Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Matt Cerrone’s Interview with David Wright from 2016

My buddy Matt Cerrone has a pretty good interview with David Wright up online.
Before Matt gets into the interview from 2016 he gives these thoughts.
In my 15 years writing MetsBlog, I have done one-on-one interviews with David by phone or in person more than 20 times. The following Q&A, which we did in January of 2016 in advance of him writing the foreword to my book, The Mets Fans Bucket List, Wright speaks about his family and memories of Shea Stadium.

More than anything, though, it's his comments about having a similar respect and appreciation for Mets fans that stick out most...

Here’s a quick excerpt:
Matthew Cerrone...

In case you forgot, which I doubt you have, you popped out to the catcher against John Patterson and the Expos in your first big league at bat. Jae Weong Seo started for you guys. Jose Reyes was at second base because Kaz Matsui was at shortstop. Of course, your boy, Cliff Floyd, was in left field. Ultimately, you went 0-for-4, but you did hit .294 the next two weeks. Aside from those top line moments, what do you remember about your first big-league at bat?

David Wright...

Not much, seriously. It's still a bit of a blur. I remember stepping out of the on-deck circle and just wanting to look at the scoreboard to see my face on it. I'll never forget it. I then started walking to the plate trying to be cool and soak it all in and realize that this is my first major league at-bat. But, again, all I kept doing was looking up at the scoreboard and looking at myself in a Mets uniform on the Jumbotron. I think seeing myself up there helped me get out of the moment and see that this was real.

Matthew Cerrone...

As you know, Mets fans are a lot of things. Obviously, we're passionate and pumped up when the team is playing well. But, we can also be irrational and emotional and angry at times because we expect all-out hustle and max effort and, unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. We're a wild ride. So, after more than a decade of listening to us, what have you learned most about Mets fans that you'll always remember?

David Wright...

Loyalty. The loyalty that this fan base has shown to me has been off the charts and something I will never forget when things are all said and done. I respect that and I think Mets fans know that I truly appreciate it.

Also, for them, it's not just about coming to the ballpark and watching a baseball game. Mets fans really know the game. They know when a guy does something well that may not show up in the box score, and they also know when you didn't get the job done. I mean, it's pretty special when fans cheer for you after hitting a ground ball to the second baseman with a guy on second and nobody out just so you can get a runner to third. I think there's more of an appreciation for that type of baseball -- when you do the small things correctly -- than anywhere else.

I truly appreciate that they don't just come to the ballpark, watch a game, have a beer, have a hot dog, go home and never think about it again. Our fan base is a lot more rabid that that. Their knowledge level is high that their expectations are always high, too. And when that happens, it's a lot more fun to come to the ballpark; not just for the fans, but also for us as players.
Read more here.
Also if you want to grab Matt’s book Mets Fans Bucket List (a book that I am in btw) go here.

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