Friday, July 27, 2018

OABT: S2 E29: See Yo Later, Noah has a disease, Familia is gone, and more Mets talk

What a week. Darren Meenan and guest co-host Tim Reilly chat about the latest sad state of affairs in Mets land. Jeurys Familia has been traded, Yoenis Cespedes is having season ending surgery, Noah Syndergaard has hand, foot and mouth disease, Michael Conforto hits home runs whenever The 7 Line Army is there, live calls, and more. 

Part time T7L blogger and our go to trade deadline guy, Joe DeMayo calls in to give us his 2 cents on the latest rumblings around the Mets. Who's gonna be next out the door? He's thinking Wilmer Flores, Zack Wheeler, and Asdrubal Cabera are goners. Who else? 

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