Monday, July 9, 2018

Ed Kranepool Lawsuit over Mantle Jersey

I hope this works out for Ed. I have Memorabilia I’ve thought of putting up for auction and I have been fearful of something like this possibly happening.
From the NY Daily News

“Ailing Mets icon Ed Kranepool said he gave his Mickey Mantle jersey on consignment to a St. Louis-based sports memorabilia auctioneer — and he hasn’t seen the 54-year old athletic artifact since or a dime from it.
Now Kranepool, 73, is suing Beckett Auctions for $595,000, which he estimates is the combined value of the 1964 jersey that’s worth $575,000, plus a separate $20,000 list of players and their next of kin. But Beckett says the suit is a strike out because they don’t even have the jersey.”
“Aaron Tobin, a lawyer for Beckett, told the Daily News, “Neither Mr. Goodwin nor Beckett ever received possession of the Mickey Mantle jersey or entered into any type of contractual relationship with Mr. Kranepool to market or sell the jersey in question, There is simply no evidence or paperwork to substantiate Mr. Kranepool’s claims, and we do not understand where this lawsuit is coming from years after these events allegedly took place.”
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