun," says David Bridgman-Packer, 19, a rising sophomore from Valley Cottage and the incoming captain of Vassar's team. "What Quidditch lets you do is get a great workout, have a great time, and meet people who are just as nerdy as you are."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/2009/07/20/2009-07-20_quidditch_isnt_just_for_harry_potter_anymore_.html#ixzz0LnhEVBJT

Great CBS Cronkite Special

Kudos to whoever put together the Cronkite special last night. Man
was Walter great.

I really appreciated that someone at CBS had the guts to let Beian
Williams and Charlie Gibson be part of it. Dan Rather too.

It really shows what a light-weight Katie Couric is and why ironically
CBS is now the 5th place I would tune during a major news event.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trek In The Park

Trek in the Park

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

NBC Actually Televises Fireworks As Part Of Fireworks Coverage

Wow was I shocked when I tuned in to see the Macy's Fireworks on NBC last night.

Unlike past years they actually showed the fireworks. Usually they show me the faces of the people watching the fireworks so I could see how much I would enjoy them if I could actually see them. Traditionally this is accompanied by having Martin Sheen or the guy from Chuck or Tea Leoni reading some poetry over the fireworks to make me feel more patriotic so that I tune in to some new NBC shows.

Great job last night and I thought the fireworks were great. Now if only whoever produced last night's telecast could go work on Fox baseball.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok. I get it. The Sci Fi channel wants to rebrand itself because its not just showing sci fi shows like it used to. But, couldn't they have at least come up with something a little less dumb?..I feel like it's some little girls cartoon channel now. How about GENRE? that wouldn't have worked for a name? It would have encompassed more of what the channel is about. Horror,Sci fi, Action, Paranormal, and Sports Entertainment. I can see why they chose SYFY, because it sounds the same as Sci Fi..What the Hell does SYFY mean then?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays Dead at 50..

hi billy mays here for Heaven....if you call now during the commercial we will throw in the wings for a small handling fee...RIP Billy Mays..

Saturday, June 27, 2009


IGN Video: Inglourious Basterds Movie Trailer - Trailer 2

click the link to go to ign.com

So like Digital TV like um doesn't work you know

Got my converter box. Got my antenna. I know how to hook things up. The best I can do is lock in at 40% on some channels.

Yeah, some.

ABC New York? Forget it. Zero.

The channels that went back to VHF frequencies after June 12th just don't come in. The UHFers sort of do, and I will tell you there's nothing like Telefutura and the 6 subcarriers.

I used to be able to pull in TV all the way from Philly (and NYC), out on my deck. I used to be able to use my Casio Watchman and my battery powered TV during blackouts. Now my old reliable 13 inch TV/DVD player is basically a DVD player.

Whose idea was this anyway? I can only imagine what people who don't understand electronics are going through.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's Captain EO

I think Disney may owe Mr. Lucas a few royalties. Blue elephant guy? Some Han Solo-like dialog? I'm only including part one because you'll never stay awake through the whole thing.

Tunnel Rats

Got this off IGN.com