Saturday, July 7, 2018

Ricco on possibly trading deGrom and Syndergaard

Obviously the Mets are a broken team and the fault line starts cracking all the way up to ownership. Does fixing the team mean trading the number one and/or two pitchers to get a huge return in all the spots the Mets are missing.
From the NY Post
“We are not out there actively looking to move Jacob and Noah by any stretch,” Ricco said. “I think honestly it would take a team to come in and present an overwhelming deal for us to move one of those guys. He is that kind of player and they mean that much to the organization.”
Ricco indicated next year will be the focus, even if either deGrom or Syndergaard is traded.
“We are not looking to make sure we have the best farm system,” he said. “We are trying to make sure we have the best major league team.”
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MG- Are there teams out there that are going to be able to blow away the Mets with a trade? Of course there are. Will the Mets do it though? That’s the question. I do think the Mets would be more likely to trade Thor over deGrom. I feel folks are getting tired of the whole Thor thing. That’s just my feeling though.

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