Monday, February 5, 2018

To The Sports Fans That Don’t Know How To Celebrate

Why is it when a team wins or loses these dopes come out and destroy property? Why do you all feel this is a “thing”? Stop it. Just stop. It’s not that serious. These are games that millionaires play. You aren’t overthrowing an oppressive regime. All you guys are doing is raising insurance rates, having to pay more money in taxes for the overtime for the police and firefighters, making your city look bad and just being uncivilized jerks. Why do fans feel it’s necessary to destroy things if they win or lose? Why? What’s the mindset? Yeah my team won so now I’m going to destroy this business on Main Street that someone has worked their whole life to build. We lost! I’m flipping over someone’s car who has a loan out on it and won’t be able to recover then value from insurance and have to get another car and go deeper into a financial hole. All because you dopes can’t say, “ wooohooo we won! Let’s go have a beer and then cheer like civilized folks”.

Grow up!

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