Sunday, September 30, 2018

David Wright’s Last Game

Yep. Yesterday was the day. The day David Wright was hanging up his cleats. The fans turned out and the ballpark was crowded. Everyone wanted to see the captain one last time. There was a weird vibe in the crowd. One of celebration, sadness, and it seemed like "peace". When I say peace, I mean that the fans have come to peace with never seeing Wright wearing a Mets uniform and playing on the field ever again.
The Mets couldn’t just win this in a regular nine innings. No score  forever and finally after 3000 innings the Mets were able to put a runner through and then fhe Mefs won. They put a very cool video tribute up for him and Wright came out and had a quick speech for the fans.

Looks like David Wright signed for some folks that waited to see him after the game.

The Mets had no merchandise for Wright’s last game but the bootleggers did.

Don’t buy that crap folks. The only people who see any profit from these things are bad bad people

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