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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

9/11 Memorial Exhibit: How Sports Healed the Nation


The exhibit, which opens to the public on June 27, uses historic artifacts, multimedia and first-person testimony from athletes, coaches and 9/11 family members to provide unique insight into American sports culture following the 2001 attacks.
"Sports did play in the healing process," said John Franco. "They say sports players are the heroes. We're not the heroes, police and firemen are the heroes."

Of course the Mets were right in the middle of the healing process in 2001 in more ways than one.
First they helped stock and deliver food and water to the first responders at Ground Zero and then they played the MLB's first game since the Twin Towers fell when they faced the Atlanta Braves a few days after 9/11 at Shea Stadium. 
Read more here. 
We all know the rest of the story with Mike Piazza hitting that HR Blast out of the park.  Then last year there was the whole kerfluffle with the Piazza Jersey and the Mets messing that up. You can read about that here.
There was a special opening event  for the Donors last night. One of the Donor’s was my buddy Livio who was the person who had the Piazza Jersey up for auction last year. He made a deal with the folks who bought the Piazza Jersey that it will be rotated between Cooperstown, The Mets Museum, and The 9/11 Memorial. Saying that, Livio also has the catchers helmet that Piazza has worn that same game. 
I have never been to the 9/11 Memorial and I don’t know if I will ever be able to go there. I am still not ready yet mentally to go. Maybe one day I’ll go check it out.

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