Sunday, February 25, 2018

Joel Sherman wants the MLB to be like MTV Rock and Jock Softball.

Some of you youngins might not remember when MT had celebrity and sport star softball competitions. They would have balls that were extra points, signs in the outfield so if you hit it, it might count as an out. So Joel Sherman is basically borrowing some ideas from there. This is not what you need to do to fix the game. Just figure out how relief pitchers don't need to throw eight pitches when they just came out of the bullpen. How about you have more then six mound visits a game, the batter is awarded first automatically? 
From the NY POST
1. The Two-fer Homer — I would draw a cutoff at the 50 longest homers from the previous year as determined by Statscast, and any homer hit longer would be worth an extra run — thus two runs if it was previously a solo and five runs if it was a grand slam.
The cutoff for this year would be 462 feet. The radar in each stadium is identical. The data is controlled by non-team-affiliated employees at MLB’s Chelsea office (so no home cooking) and is instantaneous to the ball landing. So within a second or two a distance could be flashed on the scoreboard and everyone knows if it is worth an extra run.
2. The Designated  Base Runner — Once a game for each team a runner can be deployed without having to permanently remove the player being run for.
This allows an extra layer of in-game strategy: When do you use this runner and for whom? But also about how you construct a roster. Would a Terrance Gore/Quintin Berry type be more valuable than another reliever? At a time when we are crying out for more action on the field, this injects a higher-level athlete into games and the threat of steals and scoring from first on a double, etc.

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