Friday, July 13, 2018

OABT: S2 E27: “I’m down to fight” Mets and MMA with guest co-host Chris Wade

Mets and MMA this week with guest co-host Chris Wade. A Long Island resident and big Mets fan prepping for a fight at Nassau Coliseum on 8/2.
Brandon Nimmo could be the future Mets captain, Jacon deGrom still can't get run support, Cespedes is down to move positions to 1B, Wheeler may be on his way out the door, Tim Tebow is (kinda) coming to our outing on Saturday, The 7 Line Army is holding a jersey design contest for 2019, Darren is down to fight Yankees fans, live calls and more.
Darren also chats with Chris about getting in to the fight game, wrestling on Long Island, his time with the UFC, and his current gig with the Professional Fighters League.
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