Saturday, September 29, 2018

David Wright Day.

I don’t know how many posts that that I’ll be writing today, so I figured I’d know this out early. David Wright is just one of the great players the Mets have had, he is one of the greatest persons that they have ever had. I have heard stories about his generosity to every day fans. Took his time out for pictures, signing things, and to talk with fans for a bit. No matter what he did you know he “got it”. You never heard a bad word about him and he was very much like the other captain from the Bronx. They both were/are class acts on and off the field.

That Harvey guy said he wanted to be like Jeter. All he had to do was look in the clubhouse to see the player that he should have emulated. From time to time I think about how Syndergaard needs a little “lunch police” action from someone, because when Wright did it, It seemed to straighten Thor out for a bit.

David Wright off the field has always held himself to a high standard off the field. He had various charity events, would donate stuff to folks who needed it, and genuinely cared about others. You never seen him in the papers for anything negative. He was always trying to keep a positive Public Image because he knew kids looked up to him.
The Mets, Mets Fans, The MLB, and NYC were lucky to have you play here.
Thanks David Wright. Have a healthy and awesome non baseball life.

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