Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rosario real deal (now)? Or is this just a one off game?

Maybe Rosario was brought up too early last season. Did he need another year in Triple A? Is he finally breaking through into being that star prospect the Mets were looking for? Or is this just one game?
From the NY Post

So when Rosario did some of the things manager Mickey Callaway preached before the game, fans noticed. Callaway noted how Rosario’s defense has improved with him more locked in on every pitch. The offense remains a work in progress, but is improving and there is energy in his play. On Tuesday, he showed some of those positives. He started an impressive double-play in the eighth inning — and don’t forget those two triples, two runs and one RBI.
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MG- I HOPE HOPE HOPE Rosario starts to become the player that he was touted to be. Now the Mets have a couple of other Minor leaguers that the fans want to get rushed up to the Majors. McNeil and Alonso. I see Cabrera and Flores possibly getting traded so that could possible leave Tom for McNeil to make his way to Flushing. I have no idea about Alonso though. If the outfield gets healthy, and non of them are traded, where does Dom Smith go? To the bench? Oh yeah. Dom smith another player the fans wanted up early. How’s that working out?

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