Tuesday, September 11, 2018

@Mets Rookie Meet and Greet Mess?(How do you mess this up?)

One of the people I know attended the Mets Rookie Signing last week and wasn't too happy about it. The Signing is a perk you can choose as a Season Ticket Plan Holder (You can only have the same number of people attend that you have seats for in your plan) and she also attended last year's one. The Signing was held at the Bullpen gate like the prior year. They were told to check in at 4:45 pm and the event would be held from 5:15-6:15 pm. Sounds good so far, right?

Security had no idea that this event was happening AT ALL! People started lining up so my friend and her uncle lined up with them also. Last year, there had been a line designated for STHs for the Rookie Event so that regular ticket holders did not get mixed up into the line. Not this year it seemed. Since the security was unaware of the event whatsoever, everyone had mixed into one line. While waiting the twenty minutes for the event began, they noticed the Mets Ticket Reps rushing to set up the tables and the lines to block off the entrance for those who weren't part of the event. Shouldn't this have been done more in advance? Mets were Metsing it up again. When the reps came to the "line" to start checking people into the event (before going through security), they started helping those who hadn't been in line at all! Immediately, people began speaking up, saying they had been waiting in line and didn't understand what was going on. The response, "Well the line is mixed and we will get to you". If the line is mixed, why were those not in line at all being helped? 

This then caused those from the back of the line to start running up to the front and those who's reps were there started being taken care of before anyone else. At this point me friend was directly next to one of the reps and began asking her why she was letting those others skip. The rep told my friend that she would get to everyone and proceeded to allow those that had skipped to get wristbands before others.

The crowd began to get rowdy, yelling, and complaining about those skipping the line. So much so that the rep got so overwhelmed that she walked away to go find another rep to come out and speak to them. "Don't worry. You'll all get in and get your autographs". 

That's not what they wanted. All they wanted was organization and respect and neither of those were given. Great customer service right there. This doesn't speak well to the Fan Experience and Guest Relations that I know someone up top believes in and I wonder if he even knows this went on.

After finally getting checked in, they split the lines up so you could only get to see half the number of rookies. So if you were in the line McNeil wasn't signing on and really wanted to get his auto, fat chance on that. BTW that is just stupid. You can easily move the line along and have everyone sign quickly. But what do I know? I don't have any experience with that (Cough QBC Cough). And you couldn't even switch lines if you wanted to. Last year everyone got every rookie that was there to sign.  Oh there are more then one of you here? No you can't split up and each go to one line and have the other person go to the other line. None of this was explained a head of time. Mets why do you fail so hard at these things?

Now this is a direct quote from my friend:

"Once again, just another Mets organizational fail. Is nothing thought about beforehand? How do you mess up something that is so easy? They are supposed to have these events to make STHs feel appreciated. However, time and time again, you just end up feeling like an afterthought."

Mets. You know that I am a Half Season Plan Holder. You know I try to help you guys get the fan experience right. My poor ticket rep this year wasn't given the tools to succeed with knowing how to deal with plan holders and I felt bad trying to switch reps after I found out that she was failed by you guys too. Luckily my rep learned from it and got way better at what she needed to do and got past you guys setting her up to fail. You guys always seem like you want to do the right thing for the fans and placeholders but you can never execute it the right way.


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