Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mets need to buy Lucille.

Their lifeless bats doomed them yet again Tuesday night as they fell, 2-1, to the Orioles, who have an MLB-worst 18-41 record. The Mets (27-31) had just three hits, have lost five straight games and are 16-30 since their 11-1 start.
From the NY Post-

On Tuesday night the Mets were beaten 2-1 by the dreadful Orioles. It was just the 18th win of the season for Baltimore. Another night of solid pitching by the Mets was flushed down the drain because the offense is nowhere to be found.
The highlight for the Mets was that they snapped a 21-inning scoreless streak when Jose Bautista slapped a sacrifice fly to left in the fifth inning against winner Alex Cobb, who entered the game 1-7 with a 6.80 ERA. 
Is Pat Roesller the problem? Is it the players? Is it Mickey Callaway? Besides the injured Mets, what the hell has happened to the rest of the team? This is ridiculous.

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