Monday, June 25, 2018

Ban The Shift!

Joe here makes some good points. It reminds me of when the NJ Devils employee the trap for years. That was some of the most boring years of hockey.

Hello MLB executives,

I just read an article in the Wall Street journal that MLB attendance is down 8 percent in 2018. This is more then bad April weather. The game is now boring.

Dear MLB

You have to eliminate shifts. It will bring back ground ball singles and more like drive singles. It will bring back more baserunners and more baserunners going first to third. It will bring back watching outfielders trying to throw out runners on the bases. They will need to play more fundamental baseball and hit the cut off man. This is the beauty and charm of the game. The joy and excitement of the game has been ruined by launch angles and shifts. Take back and save the game and save the salaries of these analytic experts who have ruined the game.
The game is now launch angles and shifts. Pete Rose would not get even 3,000 hits if he played today because he would try to hit home runs. He would strike out more and hit in to the shift. This game of home run or strike out is boring. What was more exciting than watching Roberto Clemente display his strong arm and try to throw a runner out at third? Largely gone from todays game.
The time to save the game I love is this off season. To see it being slowly destroyed hurts. Make shifts illegal. Reward hard hit ground balls and line drives, There will be more action and excitement.
If you want to speed up the game don't let the catcher look in the dugout after every pitch, Make the catcher call his own pitches like they always did for a hundred years. This would save 2 or 3 seconds a pitch. If the manger or pitching coach is calling the pitches how far away are we that an analytic nerd will call them with a buzzer in the managers hand?
Thank you for reading,
Joe S

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