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Saturday, November 30, 2019

@QBConvention Ticketing Update 11/30/19

Tickets for QBC 2020 have been moving at a pretty good pace. The VIP Fast pass package has 5 or less available. The Jerry Koosman Photo op and signed Dave Majo print are moving pretty quickly also.
These are some great deals here folks...

Don't let these pass you by....

For More info and tickets click here.

Friday, November 29, 2019

@QBConvention:QBC "TOUR" tee shirt up for sale.

Hey guys, want a cool shirt to wear to QBC 2020? Well I created a "TOUR" Tee Shirt. It lists where the QBC has been since we started it. There is a 2020 on the sleeve and the Spherelogo on the front with the "Tour years and locations on the back". I figured to do something different. Also if you bought your QBC tickets you know that you got a discount code to buy some stuff. Didn't get your tickets yet? We are still at BLUE FRIDAY prices. Buy your tickets to the QBC here.

Like the shirt? Buy it at

@QBConvention: Ted Berg is hosting the Howard Johnson Panel at QBC 2020

Our good friend Ted Berg agreed to host QBC 2020's Howard Johnson Panel. Ted has joined us at past QBCs with the most recent with him hosting the Todd Hundley Panel. Ted has always been one of my favorite writers and also one of my favorite twitter follows. I wonder if he and HOJO are going to talk sandwiches.

Here is the Todd Hundley Panel with Ted Berg.

Don't forget that Blue Friday Ticket Pricing is in effect right now for the Queens Baseball Convention 2020 right now. We have Jerry Koosman, Howard Johnson, Billy Wagner, more panels, vendors, great food, and more... January 18th 2020 at Mulcahy's in Wantagh NY. Get your tickets by clicking the graphic below.

@QBConvention: QBC 2020 tickets are up for Sale at Blue Friday Pricing.

The day is upon us. The day that QBC 2020 tickets are on sale at Blue Friday Prices. So what are you waiting for. Jerry Koosman, Howard Johnson, Billy Wagner. Panels. Vendors and much more. 

Click above for tickets.

Need some QBC Merch? Shop here. There wont't be any on hand day of.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

@QBConvention: QBC 2020 About Jerry Koosman and his autograph

It seems some folks haven't read the Eventbrite site about why there aren't Jerry Koosman single to sign autograph tickets.
1969 World Series Champion Jerry Koosman will be having his number 36 retired in Flushing in 2020. This will be Jerry's first time speaking in front of a live crowd since the announcement. Jerry will be doing an hour long panel with crowd Q and A.
Usually our guests sign for around an hour after their panels. However Jerry has expressed to us that he may not be able to sign day of the QBC. Because we wanted him here and we obviously don't want to him to overexert himself we agreed on an alternative. We will be offering for sale a package of a LImited Edition Dave Majo QBC 2020 exclusive print pre-signed by Jerry plus a photo op with your camera. 
If Jerry feels up to it, he mght be able to sign later in the day, however we will not know that until the day of the QBC. If you already purchased the special package and Jerry feels up to signing more items that day, you will be offered an autograph ticket at a discounted price. 
We hope you understand why we have to offer the autographs like this with Jerry. We know it isn't ideal but we really wanted Jerry to be at the QBC this year and to be able to get you his autograph if you wanted it.
We can't guarantee that he will sign anything the day of the QBC but we encourage you to bring anything you might want him to sign that day. If he is up to signing then we will offer additional autograph tickets for Jerry. Thanks for understanding.

Happy Thanksgiving and OH Yeah.. I forgot to say @QBConvention 's QBC 2020 Tix on sale at Midnight

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Now let's get to the good stuff. If you have attended past QBC events go check your email. That's all I am saying about that.

If you want to buy tickets for QBC 2020, the Blue Friday Sale starts tonight at Midnight. Jerry Koosman, Howard Johnson, Billy Wagner, panels and autograph signings. Other panels include the State of the Mets, The Minors Panel, Ask QBC Panel, A Mets Authors panel and more...

At midnight head head over to the eventbrite link here and grab your Blue Friday Priced tickets.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

@QBConvention: Latest QBC 2020 Update

Hey folks. Yesterday we had some fast and the furious guest announcements for QBC 2020. The Queens Baseball Convention 2020 will be held on January 18th 2020 at Mulcahy's in Wantagh. Let me start with our first announcement from last week. 1969 World Champion Jerry Koosman. Jerry doesn't come around too much for events these days and we are lucky enough to get him for a panel and autograph/photo package. It's  great to have Jerry being at the QBC especially since he this is his first time in front of a live crowd since it was announced his jersey number is being retired in Flushing in 2020.

Yesterday we were able to get the ink to the paper with a 30/30 club member. What is the 30/30 club some of you might ask? It was a big deal back in the day. It's when a player hit 30 or more home runs and 30 or more stolen bases in the same season. This player also won the NL Home Run and RBI title in the same year. Did we mention that he was also a 1986 World Champion? Who are we talking about? Howard Johnson. You know HOJO. HOJO will be at the QBC 2020 having an hour panel with crowd Q and A and also signing autographs.

We have heard a ton of noise about a minority of fans who want the black jerseys back into the fold. Since that is a thing going on, we  decided that maybe we should bring someone to the QBC who wore them. We also wanted to bring in someone that us fans don't hear from very often. We were able to secure former Mets closer Billy Wagner. Billy will be doing an hour panel with crowds Q and A and also signing autographs.

We have announces that the Host of the QBC is going to be Dennis Holden. We are lucky to have him again this year. He does a great job and we can't say enough about how talented he is.

Mark Healey of Gotham Baseball will be hosting the State of the Mets panel again.

Joe DeMayo aka @PSLtoFlushing will be hosting a panel about the Minor League and what is going on with the prospects down there.

We will be announcing more info later today about ticket sales, etc. This Friday, Blue Friday, we will be offering the tickets up for sale at discounted prices. We also have made the tickets General Admission without autographs attached. You fine folks asked for that so we want to give you what you want. Make sure you keep an eye out on this blog,, on twittah with @QBConvention, @mediagoon, @dtwohig, on Facebook. Also want some QBC merch for holiday gifts or just for yourself? Hit

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

@QBConvention Guest Number Three is Billy Wagner.

We'd like to announce our second guest to QBC 2020. Former Closer Billy Wagner. Since there has been a lot of chatter from folks about the black jerseys, we decided to bring on someone who wore them.

From Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog(a while ago).
Wagner pitched four seasons with the Mets, with whom he signed a four-year, $42 million contract after the 2005 season. He appeared in 183 games and picked up 101 saves with a 2.37 ERA (2.87 FIP).

In September 2008, at 38 years old, Wagner learned he needed Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow, which would keep him off the mound for at least 12 months. He considered retiring, but instead had surgery so he could fulfill his contract with the Mets.

"I really enjoyed being there, I loved all that New York gave to me," Wagner told the Daily News in 2009, speaking about his time with the Mets
Read more here. 

Howard Johnson confirmed to be @QBConvention QBC 2020.

We are proud to announce that a fan favorite Mets player from the 1986 World Series Championship team is coming to the Queens Baseball Convention aka QBC 2020 on January 18th 2020 at Mulcahy's in Wantagh, NY. 30/30(30 Home Runs and 30 stolen bases) Club member Howard Johnson will be doing a panel and signing autographs that day. 

More announcements coming in the next day or two. Tickets for the QBC will be up for sale this Friday the 29th for our annual Blue Friday sale.

@QBConvention: After the Mets Fan Fest Announcement

Heya folks. As everyone has digested what went on with the Mets and their announcement, I saw a lot of venom towards them. I get it. I also know that they were trying to do a good thing for fans but they seemed to have "Metsed" it up. Who knows, maybe they change up what they are planning after the backlash. My cousin Shannon over at Metspolice did a pretty good post on the reaction which you can read here. Shannon was one of the founders of the QBC who is no longer involved in the running of the QBC and I just wanted to be transparent about that.

Dan T and I would like to thank everyone with the outpouring of support for the QBC and I am really sorry that we haven't been as quick to announce players, panels, etc as we have in the past. You can read why here. We are not trying to tell you folks not to go to the Mets Fan Fest. As a Mets fan, we want all our fellow fans to get as much fun experiences under their belts as possible. 

As usual we will have out tickets up for sale on black Friday. We are hoping to announce more names today and tomorrow so everyone knows who they are going to see at the QBC next year. We can remind you right now that Jerry Koosman will be there and we feel that is a huge get.

Thank you for your patience and support. We have seen what you guys have been saying to the Mets about how they should have included us in the event/help run it and that makes us feel good know that we are doing something right. You guys are the best. Keep updated with us with this blog,, @QBConvention, @mediagoon, @dtwohig on twitter, and our facebook page.

Also if you want to buy some QBC Merch for you, family, or friends as maybe a Christmas/Holiday/Birthday gift, go to

Monday, November 25, 2019

@QBConvention VS Mets Fan Fest

So how is your day going today? Mine has been interesting to say the least. I am going to get into it right away. Many of you have probably seen that the Mets are doing a Fan Fest one week after QBC 2020 next year. That's great and I guess after Six years after trying to bluff the Mets into doing one we finally "won" and now the Mets are doing one. Which is great for the fans of the Mets. And we wish the Mets success in this. We want Mets fans to have the best experiences whether its with the Mets official Fan Fest or our unofficial Fan Fest.

I am going to be transparent with this post folks. We started this event to try to get the Mets to do one. Originally it was myself, Shannon Shark, Darren Meenan and Dan Twohig. Darren had to drop out because of having to do things with The 7 Line(but has supported us non stop since then). Eventually Shannon dropped out because of life commitments. Then it was down to two. The Mets over the years have sent staff over to us for panels and have been generous with giveaways. They know it was a good idea to try to connect with the fans. And we thank them for that. It was a good partnership. Along the way we were able to get SNY to be a title sponsor and we were able to air commercials to promote the QBC their. They even sent panels over to us because they saw the value of the partnership that was growing. 

Towards the end of this season I heard rumblings that the Mets wanted to do their own Fan Fest and that they might want us involved. Which I thought was great because the Mets saw how hard we worked over the past few years basically promoting their brand with the QBC. Dan and I did get an email from the Mets that they wanted us to come in and have a meeting with them. They wanted to do a Fan Fest and to their credit they did want us to work with them, by giving them insights and maybe running a panel room. They wanted to show that they cared about the fans. They asked us to put together a proposal and we did. They also asked us not to hold the QBC in January because they were going do it then. We had always planned to do ours on January 18th and they were thinking about doing theirs that day. We sent them our proposal and they turned it down. I am not going to get into specifics except for the fact that we offered to help consult with what fans want to see and program panel rooms all day.. They said that they have internal departments that can handle a fanfest and didn't need us to consult. I get it. They didn't want to pay us to consult and to program a panel room. But we also weren't going to volunteer to do this. We both have busy jobs and it is one thing when we bust our ass for the QBC to make us and other fans happy, but we weren't going to kill ourselves with our work commitments to work for free with the Mets at their fest.

Some folks have been asking why we were so late in announcing the QBC for 2020. This is why. We waited until the Mets got back to us and once they did we had to finalize the venue. We were actually looking to do the QBC at Citi Field this year but the fan fest knocked that out from under us. We had to wait on booking talent because we didn't want to have to book someone that could have had another appearance opportunity. Right now we are trying to finalize all the talent and panels for the day. We want to make the QBC the best experience every year for our fellow fans. We also try to make the experience a real fun event that lasts all day. 

We try to stay as affordable as possible for our fellow fans also. We have to pay for the talent, the venue, ticketing service, travel/hotel/transpo for the players and also for stuff like sound and other incidentals. 

Thank you for supporting us for all these years and hopefully still supporting us this year. The two events should be able to co exist.

This is the Mets Release about whats going on that day. Hopefully Mets Fans will go to both.


The Mets are excited to announce the Inaugural Mets FANFEST will take place at Citi Field on Saturday, January 25, 2020, and will feature appearances by new Manager Carlos Beltrán, current Mets players, Mets' legends, as well as games, tours and other activities for the whole family. 

Fans can take part in self-guided tours of Citi Field with stops that include the Mets home clubhouse, broadcast booths, press conference room and more. Young fans will have the chance to take swings in the visiting batting cages, interact with players, play video games and take photos with Mr. and Mrs. Met. Other events, including live panel discussions, will take place throughout the day.
  • Tickets On Sale: Tuesday, December 3rd at 10:00 a.m. ET
  • Admission: $20 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under 
    • Opportunity to purchase up to two (2) Autograph Sessions ($25 each) Proceeds from all autograph sessions will benefit the Mets Foundation.
  • Ticket limit: Six (6) tickets total per transaction.
  • Complimentary Parking (spaces will be limited)

Ticket availability and autograph sessions opportunities are not guaranteed and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. There are a limited number of tickets available for this exclusive event, so fans are encouraged to act quickly. 

Please note that this is an online only purchase opportunity; these tickets are not available for purchase over the phone. 

@QBConvention Update (Queens Baseball Convention 2020)

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates with the QBC. We are trying to make
sure we have everything shored up before we start posting more guests and panels for QBC 2020. We have had to shift around some of the talent because of conflicts but all should be good. Our usual on sale ticket date of Black”Blue” Friday will be a go and don’t forget about the new ticketing structure that you guys wanted. We have all General Admission tickets. No ticket and autograph packages. We will have autographs and autograph packages available also but just not packaged with the tickets. This is what you asked for and we listened. We also went to a bigger place, Mulcahy’s of Wantagh, which can accommodate almost three times the amount of fans that we have had in the past. We want to make this the best QBC yet. As always thanks for all the support, we really appreciate it.

Keep up to date at here and also at

The Mets Black Jerseys

Folks keep asking for the black jerseys to come back. Metspolice, myself and a few others fought very hard in the 2009s/10s to get the blue jerseys back and to get rid of the black jerseys. The problem with the black jerseys and drop shadow was that black wasn’t a Mets color. It was introduced to sell jerseys and merchandise because that was the trend in the 90s/early 2000s. Most of the folks who want the black jerseys to return are the ones who grew up with the Mets wearing them during their formative years and I get it. But the Mets colors are Orange/blue/white and should stay that way. Should the Mets bring back the Black Jerseys? If they do, then only for this season and for a few times.  Maybe even just one time to honor the 2000 Mets World Series team. Otherwise nothing long term. The other thing that I heard is that there are no black jerseys submitted for the 2020 uniform style guide. So I guess we’ll see.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Mets Sherpa Fleece

You always have your mind set on the next New York Mets game. Until then, you can satiate your passion for the team with this Sherpa quarter-zip jacket from G-III 4Her by Carl Banks. Its cozy lining will keep you toasty in the cold temperatures, and the high-quality graphics will let everyone know that you're the most devoted New York Mets supporter.

I wonder if the wife wants this....

Friday, November 22, 2019

Mets send out presale for Puerto Rico tickets

My good friend MJ sent this over to me. I don’t get these emails anymore because I am not renewing my 1/2 season sears.

Originally I heard the Mets were not going to be offering any tickets.

@QBConvention: First Guest Announcement (It's a big one)

QBC 2020: Jerry Koosman Announcement from Media Goon aka Keith Blacknick on Vimeo.


There are only four Mets numbers retired over at Citi Field. There is going to be a new one added during 2020.  Number 36 is going to be hoisted to the top of the ball park in Flushing sometime next season and we at the QBC feel it is a pretty big deal and are very honored to have JERRY KOOSMAN coming to QBC 2020 on Saturday January 18th, 2020. That's right. 1969 World Champion JERRY KOOSMAN.  Jerry doesn't come out too often for events and when he does it is very special. Jerry will be doing a panel and signing autographs on January 18th at Mulcahy's in Wantagh. We are very pleased to be able to bring Jerry out for you fans of that team from Flushing.

Jerry Koosman
1968 Pitcher of the Year
Starting Pitcher, 
1960s Single-Season All-Decade Team
Starting Pitcher, 1960s Decade Greats
Top 10 ERA, 1960s
Starting Pitcher, 1970s Single-Season All-Decade Team
Starting Pitcher, 1970s Decade Greats
Top 10 ERA, 1970s
member of the New York Mets Hall of Fame*

After we announce the rest of the guests the tickets will go up for sale. Check here and for updates. For QBC Merch go to

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Meet Brandon Nimmo on December 3rd.

A friend of mine hit me up to let you folks know about something cool going on with Brandon Nimmo on Dec 3rd. You can get a holiday picture with him and their might be some surprise giveaways too.

There's a new Podcast in town: SHARK AND GOON

Shannon Shark of and myself email each other multiple times every day over Star Wars, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Fast and the Furious, and a lot more properties that were out there. We decided to let you folks into our minds and see what is going on in there. Why should we just drive each other crazy while we can you guys join in on the fun?

Welcome to Season 1: The Mandalorian

Episode 1: Before diving into recaps for Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Shark and Goon discuss The State Of Star Wars as The Mandalorian launches, and The Rise Of Skywalker is just a few weeks away.

Episode 2: Shark and Goon meet The Mandalorian for the first time in an episode loaded with Star Wars easter eggs, and call-backs to The Holiday Special.

Episode 3:In The Child we got a long sequence of there not being any dialogue, and plenty of Baby Yoda.  

Right now we are on Apple Podcasts and LibSyn while we wait to get approved on all the other platforms.

Click here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019



This Joe McEwing NY Mets Cubans Negro League zip-up jersey is extremely rare. It is MLB authenticated as Game Used and shows tons of use/dirt staining. It is authenticated to the 7/15/2001 Negro League Celebration game against the Blue Jays where Super Joe went 3/5 with 2 RBIs hitting 2 singles and a double.

Buy it here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Gofundme:Canada Opens Borders In The 1950’s, Welcoming African Americans To Play Semi-Pro Baseball

A buddy of mine hit a few of us up the other day about this project.

A couple years ago I wrote a piece about African American ballplayers who skipped across the border into Canada to play and make some cash. This was all in the post-Jackie Robinson era, as the Negro Leagues were folding. Well, now a production team in our friendly neighbors to the north are putting together a documentary on this very topic. But they need some financial assistance. If you'd like to see this documentary made, please fork over a few bucks to these Canucks, will ya? (If they get to make it I might even work on it, so you'd be helping me, too!) Thanks.- M.S.

NOVEMBER 13, 2019by William JonesOrganizer

This is a personal narrative, yet with a story line that people on both sides of the border will appreciate hearing.

My father, Collins Jones, moved from Macon (Georgia) and like many African Americans, came to a friendlier more receptive place to play ‘The Game He Loved’. As a Mulatto American living in Canada since the age of 4, I will venture out on a journey back in time to capture and share the more positive stories from players, their family members and all people who opened their homes and hearts along with the fans who came out to enjoy semi-pro baseball.

Everyone interested in history will recognize that a very important portion of Canada's sports history has been overlooked. They will experience and be surprised by the professional Canadian hockey players who also played semi-pro baseball with African Americans throughout the 1950's, creating Canadian – U.S. teammates and friendships that exist today.

Requesting Consideration of $30,000.00 Funding Support: These funds will assist with various stages necessary in documentary development; along with other potential funding partners, resources will be allocated towards research, budgeting, marketing and script preparation, broadcast teaser trailers and website development. The selected producers and writers have already contributed time, experience and resources towards this endeavor.

Funding objective (time frame) is the end of February, 2020.
Project Objectives:
• Production Financing Jan – March, 2020 (Phase One)
• Production / Editing April – November, 2020 (Phase Two)
• Broadcast air date targets will coordinate with Black History Month February 2021 (Phase Three)

Monday, November 18, 2019

Response to Mets Blue Friday Sale

This made me laugh hard.

It really made me laugh. It was so out of left field.

Mets Team Store announce Blue Friday. Fans save 50% off

I doubt that I go to this. But you never know.

Plaid Mets Shirt.

Are you a Mets fan? Are you also a lumberjack? Then this is the shirt for you!! Show your fandom at work while you are walking around a forest! Either that or you can Cos Play as the Mets Brawny Man. They just throw logos on anything now.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

@QBConvention: QBC 2020 Ticketing

I just wanted to talk to you guys about how we are setting up ticket prices this year. I am also going to explain some things with the tickets. We have listened to the folks from the past few years that have asked us to just do an admission ticket into the QBC. We have also added a kids ticket for children 10 years of age and under. Right now we are also working on to see if we are going to have admission tickets with autographs attached to them as admission/autograph packages  or if we are just going to  have the autographs as singles or in their own combo groups.

Ticket prices are going to be slightly higher this year due to us having to pay a venue use fee for Mulcahy's. We also have to pay for the players.their flights, accommodations, and travel to and from the QBC. We try to keep the costs as lean as possible so we can keep the prices for the tickets as lean as possible. We are fans. We want to keep the QBC experience as affordable as we can. Dan and myself put our whole being into running this event every year. If you have gone to past QBCs you know I am all over the place. I have full goon coverage. If something comes up I am over there as fast as I can get there. We have great volunteers who are all my friends who give their time up to help us out. Please be nice to them. They are fellow fans that want the QBC to succeed and really like helping other fans out.

That being said, the QBC 2020 should be a lot of fun. We are nailing down the talent right now and we are hoping to have tickets up for sale this week.

Thanks in advance for the support guys.

Check out 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Weird NEW ERA Mr Met caps

This hat for some reason is just so creepy and I don't know why.. Where is his body?

OOOOHHH the body is the same color as the hat. The blue looks better then the black...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Minor League Baseball Grows Copa de la Diversión in 2020

Minor League Baseball Grows Copa de la Diversión in 2020
Organization Builds Formula of Success Celebrating U.S. Hispanic Fans and Communities
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Nov. 14, 2019 — Minor League BaseballTM (MiLBTM) today announced the continued long- term commitment to and celebration of its U.S. Hispanic fans and communities through the unveiling of its 2020 Copa de la DiversiónTM (Fun CupTM) campaign and event series. Each of the 92 participating MiLB teams covering 34 U.S. states will transform its on-field brand to a culturally-relevant Hispanic persona, representing an extension of the team’s and community’s identity. Fans are encouraged to join Minor League Baseball’s ongoing celebration of its U.S. Hispanic communities by using #JoinLaDiversión on social media.
MiLB’s Copa-specific website features each team’s unique identity, including the story behind its Hispanic on-field persona, and links for fans to purchase available apparel for select Copa de la Diversión (“Copa”) teams. Similar to years past, the 2020 participating teams will release their official on-field looks in March 2020 as the second part of the unveiling when on-field merchandise will be available for purchase on MiLB team store sites.
The cornerstone of MiLB’s Es Divertido Ser Un FanTM (It’s Fun to be A FanTM) Hispanic fan engagement initiative, Copa de la Diversión established an innovative new platform authentically connecting MiLB teams with their diverse communities, embracing the culture and values that resonate most with U.S. Hispanics nationwide.
“Copa de la Diversión began as a fan and community-first initiative and remains as such,” said Cory Bernstine, director, marketing and business strategy for Minor League Baseball. “The initiative has become the blueprint for authentic and intentional fan engagement and its growth and success continue to infuse the Hispanic culture into the MiLB experience.”
The fourth year of celebrating Es Divertido Ser Un Fan, 2020 marks the third year of the Copa de la Diversión initiative, cementing MiLB’s commitment to U.S. Hispanic communities nationwide. The campaign had massive success in 2019, paving the way for the 2020 program, including:
  • 1.8 million fans attending nearly 400 Copa de la Diversión games
  • MiLB teams partnering with more than 200 local Hispanic/Latino organizations, donating more than $400,000
    in cash and gifts-in-kind to local Hispanic philanthropies
  • Nearly 20% higher average attendance per Copa game vs. the average per game attendance
    Since launching Es Divertido Ser Un Fan in 2017, Minor League Baseball has continued to reinforce its position as a leader in creativity, innovation and community engagement with its intentional and authentic strategy to engage its U.S. Hispanic fans. In 2018, Copa de la Diversión was introduced with 33 teams and grew to 72 teams in 2019. The 2020 campaign adds 22 new teams and identities to MiLB’s “comunidades” of Copa de la Diversión, plus four rebrands from the previous year.
    In November 2018, MiLB announced an agreement with ECHO Incorporated making it the first commercial partner tied to Copa as the “Official Outdoor Power Tool of MiLB” and the “Official Outdoor Power Tool of Copa de la Diversión” (“Herramienta Oficial de la Copa de la Diversión”). Last month, ECHO extended its agreement with Minor League Baseball and Copa by becoming the “Official Outdoor Power Equipment of Copa de la DiversiónTM” (“Equipos Portatiles Motorizados - Equipos Oficiales de la Copa de la Diversión”). Additionally, MiLB announced a partnership with the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) in December 2018 to become an “Official Charity of MiLB Copa de la Diversión,” making it the first-ever philanthropic partner tied specifically to MiLB's Hispanic fan engagement initiative. Minor League Baseball has raised awareness for the cause through the partnership and LFA’s ¡Adiós Lupus! campaign in ballparks.
    Minor League Baseball will announce the winner of the 2019 Copa de la Diversión (Fun Cup) event series next month at the Baseball Winter MeetingsTM in San Diego.
About Minor League Baseball
Minor League Baseball is the governing body for all professional baseball teams in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic that are affiliated with Major League Baseball® clubs through their farm systems. In 2019, Minor League Baseball attracted over 41.5 million fans to its ballparks to see baseball’s future stars and experience affordable family-friendly entertainment that has been a staple of Minor League Baseball since 1901. For more information, visit Follow Minor League Baseball on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Media Contacts:

Mets announce Alonso, Mrs Met, and deGrom Bobble heads.

This is all interesting. Two Alonso bobbles. I wonder which Marvel Character that he's going to be. I also want to know how long the lines are going to be for this and how horrible the security is going to be. DC know jumping into the Mets world with Mrs Met as Wonder Woman. See my last comment about lines. A deGrom Two time. Two Time. Back to back. Back to back. Cy Young award winner bobble head. Hmmm lines?

The free shirt Fridays. I am not going to comment until we see them and I wonder what size these are going to be this year.



FLUSHING, N.Y., November 14, 2019 – The New York Mets today announced that tickets will go on sale Friday, November 22 at 10:00 a.m. at and (718) 507-TIXX. Full-season, half-season and 20-game ticket plans are also available at The best way to guarantee tickets to Opening Day and the biggest games is by purchasing a season or partial ticket plan.
Tickets for all 2020 home games will be available starting on November 22 at 10:00 a.m., including all the biggest games:
  • Opening Day vs. the World Series Champion Washington Nationals, March 26
  • Subway Series vs. the New York Yankees, July 28-29
  • Interleague series at Citi Field including:
    • 2019 American League Champion Houston Astros, June 2-3
    • Seattle Mariners, July 17-19
    • Texas Rangers, September 18-20
  • Eight weekend games vs. the Nationals, March 28-29, June 12-14, September 4-6
  • Weekend series vs. the NL West Division Champion Los Angeles Dodgers, May 29-31
  • Weekend series vs. the Chicago Cubs, August 28-30

  • Free Shirt Fridays – Back again in 2020, the first 25,000 fans in attendance will receive a free Mets-themed shirt at Friday night games at Citi Field. This season, the Mets will give away new and exciting styles including a quarter-zip, a three-quarter sleeve baseball tee, a Hawaiian shirt, as well as several player replica jerseys.

  • Super Saturdays – Saturdays are jam-packed with promotions in 2020. Some of the unique giveaways include:
    • Pete Alonso Rookie of the Year bobblehead, sponsored by Citi on March 28 vs. the Washington Nationals 
    • Mrs. Met as DC Comics’ Wonder Woman bobblehead, sponsored by Citi on May 30 vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Pete Alonso one-of-a-kind custom Marvel Superhero bobblehead, sponsored by Delta on June 20 vs. the Washington Nationals

  • Family Sundays – Every Sunday home game includes pre-game activities on Mets Plaza, promotional giveaways at the gates and the opportunity for kids to run the bases postgame in the Mr. Met Dash presented by Northwell Health. A special Sunday giveaway:
    • Jacob deGrom Back-to-Back Cy Young Award bobblehead, sponsored by Ford on March 29 vs. the Washington Nationals

The entire 2020 promotional schedule will be released on a later date. For more information and to purchase 2020 Mets tickets, please or call (718) 507-TIXX.