Sunday, July 22, 2018

Brooklyn Cyclones: You’re (Not) Killing Me Smalls

Guest post from my sister Kristine B aka @nycbored
I mentioned to Mediagoon yesterday that "The Cyclones are a classy organization." His response of "Hard to believe that they are a Mets team," did not surprise me. Let me explain why I came to this conclusion.

A few months ago, I bought a ticket to yesterdays Cyclones game. It was Sandlot Day. The Cyclones were giving out bobbleheads of The Great Hambino and depending on what ticket your bought you could participate in a meet and greet with Patrick Renna who played that legendary character from the movie. So of course, I had to do the meet and greet.

Fast forward to this past Friday, June 20th. Anyone who purchased the meet and greet received an email from the Cyclones explaining the procedure and timing for the meet and greet before the game. Great! I like knowing where I have to be and when. I was concerned regarding the weather, but according to this email, the event will be held rain or shine because "Patrick is only going to be in New York for a limited time so re-scheduling is nearly impossible based on our game schedule and his appearance schedule." Even better to know that no matter what, I had to get to Brooklyn.

Later that evening another email was sent by the Cyclones. "We have been able to confirm with Patrick Renna that he will be available on Sunday if the weather tomorrow does not allow for us to play our game. We will make a decision by 1:30 PM tomorrow about the status of the Meet & Greet and potentially the status of the game as well. If The Great Hambino Event is canceled we will be sending you an e-mail with instructions about how to exchange your tickets for Sunday. If you are unable to attend Sunday's game we will have additional instructions as well. We appreciate your patience as we try our best to make this event happen while Mother Nature keeps getting in the way."

My friends and I still went to Brooklyn in the hopes that the event was going to happen. Sadly, at 1:58 PM we all received an email stating:

"Thank you for your patience with us while we worked with Patrick Renna and Mother Nature in regards to tonight’s Meet & Greet with The Great Hambino. Due to the expected sever weather coming to New York this evening – and with many of you traveling great distances – we have postponed the meet & greet until tomorrow prior to our 1:00 PM game."

If you could not attend the new date you were offered the option of still getting a bobblehead with Patrick Renna’s autograph mailed to you as well as a ticket for a future game in the next calendar year or you could request a FULL REFUND.

From the beginning of all of this, the Cyclones were consistently informing ticket holders of what was going on. The game did happen last night, well at least until the third inning and the rest of the game will be played today so they could have said come tomorrow or sorry. But they didn’t. They care about their fans. With everything going on with the Mets organization right now and how unhappy many fans have been, at least there is one group within the organization that takes the relationship with their fans seriously and do what they can to make the best possible outcome happen.

When I actually receive my signed bobblehead I will be sure to send Mediagoon a picture.

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