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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The NY Post says the Wilpons want to win

This is a pretty good piece from the NY Post
“If you are a Mets fan, an unpopular sentiment is about to follow: The Wilpons want to win.

They are like many owners of major sports teams who do not possess the self-awareness to see how their behavior and tactics impede winning. Really, it is not uncommon. Folks with money and/or power tend not to see themselves as others do and tend to think the accruing of the money and/or power gives them license to follow their instincts and belief systems, even in fields in which they lack expertise.

But my feeling is what begins as Wilpon trust with their baseball operations head dissolves quickly upon mistakes. If Mets ownership believes in its hiring process, then they must not lose faith upon the first negative outcome or loud tabloid back page or sports-talk barrage. The best are going to make mistakes. They also are going to bluntly tell you their opinions of what is best for the organization. Trust the person you hire if they say trading Noah Syndergaard now is the proper path or that Mets 2025 is more vital than Mets 2019. Be prepared to get out of the ownership comfort zone that has not had sustained success, brace for some hard times, trust the process.

That is, if I am right, and you really do want to win.”
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MG- The Wilpons just have to let the people they hire do their jobs. I wonder if they manage their real estate holdings personnel the same way they manage their baseball personnel

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