Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More of my Laziness for Mets Blogging in the AM.

From John Harper NY Daily News:

“Thanks to a stunning display of February pitching that started with a 100-mph fastball and never slowed down, Noah Syndergaard turned his first spring training outing into a reason for Mets’ fans to dream again.

If he makes it to Opening Day, that is.

As exhilarating as it was to watch Syndergaard mow down the world champion Astros over two perfect innings with blazing heaters, as well as a 92-mph changeup that Jose Altuve said would strike him out 100 out of 100 times, I can’t help but ask: Was it Smart?”

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MG- think Callaway being a pitcher’s manager would have lost his mind if this in any way seems to have been detrimental to Syndergaard.

From the NY Daily News-

“There is an interesting wrinkle in the Mets' rotation plans for this week. Zack Wheeler will come in behind Matt Harvey's start on Wednesday in Orlando against the Braves, Mickey Callaway announced Monday.

"We'll have two starters that day piggybacking each other," the Mets manager said.

Wednesday would be the normal day for Wheeler to pitch on a regular five-day schedule after he started Friday's spring training opener. Harvey is making his first start of the spring.”

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MG- Get Wheeler ready for the Bullpen,why not?

From MLB Shop aka Fanatics

If you order this for St Paddy’s Day, what are the odds you get it on time?

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