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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jeff Wilpon hears the fans....... Suuuurrrrrreeee

From the NY Post
"Jeff Wilpon hears the fans, decrying his team and his ownership, louder with each loss. He sympathizes.
"Yeah, it’s been incredibly difficult [for me to watch the team], as it has been for most Mets fans," Wilpon said. "For those around the team, who work here, and I’m really disappointed with where we are and disappointed to have left Mets fans, basically, in this situation."
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I don’t think it really is hurting you too bad Jeff. If it did you and your Dad might have actually did something about it and try to figure out what is going wrong. People point at the owners and to an extent they are right. Where has been holding the front office accountable been? Where was looking to make this team better? You guys made moves in the off season and the smoke and mirrors that got some of us(me included) started to unravel. Why can’t this ever go easy? This team lucked into the World Series ona red hot bat from a "net negative" and the fact that the medical records didn’t looks good for the player the Mets really wanted in a trade.
Jeff, you probably throw this comment around a lot. "Never again." I am sure this is going to
Come back to haunt you later too.

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