Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cespedes’ “Heel Turn”

Hey folks, remember that Home Run last night at Yankees Stadium by Yo? Guess what you might not see again for a while

From the NY Post
“I realize what is causing my problems are my heels,’’ Cespedes said through a translator. “When I feel some pain on my heels, I started to modify my walking, my running, even my standing. That’s the main cause I am having [of] these problems in my leg.

“The only way that I can avoid my heels from keep bothering me or getting me hurt is having the surgery.

“I’m still thinking about [having the surgery] because the recovery process takes 8-to-10 months.’’

Then he has to work himself back into game shape.

There you go. So if he doesn’t have the surgery now, 2019 is a washout as well. His contract runs through 2020.
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Next year it might be time to see if Cespedes wants to be traded to the AL so he can play DH and extend his career.

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