Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Billy Bean,Daniel Murphy, and their friendship.

This is a great segment from SNY’s Baseball Night in NY. I was glued to the response from Billy Bean about how from that day that Billy and Murphy started to have an open dialogue about different sexual orientations and that Murphy is looking at things from a different point of view now. Billy Bean also recognized the fact that the media knew exactly what they were doing when they asked Murphy about what he thought of Billy Bean being gay.

Billy is right. We do need more open discussions about different life styles. He even says if we are supposed to have inclusion we need to have inclusion of all. Even if they don’t share the same view the only way to possibly change someone view is not just to put up a wall where you are “wrong” but let’s discuss why you think the way you do and then discuss they way I might think about stuff.

You can click here to see the video. Watch it.
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