Thursday, September 13, 2018

Baseball Bat attacks fan by angrily jumping over Nets in Boston.

What? How can the MLB not have higher nets to protect us from these flying weapons? They have not done enough to keep us safe! Netting should extend up to at least the second level of all ball parks and totally encompass the whole park! I’m going to Boston this and I feel unsafe there.
From the NY Post
BOSTON -- A man sitting in the box seats at Wednesday night’s Red Sox game was hit on the forehead by a bat that slipped out of Devon Travis’ hands in the eighth inning.

The bat cleared the netting along the baseline and landed about 15 rows up in the box seats, about midway between third base and home plate. Security scrambled for towels and a stretcher was brought to take the man.
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Seriously though the MLB should go all in or go back to the way it was. The nets aren’t helping anyone and it really impedes the views from folks sitting down low.

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