Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mets GM Idea

So Sherman has an idea of who the Mets should hire as the new GM.
The NY Post
My endorsement is Chris Marinak.

There is a decent chance you have never heard of him, and at least equally as good a chance that he would not take the job. But if I were the Wilpons — apologies in advance to Mr. Coppola — I would make him an offer he could not refuse.

Then I would hope the allure of a job with wins and losses and championships and the chance to elevate the potential of the Mets brand into something sustainably unique wins out over having perhaps the biggest voice in the commissioner’s office — short of the commissioner — on the future of the game.

Marinak was hired 10 years ago at MLB, steadily rising to become executive VP of strategy, technology and innovation. That title does not do him justice. There is not an important issue — pace of play, technology, scheduling, injury prevention, labor, team relations, etc. — that Marinak does not have a large voice in. Those who work with him describe intelligence, work ethic and — here is my important item — a willingness to take a stand on what he believes with conviction and with the ability to support his positions well. Teams have tried to hire him — the Twins, for example — with no success. You could understand why he has demurred in the past. Marinak turned 38 this week. He has been building his influence at central baseball, and if you were making a short list of who might be the next commissioner, Marinak would rank high.
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You know what? Why the hell not?

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